Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bragging is a mom's favorite thing

I had Beau's PTC last night and it as usual went great. That is usually what happens at these things. The teacher tells me that I have a special son and that he is great but this teacher did something different. He told me that Beau tested advanced of the advanced and as a fourth grader has the reading skills of a seventh grader and math not too far behind that. He also brought up his logic and thinking skills as being great too. This is normal for B and so I was expecting to hear what usually comes next....... That they don't really know what to do with him at this point. B's teacher did no such thing. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that he is going to push B into being even better and continue to expect great things from him. He then proceeded to tell me how he was going to do this and that he will not let B slide by on his current level!!!!!! I was shocked. Where have teachers like him been for the past 6 years! Since his 3 year old pre K class I have been wishing and praying for a teacher that know that B is advanced but wouldn't let him use that alone. Is it possible for me to get this teacher to follow B through out the rest of his education? He said that B can read 144 words a minute without error now but he wants him at 200 by the end of the year which is 100 over what it needs to be at. I am just really impressed and excited for B at this point. He also commented on how he noticed that if he had to discipline or get onto B in public that he could see him over internalizing it and so he said that he has adjusted how he handles him so that he doesn't get worked up or if he does he has a little time to process things. He did mention that B is still making paper airplanes when he gets bored but he handles that by getting him on task with something to keep him focused. Really, this guy is just one of those teachers that love educating!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rowe Family Reunion

My dad comes from a large family. Well, unless you are a Taggard then it is a normal size family. I have tons of cousins and dozens of aunts and uncles on that side. The last time I was able to visit with this Kentucky family was when Beau was about 4 years old. Facebook makes the timespan not quiet as long since I am able to keep up with everyone and know what is going on with them. However there is just something different about getting to hug them and see them face to face. Not to mention watching your kids play the same games that you did at that age. It was so much fun. Of course everyone fell in love with all three of my kids and a few even threatened to kidnap them and keep them forever. My dad looked so happy around his family and it makes me sad for the day when mike and I might have to move off and not be able to visit as often with our families. We are already having issues with Justen and Amber being 3 hours away!

We were excited since this was our first big family trip. We packed lots of snack, games, movies, coloring books and toys just for the ride up. When you have three kids and two of them are below the age of five it is hard to keep them happy but we put in a two hour break at a mall in the middle of the drive and all went well. The kids had a lot of fun at the mall too. Beau and Link hung out in the Arcade and Princess LOVED Claire's and even suckered us into some new earrings. I think she would have taken the whole store if she could have. We also listened to a book on tape that Beau had picked out and I got into it so much that I am still listening to it on my commute to work.

Once we got to the resort we unpacked in our cabin and started making the rounds. I think I was hugged more that day than in the past year! The kids, of course, found the playground and preceded to be covered in dirt for the next 3 days. Link, being himself, proved within 10 minutes that he does indeed bounce as he fell off the monkey bars ( He had been told to stay off) and bonked his head. The KY family freaked a bit but by the end of the day no one batted an eye when he fell, jumped, crashed or tripped. He is just my little boy and will probably run me into debt with ER bills.

Over the next 3 days we played boardgames, talked and ate. There was so much food it was not even funny. Mike and the kids filled up on desserts, sandwiches and all kids of snacks. We had fun introducing people to the games Zombies and Pandemic. No, Aria, we have still not saved the world! We also got ribbed a bit when the hogs lost to Bama. We sat around a fire and made smores with the kids and just had a bunch of fun. We are hoping that this becomes a yearly thing. Plus I got some tips for planing the Taggard reunion.