Friday, February 19, 2010

It's all casual!!!!

So in all my excitement over our good news I forgot to post about a funny thing Beau said on Valentines Day.

Mike and I had decided that we wanted to just do a simple candy exchange this year since we were getting each other the stuff to make the raised garden and we also got each of the kids a little candy treat too. We let Beau give out the kids valentines but then he kept smiling at us like he was waiting for something. (mike and I had not given each other our stuff yet) I ask him what was up and he just smiled bigger and said that he was waiting for us to give each other valentines. I told him that we would do it later but then he said that he had been hoping to see it so mike and I exchanged our candy (lindt truffles, of course). We also threw in a quick peck to gross Beau out. This would normally bring out a chorus of gaging and ewwwww noices from our not so romantic 8 year old so Mike and I were suprised when nothing happened. (well, besides the fireworks that show up everytime we kiss) We look over at him and he is still just a cheesing away. I made a joke about how we were not sappy enough and should kiss again to scare him off and he said the funniest thing. Beau said " Hey, it's all casual. It's Valeintines Day!" OK, add that on top of a shrug, smirk and an all knowing nod and you will know why it was funny. Beau has a way of delivering lines like a 40 year old man but with the vocabulary of an 8 year old. Mike and I have still been laughing. BTW, by monday it was back to the "Formal" way of things and gagging when he sees mike and I kiss. So to all you lovers out there just remember that it's all casual on Valentines Day!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes I can hear the angels that look over me.

And today they sang!!!!!!!!! I found it odd when my adoption specialist (who does not do mornings) was calling my office at 9 am but I was on a call to Link's Dr resceduling an appointment so I had to let it go to voicemail. Then I found it more odd when she immediatly sent an email needing me to answer the phone. Hmmmmm....... Well, I called her back and made some jokes about not knowing who it was calling from her line this early in the morning and then she in a dramatic delivery worthy of an oscar or at least the cardio doctor bill from the heart attack she gave me let me know that the judge made a rulling in Link's Foster Parents case. He dismissed their motion to adopt and dismissed the case. We have been waiting since December 4th for the news not knowing for sure what would be the ruling and now we have it. To be honest I am barely keeping it together here in my office. I want to run up to the captiol steps and dance a little jig and sing a song of joy but alas, I am way to old and tired to do that and will settle for calling and emailing everyone I know and dancing around my office like a kid on christmas. I am so close to crying that the tears are constantly brimming up in my eyes. There is still a chance that the fosters could appeal but we already have one ruling against them so that is good enough to get me through whatever comes up next. It seems more we won't have to be a pretend family (legally) anymore. That the world will be able to know, like we have for almost a year now, that we are an eternal family. We are the Taggards.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ever have one of those dreams…….

…….. where it seems so real, so emotional that it had to be true, until you wake up and the realization kicks in? I have one ever so often and last night was just such a case. Grab some hot Chocolate, a warm blanket and a bowl of popcorn so that you can enjoy the story.
Fade from black
I find myself at church chaperoning a youth activity and Mike and I are talking to our friend Thomas who was trying to join a sorority (hey, I said it was a dream) and wanted our advice when we get the news that we have to rush to the court because the judge has finally decided to make a ruling. We all leave the gym and see our friends and family waiting for us. When I ask why and how everyone got there everyone replied that they were the people praying for us and our family and so they needed to be at the courthouse to support us even more. I was so touched by the amount of people that loved our family. ( I saw all of your faces and felt your love because I think Heavenly Father was trying to let me know that we are not alone in this fight and that we have a huge network of people that are praying for us) Well, we then make our way to the court house only to discover that the B’s (old foster parents)had sent their own people to sabotage us so that we would not make it in time. With the help of the good side (ummm, us) we were able to make it and stood before the judge. At that moment he said that he had made his ruling and knew that the family he chose was the best family for Link and that the family would be an eternal family. Well, I started to cry because that clued me in. As a member of the LDS church we believe that we are eternal families not just families here on earth, so I knew at that moment that we had won. The judge then popped an old Seminary video about eternal families and the B’s faded away as our family celebrated.
Fade to black
As you can see this was a great dream…..and you might not even blame me for believing for a moment in the wee morning hours that it was true until I fill in some blanks.
You see, when we left the church everyone had to ride in a fleet of battleships across outer space. Oh, and the people the B’s sent after us….they were storm troopers and mike had to fight with a light saber and laser gun. And the final note…..the B’s melted at the end just like the wicked witch of the west. Now I seem a little crazy for having had a moment of faith in that dream but it did serve its purpose…..I was reminded of the love and support and prayers that I have from my friends and family and for that I thank you. Ummmm, please don’t think poorly of me because my husband’s love of Sci-Fi has invaded my mind and dreams, please just send me a musical or sappy rom-com and save my soul!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Tale of Winter Woes

