Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Plague Upon Our House

Our kids got to spend the last week of Christmas break laid out with the flu.   The full out, kick you in the butt and then stomp on your face flu.  To be more specific it was mainly Beau but Princess got a bit of it and I did too.   Link just never stopped moving long enough for the bug to bite him and Mike bless his heart was the one that got to take care of us all.  Beau came down with it first, longest and hardest because he is the only one that had yet to get his flu shot this year.  Ironically, he was scheduled to get one this week.  His temp hovered between 103 to over 104 for about 3 days and then stayed in the 100's area for the rest of the weekend. He halucinatted, had body pains and every other symptom you can think of for that dang flu.  It was so hard to watch him in that much pain and suffering but he was a great trooper about it and tried to help when he could with Princess when she started to get sick too.  She made it to 103 for about a day and then started going back down and stayed down.  She and I both had way lighter versions since we had the shot but we both have left over congestion and coughing that goes with it.   The three of us sound like a choir of whooping cough patients and I can't wait for it to end.   My abs should be rock hard after this work out!!!!   I hope that everyone else is staying healthy and away from this virus.  It is really bad and I would hate for anyone else to get it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year

A new year and a new day. Mike and I have decided that this year instead of setting goals we are going to review our priorities and to build on what we have already started in our lives. We haven't had time to sit down and finish the list but a few of the things that we know for sure we want to continue growing in is food storage, health and spirit.

Food storage is something that we have always been involved in but this year we are going to add to it by expanding our skill set and also teaching others. We also realized that we have a year supply but no 72 hour kits. That was an odd discovery.

Mike and I have been working in our health for the past two years and this year we are wanting to train for the little rock color run next fall. It is not a huge race but it seems doable for two big people like us and it also looks really fun.

Every year mike and I discuss where in our spiritual lives and the family we are weak and we focus on that for the year until it becomes a habit. This year it is family home evenings. We have one currently about once or twice a month and it is barely organized. We want to make this a family habit and tradition enforce the kids get older and lose interest in doing things as a family.

We are also wanting to look at the priorities in our lives and make sure that we are still pointed in the direction that we as a couple and family want to go. We seem to be low on time, money and energy so obviously we need to see where it is all going and readjust where needed. I don't think that I can get out of the time being called as relief society president takes up but I can cut back on how much tv I watch. Hopefully, we can get through this safe and still madly in love. Happy new year!