Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving on

As we all know life moves on even while we are in sad times and that is especially true in our house. With our crazy kids we don't get much time for personal reflection and just have to start running to catch up to the slowest kid. We have been pretty busy lately with chess, school, webelows, gymnastics, church and a variety of other things and I have to tell you I need a break!!!!!! Time is moving so fast that I feel like my kids are growing faster than I can notice.

Speaking of kids growing, Princess had a birthday this sunday and turned 6 years old. That is right, our little girl now needs two hands to count her age. I can't believe how fast the past 3 years have been with her and seeing how much she has changed in that time. It is amazing just seeing the girl that she is becoming.

She had a Strawberry Shortcake tea party and had several friends from church over to help her start her 6th year out right. Her favorite thing was the cake pops that I made for the party and she even sat and watched as I decorated all 30 of them. If I forgot to put sprinkles on one she would quickly remind me so that I could correct the error. She woke up this morning and Thanked me again for the wonderful party she had and asked when her next birthday would be. I think I need to maybe set up a little sleep over for her before then because she was not happy when I told her 12 months!

I hope that in this new year I will be able to slow down just enough that I can watch my kids growing. That I will feel that I have noticed every milestone big and small as they grow into the wonderful kids that they are.

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All8 said...

I hope you'll be able to, too. Lots of hugs and kisses help.