Monday, August 29, 2011

It is already starting

We are two weeks into the new school year and I already had 2 sick kids! Link was the first one with a cold. When I took him into his class last Monday I could see how he got the cold, every child in the room was sneezing and coughing! Next was Beau with a stomach bug. He was fine when he got on the bus but the school nurse called just as I was getting on the elevator to go up to my office. It only lasted a day but it was still rough seeing him running a fever and feeling sick. Now I am just waiting for princess to come down with something and the then the school system would have won the Tic Tac Toe of Taggard sick kids.

I hope all of you are healthy and keeping the school bugs at bay!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Productive Weekend

I know that sounds weird since we are a family always on the go but because of our schedules I feel like nothing productive ever gets done. We are always running behind on cleaning, laundry, canning, crafts.... you name it but this weekend we stayed home most of the time and got a lot of productive things done.

Friday night over dinner we told the kids that if they picked up the front room then that night that we would have more time to play on saturday and since it was a treat on saturday they really wanted that extra time. While they picked up Mike and I put together a plan for the weekend and our menu for the next week. After that we sat as a family and watched some shows that have been on our DVR forever and then I went to bed while Mike and Beau stayed up to play video games. I know the video games don't seem like something productive but for a man that has always loved them but never gets to play them and has a son that keeps begging for him to play them it was much needed. Beau got lots of game time with his dad this weekend and he seemed like the happiest kid ever. We play boardgames and stuff like that all the time but I think it was something about getting older kid time with his dad and something he loves that tipped the scale.

Saturday we woke up and did laundry and then coupons and then shopping and then it was time to go to the water park in town. The kids love it and the kids section is huge and 3 ft deep allowing mike and I to just lounge in the kids area and watch Link and Princess while Beau runs around anywhere he wanted which seemed to be right next to us. Link is amazing in his swimming skills. He is three and will dive under water and just swim away. The first few times we went swimming I could tell people were nervous but he has proven to the world that he is a born aqua lad. Princess is not as daring but when she can no longer put up with link getting the attention she will try something too. It is funny to watch.

We then went home and canned 6 quarts of beef stew meat and while it processed I made bows with Princess (Beau actually made some too) while Mike and Beau played a few more games. Link had passed out pretty early, we thought it was because of all the swimming but........

Sunday we woke up to a sick little boy. Link has had a runny nose all week but with the weather I figured it was a sinus issue. It might still be but he was running a low fever and slept all morning. We did cook a big breakfast and cleaned and canned 7 quarts of red beans before church and since we still had not figured out that Link was getting worse we headed to church.
We only stayed for Sacrament because I figured out that it was a fever and so we high tailed it home. That gave me more time to can 8 pints of black beans and keep doing laundry.

It was such a relaxing productive weekend and I hope that I get a few more before this mind of mine burns out. Mike starts class back tonight after only 2 weeks off and it is right back to crazy town. It is nice to know that if I had the time I could be one killer mom/ house wife.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New School Year

It is a new year in our house. Since 4 out of the 5 of us are still students our years are based on a august-july schedule. We did the annual school supply and uniform shopping and even made it to all the open houses and the kids are perfectly excited about the new year and what it has to offer.

Mike and I also realized that since Link is now in Headstart (preK for 3 year olds) we have all three of our kids in public school. No daycare, just regular old big kid school. We are quickly reminded that no babies live in our house anytime Link is called our baby boy. He gets very red faced and scrunches up his whole face and then in a very grump ompaloompa way he informs us that he is not a baby but he is a big boy like his bubba. It is so hard not to laugh and kiss that little baby face! It is also amazing to us that Princess is starting Kindergarten and Beau is now in his final year of elementary with the big 5th grade! It is really true that they grow up so fast.

Link has adapted well to preK and loves it! It helps that his classroom theme is sheriff Andy from Toy Story and we know how much my little boy loves Toy Story. He comes home from school in smiles everyday and he is so excited every morning to go to his big boy school. We are hoping that being around all of the kids will help him continue to improve on his speech skills and I know that the kids will be blessed to have that little ball of sun in their class.

Princess and Beau are both at the same school now which means that Princess finally got her wish. She now rides the big "lellow" bus with her big brother. She was nervous at first and told Beau and I that she was scared of being hurt on the bus. The look of fury that went through her Hero's eyes would have scared any would be school bus bully and Beau let his sister know that if anyone picked on her they would have to go through him first and they did not want to do that. It really was sweet to watch and anyone that knows B knows that he is a hero at heart and that little girl will be safe from anything.

Princess loves going to big kid school. She keeps informing me that Link goes to her old school and she now goes to Big Kid school. She runs to the bus every morning and even enjoys picking out her uniform in the morning. This was a worry of mine because I have a little fashionista and I thought it would be a fight. We know mix up her school look with bows, socks and belts. She is trying to convince her dad that she needs another pair of shoes (she has like 20) but he is not buying that kool aid.

Beau was nervous about being in the 5th grade. This surprised me since he is a very advanced student and school has never been an issue. After some questions I discovered that he was worried about his new teacher. He did not know any of the 5th grade teachers and was worried that he would get a mean teacher that would not be nice but so far so good. I called the school (didn't tell him that before I did it) and asked about the teacher and was told that the one he got was actually the best one for that grade. She told me that if we liked his 4th grade teacher (whom we loved!) then she was right up our alley. I told B that and it helped calm his nerves. It also helped that he has a few of his friends in there too. True to his word he takes the bus business serious and uses that time to quiz his sister about her day so that he can answer her questions for her at dinner (we had to tell him to let her talk about it) and he lets her take a nap too because he said that Kindergarten used to tire him out too.

Mike never really stopped the school year and finished the second summer session with another A. I really am amazed at how gifted he is and I know that one day the future students of broadcasting are going to be lucky to have him as a teacher. Now, lets just make it through this year and get one step closer.

Me- I have not been a student for a long time but I still miss the new school year excitement. I thought it would get better over the years but every August I get that itch to go buy paper, pens and over priced books that I will read before the class even starts. I guess that is why I buy enough school supplies to send extras to the kids classes. Oh well, one day I will no longer here the siren call of a school bell but will instead think about how free I am to not be worried about juries, finals and papers.

I hope everyone has a great new school year!