Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting ready for a month of not good

Summer session for Mike has started and since it is a summer session that means he has class not one, not two but three nights a week for the next 5 weeks. That means that I will see him on Sunday, friday and saturday each week (but only if he is not working weekends which he has scheduled). What about Wednesday night? I have my church calling on that night but I will say that it will be nice to leave the kids with him instead of trying to keep them tame during youth night. This last semester was really hard for me mentally and I guess it is noticeable by my lack of posts. We are so spread out time wise as a family that Mike and I are not getting any time together. That is also why I took it so hard when our weekend getaway to memphis was flooded out on my birthday weekend. The funny thing is that if you look at our family schedule it is all mike. The kids have stuff but not too much and I only have work and church stuff so that just leaves mike working 40-60 hours a week plus being a full time grad student. He is pretty much stressed to the limit and always working on something. It is very hard as a wife, lover and friend to sit by and watch. I take the kids out to give him study time and I do a lot of the house work and cleaning so that he doesn't have too much but he is just so over loaded. He should only have one more year left until he is done with his masters so lets just pray that he doesn't explode before then. Keep him in your prayers that he will make it through the next 5 weeks in one piece and that we will then be able to enjoy a month of zero school work until the fall.