Friday, June 17, 2011

A Huge sigh

So glad that is over. Beau had his last game on saturday and though mike is still in class and Princess is in gymnastics it makes a huge difference not being at the ball field in 100+ heat every night. Even the team was starting to get tired of things by the last week. Last night was my first "home" night in over a month and it was great. We sat outside (mike was in class) and played and then we went in and worked on Beau's cubscout stuff. Well, the two little ones mainly ran around all crazy like while Beau and I worked. Overall, it was just what this mamma ordered.

Father's day is this week and I already have mikes stuff bought. I hope he loves and that he actually is surprised instead of already knowing what he is getting. The kids had fun picking it out too. Sorry, i can't say what it is because Mike is always watching.

Mike and I are both speaking in church this sunday and we are talking on fathers. I just finished my talk and in light of fathers day I want to post a few of the personal bits.

My husband is an excellent father. That is a plain and simple truth that no one could argue with. I joke with him that he is a better homemaker than I am but like I always tell him there is a little truth behind most jokes. Because he is such a great person I sometimes forget that he is not superman. I forget that he is juggling so much in his life right now that he can’t do everything. He is a student, full time worker, husband and father. He has expressed to me recently that he feels like he is not doing his job as a father because he is so busy but his family knows that it is not the case. He only sleeps a few hours a night then he goes to work. When he gets home from work he works in the yard, plays with the kids, cooks dinner and even picks up the house. He then goes to class and then comes home and stays up way later than someone that woke up at 3am should just to be with me and the kids. On the weekends he tries to spend as much time as he can with us and making sure that we are together. He is not very selfish with his time and he is always willing to work on his ever growing honey do list for me. With everything that he does for us we try and show him how much we love him and we try to do little things to make his life a little easier. I also, as his wife try to be understanding that sometimes I will need to take out the trash because he was too busy or that I will need to figure out how to text the play by play of a ball game to a dad that is stuck in class but still wants to know every detail of the game.

and a little further down in the talk.

Since it is father’s day I would be remiss if I did not mention my thanks for the fathers in my life. There are three of them. My father Dale Rowe was the first father in my life and he set a very high standard for those to follow. He is not a very expressive man and yet I always knew that he loved me. He would take time to teach me how to work on cars, help me write papers, teach me ghost stories and most importantly he worked with my mother to teach me how to be the woman I am today. He also showed by example how a father should lead the home and how he should work with his wife and love her. By watching him as I grew I was able to see what kind of man I needed to look for to marry. I inherited my father’s lack of emotional expression but he knows that I love him and that I am blessed to be his daughter.
My second father is Ed Taggard. He is Mike’s father and because of that he is mine too. This man never once questioned the fact that his son loved a loud, dramatic and bossy girl and he always greets me with a hug full of love. One of my favorite things is to listen to Mike and his family talk about the old days and stories from when they were young. They are always great and show that he was born of goodly parents. His father leads the house in a loving way and each of his children and grandchildren respect him and love him. I don’t think I could have asked for a better man to be my second father. I hope he knows that too.
That leads me to my husband. He is the father to my children. I have already embarrassed him enough in this talk so I will keep this short and simple. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I found a man that is a wonderful husband, friend and father. I do not tell him that enough but I showed it today by actually taking my allotted time and not leaving him with an hour to speak.
My kids are blessed by all three of these men and all of their uncles too. I hope that we are able to continue to strengthen them as fathers. I wish all of the men in our ward a happy father’s day.

If you didn't notice my talk is on strengthening fathers through support, love, respect, understanding and thanks. Sometimes Fathers are overlooked and moms are the ones given all the credit and that is what this talk is about. Happy Fathers day to everyone!