Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog loser

So now that I have proven myself to be blog posting loser I will now catch everyone up on the news of our Taggard clan.

Chicken Pox- Link and I did in fact survive the chicken pox and no one else fell to this itchy virus. There was a moment when we thought Beau had it but it turned out to be a spider bite that got way infected and had to take meds to heal. I healed up faster than link (cause you know I have super powers) and my mom had the pleasure of watching him for a few days and quickly learned just how hyper and energetic our little toddler can be. Hopefully, this will not be a returning illness to our house. Not fun.

Youth Conference- I took the youth of our church to a youth conference for three days to meet with others that are their age and of the same faith. We had great speakers and a lot of fun. However, I discovered that I am too old for late nights and constant movement. I was so sore and tired by the time we went home that I thought about just staying in bed for a week. All of the young women were great and I really did have fun and was able to get to know my fiend that went with me a little more.

Football- Yeah, that is right. Beau is in football. Practice is a lot and it was like 116 degree during his 3 hour practices in august. It was horrible!!!!!! He was doing great until they had a full pads and full contact day. They lined the kids up in what is call Blood Alley and the dads and coaches lined up to make the alley and they made the kids one on one tackle each other for 3 hours. No introduction to hitting or anything like that. And to make it worse the yelling and aggression from the adult males was not good. Beau had a lot of issues with this and when we came home he went to his bedroom. I thought he was playing a video game and was surprised when a about 15 minutes later he came back up front crying and told me that he had been praying to see if it was ok to hit other people and if he should stay in football. We then talked about how it is a game and all that jazz and then called his Uncle Justen who talked to him. Justen and his wife ended up coming down to watch his next practice and He worked a bit with Beau on everything and it made a huge difference. After the next practice he came home telling me that it didn't hurt him to be knocked over so it shouldn't hurt the others and that it was fun. Now that the heat wave is leaving I might just start enjoying the games.

Canning Chicken- Since Mike is going to grad school I am going to be cooking more and with our schedule these need to be fast meals. I spent the second weekend of August canning chicken so that I would have home cooked chicken ready in a moments notice. We have been using it and it is good. Not the same as fresh cooked but still pretty good and handy to have too. Now we are going to try hamburger meat for our next adventure.....any advice?

School Started- 4 out of 5 Taggards started school this month. Link is in a 2-3 year old preschool class, Princess is in 4 year old pre-k, Beau is in the 4th grade and Mike is starting his masters. Me, well, I am still in the school of hard knocks and mommy 101. LOL! It was fun for the kids to help Dad buy his school stuff and everyone had fun picking out back packs, notebooks and new clothes. I had fun until we paid. Holy crap that was a lot of money! Beau and Chase went off to school with no problems but Princess was another story. She was starting a new school and after a summer of amma's house she was out of the habit of going to school. She was so scared and sad and it made me tear up a bit when we had to say goodbye. I guess you never get over that feeling as a mom of needing to protect. Her dad said that when he picked her up she was all smiles and giggles. She now loves her school. Beau has already been in a puppet show and his teacher keeps a class blog with pics to keep parents updated on the class. I love it.

Potty Training- We have started training Link and it is a slow process. In my opinion he is not even ready but the school said that he needs to start. He doesn't even care if he is wet or dirty and I am having issues with it. All of the other kids I have potty trained were ready and not almost 3. I don't know why he is taking his time but I am so ready to be done with diapers. SO READY! I looked back and I realized that I have been changing diapers for almost a decade. That is long enough. I just hope he starts to realize what to do on the potty besides sing songs and smile. It will happen I just need to be calm and wait.

That is all the highlights of the past month in our house and can I just say that I am ready for Fall. I am done with summer and can't wait until I can snuggle up with a blanket and listen to the storms bringing in the cooler weather. Ahhhhhh bliss.