Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update since I realized that I have not posted anything since the adoption. We have been doing great in our little family. We got the garden in and it looks great. We have also been spending a lot of time at the ball field cheering for Beau. He is a pretty strong player and it is funny to see that he is one of the biggest kids on the team. He is just growing way to fast for his old mom. I finally finished Princess's sealing dress and we will be going to the temple this weekend. We are all very excited. Oh, and I get my first crown tomorrow. I am very nervious and do not really like to go to the dentist. He called in a seditive for me to take before I go in so hopefully I will not be crazy. I will post pics from the temple when I get back next week. BTW, I turn 30 on monday and am not excited so have decided to lock myself up for the entire day and pretend that it never happened.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Taggard Five

What a time I have had this week. Link was really sick (104 fever) and we finalized on our adoption. Thats right we are done. Well, with this round. Our family is legal and there is only one last name attached to our childrens names. It is slowly sinking in, like when I did not have to call our case worker to report that Link was sick. Overall I am still a bit shocked. I know it makese no since because we have been working on this for a year now but somehow it is still a little hard to believe that they are mine free and clear for eternity. Here are some pictures of our big day.

As you can see Princess still has a fear of the courthouse and all DHHS Employees. She will not smile around them and will not let go of us. I was still a bit shell shocked at this moment and was hoping that it was not a dream that the judge ruled that we were the best parents for our little ones. Yes, I cried the entire time. I could not help it.

Here we are right after the hearing. For some reason the flash on our camera decided to not flash so it is a bit dark. The judge is on the left and was so great about letting us take pictures and seemed to really be happy about joining our family together. My parents and our great friend Thomas came to support us during the hearing.

Here we are outside of the courthouse just after the adoption hearing. Princess was finally getting out of her (i see a caseworker so I am not happy) mood and was starting to smile. During the hearing Mike and I were both asked why we wanted to be joined with the children and our answers were the same..... Because they are our children and we love them. Anyone that has met our family can see that we have known each other much longer than a year. Our spirits have known each other much, much longer.... we just had to find each other.I wanted to get a picture of my parents with their new grandkids. I hope that the kids will be able to look back and see how special of a day it was for us and know that we all wanted to be together. Oh, and I hope Link forgets about the cut on his forehead that I could not cover up with makeup because of the Glue stuff they used in the ER.

So, this closes one chapter in the Taggard Clan's book of finding our forever family now it is on to the next chapter. I just hope this one does not take the four years the last one did.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Conversations with children

As a mom I have learned over the years that some of your funniest, saddiest, most stress reducing and even stress producing conversations are those that you have with your children. They can make me laugh, cry, think, be angry, feel loved and even wonder if I am sane but they are always experiences that I would never give up. Well, in the past 24 hours I have had 3 such conversations that have made me think that I am the luckiest mother in the world. I am going to share them with you by age of the child.

2 year old- Link

Upon finding my two year old once again covered in marker from head to toe but only on his right side this morning.

Me: Link, where did you find a marker?!?!?!?! (in a much louder tone than I intended)
Link: Mark!
Me: Are you allowed to draw on yourself?
Link: (shakes head no)
Me: Do you get in trouble when you draw on yourself?
Link: (nods head yes and then gets this sad little look on his face)
Me: Then why do you do it?
Link: Mark!!!!! (then he smiles his "I can get out of this smile")
Me: That won't work
Link: luvu (puckers up)
Me: That either! But at least I finally have a left handed kid!!!!!!

Really, I think this whole body art thing is going to drive me up a wall or crazy before he grows out of it. I don't even know where the markers are coming from. Maybe he eats them at school and they come out at night. No idea.

4 year old- Princess

We are working on her learning her new full name for the adoption next week and this conversation will also prove that she is my daughter by the way she just randomly changes the topic.

Me: Hey (name) do you want to be a Taggard?
P- no!
Me: (shocked and a little worried) Why not?
P- I want to be princess taggard!
Me: I love you and you are a princess!
P- I love you too, I love jesus too
Me: oh yeah? Thats great!
P- Yeah he live over there (points to the house across the street)
Me: Jesus lives next door?
P- yup
Me: ok

Now I know what next weeks FHE will be on

8 Year old- Beau

Beau- (running down the hallway) We have to wear blue today for optimus day!!!!
Me- what? and I am already wearing blue!
B- yeah, the people on the news said that we had to wear blue for optimus day
me- rewind it and pause and I will come and see what you are talking about
B- do blue jeans count?
Me- sure, (turns back on the news and sees that today is autisim day) B, Today is Autism day do you know what that means?
B- no but we need to wear blue for it
Me- Autism is a disability for people. Do you remember your friend (Name) he was austistic.
B- Theres a girl in the second grade that is autistic and I make sure she gets to play.
Me- your so sweet I love my baby boys
B- mom, I am not a baby
Me- sorry.

Beau is alway really good at including everyone in his Friend circle and I have no concerns of him ever being mean on purpose to anyone of disability. Also, we now know that today is National autism day and are wearing blue.