Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Working Mother's Recipe

So you guys all know that I am a busy woman. I will not even pretend and say that I have everything perfectly in order or that my kids always get the most nutritious meal but I will say that my husband and I work hard to keep things sane and that includes canning meat, freezing meals and using a crock pot. Anyways, I tried a new crock pot recipe yesterday and everyone loved it! That is odd because normally either mike or Beau will not like the new dinner option. In fact it was so popular that I only had 1 cup left for my lunch today. Here is the recipe for those of you on the look out for a good crock pot recipe.

Cheesy Taco Soup

1 lb ground beef (browned and drained)
1 lb Velveeta
1 can rotel
1 can (15oz) of ranch style beans
1 can corn (drained)
1 1/2 cups of water

Cube the Velveeta and add everything into the crock pot on low for 4-6 hours. It serves 4-6 people and tastes great on its own or over chips. Also if you want it soupier you can add water until it is the consistency you want.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Really Busy Weekend

Wow, we had a really great weekend. Saturday we switched Link over to big boy unders, Beau's chess tournament plus shopping and prepping for canning some meat and on Sunday we had snow, canning the meat and Mike had to go into the station and sleep because the snow was starting to get really thick. We then had 2 snow days and a lot of fun. I will break it down.

Big boy underwear!
This is a tale of a three year old boy that refuses to be completely potty trained. He is a bit delayed and so I have been really laid back about pushing him. Well, I realized that I have been changing diapers for a decade and decided that it was time to stop. We have been having him use the potty but kept the pull ups so that if he had an accident there would be no problem. The pull ups ended up being a problem. We were using them as a crutch and would not stay on top of Link like we have the other 6 kids we have potty trained. So this weekend I did it. I put him in big boy pants and set an oven timer. We had 2 accidents in 4 days and are still doing pretty good. He is in pull ups at school but I am going to send a bunch of unders and pants on Monday and explain that he needs to switch up. As you can see he really loves his big boy pants!

So Beau got moved up another level and got the mess beat out of him. Not really, he won 3 out of 6 games but it was enough to not place. However, he is in the highest level for elementary age kids so maybe it will challenge him a little more. Here is a pic of him and his two friends playing DS between rounds.


Mike and I canned 25 pounds of chicken and 20 pounds of ground beef on Sunday. We do this to build up our food storage and it is just really convenient to have already cooked meat in our pantry for dinner on church nights and nights that Mike has class. It is hard having him in grad school but with the easy dinners it will be less hard. Mainly I just miss him two nights a week now.

Snow Days:

We had 6 inches of snow this week. That is a lot for Arkansas and our kids loved it. This pic is of our street about 2 hours after it started.

Here are the three kids on the first snow day. I bundled them up nice and tight in their scarves, hats and coats. (beau took his off) We played, built a snowman and just had a great time.

You can't see it but as soon as mike got home there were about 10 kids in my front yard having an epic snowball fight. Mike was a great sport and jump right on in with them and it was 10 against 1. I did not jump in and instead baked cookies and made hot cocoa for the warriors.
It was a great two days but I was ready to go back to work on wednesday. Beau tried his hardest to stay home again but I won. We are back on schedule and the snow is still in the yard. It will melt as soon as the 50 degree temps roll in this weekend. I hope all of you had a great week too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Holiday Week

LOL, I really had a rollercoaster of a week. It started with a perfect christmas and then turned into a stomach flu and the hospital. I am much better now but I was sick for most of last week and I still have a bit of issues that are working out of my body.

Christmas eve and day were perfect. We had family over and just enjoyed the whole weekend with the kids. Everyone loved the gifts, especially me! Mike got me a Nook color for christmas and I have been in heaven since. It is so much fun to play with and to read on. Beau has already figured it out too and will pick it up when he is bored. We took our time on gifts and let the kids play with them as they opened each gift. Link is just at that age where the magic is new and strong. Everything was so exciting to him and we laughed so much at him that day it was just too funny. My folks came over and of course the kids had to show off everything and like all good grandparents they enjoyed the show. My BIL Neal and his boys came up and it was food and games from that point on. Just a great day.

Day after- not good. Don't remember much and I blacked out over 12 times. My parents took the kids and mike took me to the hospital. They rehydrated me through IV and wanted to admit me but I did not want to stay in the hospital so after a promise to come back if I get worse we went home. I then spent the next day in bed or on the couch barely able to move. Mike was so great and took wonderful care of me. Honestly, I do not deserve such a knight as he is.

Tuesday- We had taggard Christmas. We went to arkadelphia and enjoyed a day of family and fun. I would say food but I did not get to eat much since I was still recovering. I still had to stay seated and if I stood up too long would fall down and be dizzy. Luckily, no one had an issue with me not moving much and the kids were well behaved. It was a great day.

NYE- LOL, we went to bed at 8:30. We had plans of staying up with the kids and having a grand old time but We were both just too tired. I was still having some issues and mike had just done everything all week. The kids forgave us and we woke up saturday morning to a new year.

2011- I have big hopes for the next year. I know that as long as the Taggards continue to love and support each other we will be a happy family. Happy New Year, Everyone!