Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am Thankful for Family History

I grew up watching both of my grandmothers working on family history and even remember spending time in front of a microfiche or film machine looking at old records. I have always been fascinated with family history but never knew where to start since so much of my work was done and I didn't think starting where they left off (centuries ago) would be a good starting point. I got married and learned that only one side of Mike's family work has been worked on so I knew that his line would be where I got my toes wet. The only problem was time. I have a very busy life and going to a research center was not in my schedule. A month ago I decided to start using the churches online family history pages to start working on it. The fact that it is on a computer and easier to start and stop grabbed my attention. I found plenty of how to guides and I have really gotten into it. I love the puzzle work that is involved but most of all I love getting to see that these are real people. Farmers, Doctors, Mothers and most of all family. My grandma is letting me use her ancestry.com account to help me out too. I really am thankful that I am able to work on this and discover our roots.

Here are the links if anyone is wanting to work on family history.



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