Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that stay with you

When I was really young, like 10 or so, I heard one of those friend of a friend has a cousin type of stories and it has traumatized me from the moment it reached my ears. In fact I am pretty sure that I blacked out from fear during the story. Here it is just for your reading.
I have this friend that has a friend that has a cousin that had a very scary ride home from work one night. She worked late that night and it was very dark when she got to her car. She quickly got in and started home. She noticed a car that was following her very closely and he was flashing his lights and screaming at her. She thought at first that he wanted to her to speed up so she motioned for him to pass. He didn’t move from right behind her car. He would back up just a bit and then very quickly speed up and get within inches of her car. She started getting very worried that he was trying to run her off the road and started to speed up. The faster she went the faster he went and he continued to flash lights at her and scream. She glanced ahead and was grateful to see her parent’s house down the block and when she got to it she pulled up into the yard and right up to the front door. She jumped out of the car and ran calling for help and crying. The driver of the car jumped out as well and instead of running after her he went right to her car and blocked all of the doors of the car. Little did the girl know but the crazy driver had saved her life. When he had pulled up behind her he had seen the silhouette of a man with a knife sitting up and preparing to stab the girl. When the driver sped up and flashed his lights the man would dive back down behind the seats and this pattern continued for the entire ride. When the police arrived they confirmed that the man in the girl’s backseat was a serial killer that preyed on young women by hiding in the back of the car and waiting until the right moment to kill!
So, yeah cheesy I know but I have never forgotten that story. To this day I check the car before I get in and even then if someone is driving really close to me my first thought is that someone is in the backseat trying to kill me. I know, the reason is more likely to be that I drive 10 miles below the speed limit but I am a very imaginative person and not very logical. It doesn’t help that my first car was a little Ford Festiva that had a hatch in the back. Oh, and that I knew for a fact that a person could fit in there. (Actually if you are really creative 10 people could fit in that tiny car) When I was in High School I worked at a Wendy’s and would get off work really late. The first thing I would do when I got in my car was to throw something in the back and listen for someone to cry out in pain. Wow, As I am writing this I can now see why my husband thinks I have issues!!!!! Well, those issues will keep me from being stabbed in the middle of the night. BTW, this is why he drives the minivan at night. Too many hiding places!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well Child Appointments

So this is the week of well child appointments. Well, 2 well childs and 1 meet the new dr. Lucky for us my most wonderful husband is off work in the afternoons and is able to take the kids. Lucky for him is super planning wife made him a very detailed list of things to cover with the Dr for each of the appointments. LOL, poor man. I am glad that we do these things at least once a year because this time we found some things out on the oldest one. Our younger two have appointments today.

Yesterday I woke Beau up and told him about his appointment later in the day and assured him that he would not need any shots since he was up to date on them. He seemed to be ok with the appointment after that. Mike calls me and lets me know that B probably has psoriasis on his arms and will need to go see a dermatologist. Well, that was great it explained the weird stuff on his arms. Then mike told me that they were drawing blood and running tests....(crap, now he will never trust me again). I get a call a few hours later from the nurse asking to speak to Beaus mom and to let me know that he seems to have low iron in his bones and that he now needs to be taking iron everyday and that they would check him again at a later date to see if that is taking care of the problem. At that moment I realized that even if he will never trust me again that I am grateful that he has such a great and helpful doctor that checks everything. I know nothing we discovered yesterday was serious but it makes this mom feel better knowing that even the little things can be found and taken care of before they do become bad.

Princess and Link are later today. We have officially changed their doctors to ones closer to home and that their old foster parents do not still use. This will also make it much easier to take the kids to appointments since it is close to their schools and home. We got the new SSN cards in the mail and now the kids are officially name changed and we could not be happier. Their was always the chance that someone could track them down with the old info and now they have complete new identities. Now, I think princess does have to have shots today but I bet a little swimming at Amma's house would get rid of any hurt and pain that they give her.

Just a reminder to all the moms and dads out there to keep your kids medical check ups current and up to date. You never know what might show up and as I learned from the great GI Joe.........Knowing is half the battle!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is it about kids once they get to about 9?

So honestly I am very confused. I have started noticing a little trend from my oldest son. He is in the third grade and still begs for Mike and I to come to things at school with and for him. We do not mind this in the least in fact I love seeing my kids in their school side. That is until Beau started his latest way to express himself. I don't know what it is but he is so excited that we are coming to something at his school until we show up and then he acts....well...... like he could care less. I have noticed it a few times this year and just thought that maybe it was something else but it was real noticable today when I drove him to school the whole time listening to him talk about how he loved me for taking off work to see him get some awards and that I needed to make sure and come by his class to see some of his work and he would not stop talking and then we walked into the school and all of a sudden he is like 5 feet away and no longer talking. Is it just me or should boys continue to show their love for the most wonderful woman in their life until they die? Is that really too much to ask? To put away the macho man pride and hug or for heavens sakes at least smile at your mom in front of other guys...........It is going to be a long 10 years until he is no longer embarassed by me. It really is funny for those of you who know him and how lovey he is normally. I guess he just pulls the big boy pants out for school. At least the youngest son still loves me!!!!!!!