Of all the days to need to call in to work today would have been number one on my list. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just have one of those mornings that nothing in the world is playing out right. It just gets worse and worse until you find yourself looking at the sky and pondering what in the world is happening to your life. Today I had one of those mornings. Let me explain.
I have not been sleeping well lately and had a very fitful toss and turn night. Upside- I got to watch the hottest man in the world get ready for work at 3am. Downside- I was up at 3am. Finally my alarm goes off letting me know that I don’t have to pretend to be sleepy any longer and that I can start my day. This is fine……not anything new, like I said I am an insomniac. I get done with my shower and try to blow dry my hair. Notice the TRY part? That’s right my hair dryer decided that it no longer wanted to live in a world that took it for granted and died. It would rather die than let me have dry and semi-straight hair. (sigh) Now my hair is puffy, and full of static that keeps attacking my face and those that stand within a few feet of me. At least I had my makeup on and ready to rock my day at work …. with wet hair. Finally, 6am and time to wake up the kids.
The kids woke up great…no mumbling and grumbling….until they realized that to school they must go. Link would not remove himself from my arms, princess could not figure out how a pair of panties on without throwing a fit and Beau, well, he actually did everything he needed to but kept checking the news for updated school closings and then complaining about how it was still icy outside and that the school was not being fair to people by making him go to class. Finally it was 6:30 and his bus pulled up. So he skied down to his bus and hopped on. I am pretty sure that the bus driver had to listen to all those kids complaining until they got off the bus. One kid down 2 to go. Princesses Naturally curly hair decided to mold itself into the shape of a football last night and so that meant that I would have to do some major work to make it look bouncy and carefree………..really, of all days to have football head. So with Link still attached to my body I manage to make princess look normal and help her finish dressing. This is not very easy with 30lbs of extra weight clinging to you the whole time. Not to mention the bickering between the two little ones over who gets to hold momom (As Link calls me) the longest. Honestly, there is like a lot of me to share, can it really be that big of a deal!?!?!? After Prying Link off I get him changed and dressed and then …surprise…..back in my arms. I then decide that it is a pop tart type of morning and get half a pop tart down before realizing that my belly was not digging it. That made growth 1 and growth 2 happy since that gave them more to eat. Finally, 7 am and time to go.
Then a big alarm goes off in my head as I remember my car being covered in inches of solid ice this weekend and how pretty it had been……surely it magically disappeared overnight knowing I had to leave for work in the morning… such luck. I put on the closest shoes, so what if they were brown and I am wearing black I will change them when I get the car cleaned off. I text mike to find out where the ice spray stuff and know that it will just melt away with one spray of that stuff. Ummmm, no. I get the kids in the car and get it started to help me out and then start my war. I sprayed the ice stuff and nothing happened so I sprayed some more and I think I heard the ice chuckle at me so then I decided that I would have to pull out some serious warfare and scrape or chip my way to freedom. After realizing that I do not have a scrapper thing I get a spatula out of the house and start flipping ice. Let me just insert right now that a kitchen utensil does not make a very good scrapper. It was horrible but better than the nothing I had. This whole time I am slipping and sliding on the sheet of ice that at one time was my driveway. I keep hearing the kids clap and cheer everytime I am sent into a wild spin to save my life and at that moment knew that if the ground was not cold and icy that I would have thrown myself down and threw the biggest fit that the world has ever known. That’s right I will admit it. I was that upset. My back hurt, I was tired, cold and had wet hair. Ok, the hair was dry at this point but I was beyond reasoning with. Finally with one final slam of the spatula the last piece of ice bowed down to my superiority and I was able to take the kids to school.
It was then that I realized that I should have met Links bus about 10 minutes ago at the meeting point. I quickly call the driver and find out that they too are running behind and that they will wait for me. We make it to Princesses school and she decides that she should not have to go to school and would rather cry and pout than go nicely with the teacher. So a bribe of candy after school later I met Link’s bus and got him off. Finally, I get to drive to work.
I noticed an orange light on my dash and saw that it was telling me that if I did not put gas in soon that I would be stranded on the side of the road. Really, what else do I need…..maybe the two barely above flat tires. I left those but did get gas in the car. It is way too cold to be having to fill up a tank. Traffic was bad but I did make it to work on time and have calmed down to a mild “don’t mess with me” level of PMS crabbiness. All I know is that I better get some Diggity Danged good brownies tonight. Or at least a massage for my poor old back.
So, have any of you ever overreacted to a bad day?