Monday, July 19, 2010

A pox on our house.....

Wow, what a week I had! It started with a great sunday and then a wonderful Monday morning but then (and I should have known something was up when I heard the jaws theme) the phone rang. Link's school nurse wanted to let me know that the chicken pox was running rampant through the school and that my child had several questionable spots on his body. I (being dumb) assumed that they were bug bites from being in the yard the day before and told the nurse that. I mean what kind of mom sends her youngest child to school with chicken pox. I am much more observant than that and could not imagine something that big slipping past me. The nurse gave me a list of things to check for that night just in case. I called mike and joking, I mean, seriously explained the situation and asked him to keep an eye on him.
I get home from work and decided to check Link out and after stripping him down am amazed at the polka dotted mess that was on his body. I mentally checked the list that the nurse told me to look for and he had every single thing. The dots, blisters, red poor little boy! Mike and I marked every spot before sending him to bed and put my mom on red alert that she was going to need to watch a poxy boy. I woke up on tuesday morning and went to check on him before my shower. He had several new spots (clever marking helped) Dang!!!! I then started getting ready for work as I was dressing I noticed a few new spots on me.....and those spots were blistered....and they itched.....and they ruined my day. I called in to work, called the school and the school nurse, called my mom ( mostly to complain) called the doctor and then went back to sleep. We went to the doctor and he confirmed that we both had chicken pox and would be contagious until at least one day after the final outbreak and all of the pox had crusted over. Great, what a wonderful thing to look forward to.
The rest of the week passed in a pink calomine, daytime tv, hyper toddler infused week. I did get to spend a lot of time with the kids and that was fun but the rest was not. My mom came and picked up the non poxy older kids and took them swimming and to the movies to get them out of the house a bit and I have to say I was jealous. I was also mad everytime my husband got to leave to go to work, or the store or heck even to play outside in the heat without itching. I was very lucky that I did not get a very big case just one outbreak but my muscles, skin, head and everything was sore, itchy and tired. Link, Much bigger case, was spotty but hyper as a puppy. I guess that is why it is a childhood virus and not an old person virus.
I am back too work now and so happy to be in the world again. Link is still home with the pox since he keeps having outbreaks and I guess I am the type of person to leave a man down because I was so ready to escape that prison and find my way to freedom. My punishment is that my healing pox do still itch and it is much harder to scratch at work than on my couch.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Movies

So every summer our family watches two of the summers blockbusters. Mike and I watch one for us and then we let the kids pick one for the family. Even though we love movies the reason we only see two in the "Big" theater are in threefold.

1. Movie tickets are like a bazillion dollars
2. We have 5 people in our family
3. We are way too broke to pay the man our paycheck just to see a two hour long movie.

That being said we do see a lot of movies when they make it to the dollar theater or we catch them on redbox, netflix or if we love the movie we buy it. Anyways, now that I am done complaining about the price of a movie ticket I will proceed with the original purpose of this post. As I was saying, we love movies. Like really love movies. Every january we get the list of the hundreds of movies that are releasing during the year and highlight them based on who in the family would like it. We then look at those and decide which ones we will see in the "Big" theater, Dollar Theater or see in our home theater (living room). This really is fun to do and it is amazing to see just how many movies are put out each year. We usually go and see the Mike and Desi movie on my birthday this is because my birthday always falls around the Big summer blockbuster opening weekend. Mike and I started this tradition almost 12 years ago with the movie "The Mummy" and it has remained a vital part of my birthday. Not the staring brendan fraiser although I could do that all day but the opening of the summer season part. We have so much fun going out and discussing which ever movie we happen to go and see. Now I am not saying mike and I don't go see anymore during the year but we really do usually wait until it is at the dollar theater or redbox because it is expensive and after adding on the price of a babysitter for 3 kids it becomes even more costly. I do not mind this one bit because as I get old, I mean wiser, I find that I actually like watching the movie in my own home. I can pause it, I don't have to hide in shame when I scream out in fear during a kids movie and I can snuggle up next to the best man in the world without wondering if my oldest son is going to puke in protest. All very good arguments to viewing a movie at home.
I find it very odd that I started this post with the purpose of reviewing the movies that we have seen so far this summer and have instead with lots of details explained how our family watches a movie. I apologize now but as I have a summer cold and am currently under the influence of several meds I can not be held accountable for the content of this post. I will however promise to post again when I am a little more sober about the three movies (we had sneak peek passes for Dispicable Me so it was free) that we have seen so far.