Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Princess's party and new room

So we celebrated Princess's birthday party this weekend by having her cousins over and just letting them run around and have fun until it was cake and present time. We tried to keep it really simple since Princess still has a few problems with getting overwhelmed and shy. It was a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed the wands and hair bows that I had made them and the cake turned out really well. I gave mike two options on a cake I would make a castle or a fairy and he chose the castle. It took about 10 minutes to decorate, very easy, and she loved it. She loved it even more when her daddy put cadles on top and she blew them out one at a time. Such a drama girl.

Her room is mostly done. Some things that I had thought of doing did not look right once I started putting them up so I have to start thinking of some different stuff to do with the one wall with the posters on it for now and I am waiting for some pictures to put on her little shelves. She loves the room and it is certainly a lot better than the beige little room with no decorations she had before. It is so funny to watch Beau try and teach her how to use her new hopscotch rug....she is just not quite catching on to the hopping part. Now she has a room fit for her daddy's princess.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magic Eraser

Did I mention that I am going to do a few posts on products and or services that help the busy parent? No? Well, ok here I go. So, since a bunch of my friends have either had or will have a kid very soon I thought that as an old, wise and aging mother I would share 9 years of parenting stuff that I have had to figure out along the way to keep me sane in my effort to be a rocking mom while still working 40 hours a week. Not to mention church callings. Last week I did the Bumpit (I will take a pic for those who asked) because it allows me to have styled hair in a matter of 5 minutes (which is all I have before I wake up the 3 kids and start getting them ready). Today I will be praising the wonders of the Magic eraser. Thats right, it has saved many children all over the world.

My home has been a home to 11 foster children, a niece and my own 3 kids. This means that I have had lots of artwork drawn on every wall in every home with every kind of color. I learned a few years back that God allowed some science geek somewhere to put a formula together that would keep mothers all over the world from strokes. I do not have time to have to spend hours scrubbing a wall. Heck, I don't even have enough time to brush my hair in the morning let alone do any extra cleaning during the week. However, with the magic eraser I can take care of scribbles and pictures on the wall in a matter of a few swipes. Don't get me wrong you need to have some elbow power on it but lucky me I got a lot of weight behing my arm so it works the same way as muscle (so I tell myself). If you have kids that are in the age group that tends to leave pictures all over your walls you need to invest in this product. It will save you time and anger management issues. Here is a real life story about the performance of this product.

Our last three foster children had severe mental disabilities and no matter what we did They would not stop coloring on the walls. I don't even know where the markers and crayons came from (one of them did steal from people at school so maybe that is where) because I took them all and banished them from my house. But still marks and scribbles would magically appear. I soon stopped even caring as long as it stayed in their room. Well, we now have a daughter that I am decorating a room for and I figured I did not have the desire or time to invest in cleaning the walls so I would just repaint them......until we spent the decorating budget before even getting to the paint...all of a sudden I had the time and desire to scrub the walls. Out comes a package of Magic erasers and a bowl of warm water and away I flew. Princess even comes in and asks why I am taking away her rainbows and colors...after mentally stopping the remarks that so quickly came to mind I reminded her that these were bad marks and needed to be cleaned. She then said that she loved me too (I assume she thought that cleaning her walls was an act of love) gave me a kiss and then started yelling at her little brother about how bad it is to color on the walls. Poor boy never even saw her coming. Anyways, Mike and I get all the walls clean in an hour and with the exception of a few places it looks fresh and clean. I should have taken a before and after shot of the walls to prove my point. It really is a miracle worker.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ode to the Bumpit

So I have been curious about the bumpit from the first time I saw a commercial declaring that it could make my limp boring hair amazing in a matter of minutes. You see, I have always had fine straight hair. Well, wavy to straight but finer than even baby hair. I have never been able to make my hair big and puffy like a true southern girl. Instead, I have always stayed on the safe, tired, brush and wear styles. OK, if I am being honest I don’t even brush my hair most days. I have a lot of other people to dress in the morning besides myself so my first priority is mascara not a hair brush. That is the only blessing to the straight hair. Anyways, I noticed while visiting my sister-in-law Becky that she had a really nice hairstyle that looked like she had used a bumpit so I asked. It turns out that is what she had used and she loved it. I decided to ask for one for Christmas and Becky got me one. I have now tried it twice and have loved it both times. Honestly….it really does give you a quick cute hairstyle. It stayed in my hair without slipping and Beau said that he loved my hair fixed that way because it showed off my stripes…..translated to: I like the way it shows off your new highlights. It really is worth the money if anyone asks me. But then again I also loved the topsy tail.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days!!!!

