Monday, April 22, 2013

Springtime busy

Our house is normally on the run but it seems that every spring brings a whole new kind of busy to our plate.    We now have to add in gardening and baseball to our schedule.   Link has started baseball this year and he is so in love with the sport.    He has such a huge smile on his face from the time he walks on the field until after he gets home.   I am truely amazed that this kid is now a big kid and not my little baby anymore.    Here is the Baseball kid for you.   This was taken after he won the game ball for getting the final out of the game.    Funny story is that he got the grounder from the outfield, didn't understand that he needed to throw it infield and decided to just run the kid down and tackle him.     Oh, little league sports will never stop entertaining me.     We have been practicing throwing the ball to others now.

In other news we spent this past weekend putting in our garden.     I am tired and soar but we got tomatoes, onions, herbs, cucumbers, lettuce, spinich, squash and a ton of peppers planted.    Mike and I are really trying to be better gardeners but it seems if we plant it that it will be doomed to a short and dry life.     One of these days we will get it figured out and my canning heart will be full and happy!!!!!

Beau had a busy schedule at school this past winter.    He had tournaments in Archery, Chess and Destination Imagination.   In Archery and Chess he made it to the state tournaments and in in chess he got third place for his ranking.     He is still continuing to thrive at the middle school he is in and I am amazed that my logic and science minded kid has learned the piano so easily.    His first solo recital is in a month and he is starting to get excited about it!

Princess has improved by leaps and bounds in the reading scene and is becoming such a responsible little girl.   She is trying so hard to transition from little kid to older kid and bless her heart if that little brother doesn't keep dragging her back down into the trenches.   One of these days she is going to be wearing heels and be a big girl so I am not pushing her too hard to get there.    I have to enjoy my little ones while they are still wanting to be my babies!