Friday, September 17, 2010

When will summer end!

I have finally realized that I am just going to be sunburned until football season is over. Summer has decided to be rude and ignore the hints that I have been giving that it is time to move along so that Fall can come over and party. I am quite upset about this. I am very fair skinned and even freckled so I happen to get sunburned at the very thought of the sun. I say this because I am tired of going to football games and sweating and burning every saturday. Really, I get angry when I think about all the pictures of football games that are in ads and stuff that shows the football watchers all bundled up and sipping hot cocoa. Angry I tell you! What makes it even worse is that I am sitting under umbrellas and awnings and stuff and yet I still end up looking like a church going lobster on sunday mornings. Oh well, soon enough I will be complaining about how cold it is and how I am blue.

So far this month things are going great. We are having fun getting into the new routine have already bought our fall decorations. (we really like fall) Beau has decided to be his much loved charlie brown and wants Link to be his snoopy. I have been dreading making that costume but lucky me Target sells them. Now to just make charlie brown (much easier). Princess has still not decided and I know she will pick out about 20 different things to be and I will have to make the choice. That girl loves to dress up. Mike and I have still not decided on costumes.