So while we were in Fayettville staying with Justen and Amber we were blessed with some snow. This is very important because, well, according to my 8 year old we have only had one day of snow in his whole life. (Lies, we have at least one snow day a year. BTW, his life is not that big of a timeline.) Anyways, we had lots of fun watching it snow and even playing in the stuff. Link and I did not make it very long since apparently we have found the one thing that he does not like, the cold. We did have a lot of fun but here are some of the great times we had.

Thursday- We arrived mid-afternoon on new years eve and were welcomed by Justen, Amber, Aria, Ed and Eli. This was a great treat because Mike and I were not expecting to see the Andruses until friday. We had fun looking around J&A's new house (such a beautiful home) and then settled in to catch up on everyones lives. The kids quickly proved that they are in fact the loudest Taggards in the world while they started playing in the kids room and the grown-ups kept chatting. Oh, I forgot we also all stayed up to ring in the new year! Yeah, this is a first for mike and I in like 4 years.....Lame, I know but we are old people.

Friday- The kids let us sleep in until about 7:30 and then in was more stories and relaxing. Amber let me test out her Chi flat iron on Princess's hair so that I could see just how long it is when it is not wound up in tight curls. Wow, not only did it change how she looked but she has a lot of hair. It went almost to her waist!!!!!!! She loved it and enjoyed flipping it around. We were also introduced to this game called Pandemic. Basically the world is going to die if you don't cure this major virus. My kind of game! In fact I made Mike go out and buy me a copy as soon as we got back to J-ville. Oh, and the world died to the pleasure of one Mr. Eddie Andrus. He was rooting for the Taggards to Fail in finding a cure to save all mankind. Well played, sir, well played. We also played some rounds of texas hold em with candy and Beau won the majority of the sweet stuff but he was kind enough to let us snack on it all weekend. Oh and Justen busted out a Music version of that game where you have to get someone to say what is on the Oh, catch phrase, thats what it is called. It was so much fun when Amber and I were smoking the guys (because we are just that good of a team) but then we split up into couples and Mike was not very good and reading my hints.....I should really teach him how to cheat. Such a great night.

Saturday- We went to the fashion bug and Amber and I got to look around and I picked up some great things at a low price...oh and Beau locked our keys in the van so we had to call a lock smith. We then went to Steak and Shake and it was so much fun. I had not been to one before and it is a great place for a family. The kids had funs with the hats and well, I had fun with the shakes. Seriously, it was yummy. We then went on a fun sight seeing trip around town and was able to get to know where some of our favorite people live. We then met up with some more Taggards and had a great evening of stories and food. Like a normal Taggard evening would go.

Sunday- This was the day of snow! Beau was so happy I was worried that he would burst. Princess was just as into it as he was too. Oh, Justen made this Banana Split Trifile thing that was great. Anyways. after some snow time and then warming up back up we hit the road to head back home. It was nice to get back and even a little funny since we brought some of the snow back with us. We only got an inch or so but still it was snow at our house.

Overall, 2010 has been a good year and I hope that it is filled with many more visits to family and friends. Maybe we will make it to Florida or Kentucky this year. Who knows where the new year will lead us.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Memories

So I have finally remembered to bring my SD card and the to also create this post. I know, I am a little late but at least it is still January! We went way overboard on christmas this year but in our defense we got some major sales and deals on most of it and santa brought the rest so we are all good. The kids had a blast opening presents at Amma and Papa's, Mommaw and Boppa's and our homes. By the time we got to christmas day the kid had the whole rip it open thing down pat. It was really funny when Link got a dino that makes noise and he threw it across the room because it scared him. ( the toy roared when he picked up the package to unwrap it) It was sooooo funny. Princess got a lot of dress up stuff and you know that suited her just fine. In fact she even puts on her tiara and makes the boys call her princess taggard. She is way too much. Beau got a lot of big boy things and only one toy this year and he was fine with that. he keeps trying to remind us that he is basically a man. As you can see both of the boys got a nerf sword and have been acting crazy ever since. Really how fun can it be to swing rubber foam around and hit people.....oh never mind.....It is fun. The kids really loved the money that they got from their Grandma Thomas, Grandma and Grandpa Rowe and Aunt Peggie. Beau knows what he is doing with his money and the two little ones keep telling me they want more bath toys and movies. I didn't realize until we had little toddlers again that all Beau's old shows were VHS and all our family DVDs are big boy shows. Mommy fail. Luckily we can fix that with a hope over to the store. We had a trip for new years to amber and justen's new house but more on that in the next post.....see how I am leaving you wanting more.....it works.