Friday, December 17, 2010

Need ideas on starting a family website or something

So the Taggards are now spread all over the place and no one seems to know what is going on with the other families. Amber and I were talking about setting up a webpage or something where everyone can post whats going on, share calendars, pictures and stuff like that. I know some of you have sites like that for your families and would like to know how do you start it and all that jazz. Any help would be great.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas time!

I am already so far behind schedule. I have yet to bake cookies or make candy and heaven knows the cards will not be sent this year. It kills me because normally at Christmas everything is on time and just right but since mike is back in school and now working more shifts I seem to be barely able to keep any kind of Christmas spirit in the house. We are going to try and make cookies tonight (depends on if I can get the kitchen cleaned) and then some candy this weekend. We are then going to deliver some of each to friends and loved ones. That should help brighten the jolly in our holly. I am just glad that I had the tree and presents all done before December hit.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PMS Hairdresser

So in a fit of PMS anger at my hair being boring I grabbed a pair of siccors from the wrapping paper box (not even hair ones) and grabbed my hair and started chopping. As I looked in the sink and say lots of hair I freaked out. It has been a day now and I actually like it. However, I will never again give myself a PMS haircut! mind you that the picture was taken at the end of a very long 8 hour day at work.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Capitol Lighting Ceremony

So we had a lot of fun this past weekend. We got the lights up on our house, finished a science fair project and even had enough time to go to the capitol lighting ceremony. The kids were so excited! We promised fireworks, lights and most of all Santa! It helped that it was actually cold outside too. It was just what we needed to really kick off the magic of the season. Here are some pics for you to enjoy!It was a little bit of a walk to the capitol but it was worth it.
Princess and her slave, I mean Daddy!

Me and Link waiting for the show.

Me and my boys! Beau is actually leaning down a bit! He is going to be a tall boy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life lessons

I learned a great life lesson the other night. I have some serious sinus issues going on so I decided to get some clariton D to help dry it up so I can move on with my life. Well, after signing over my first born and promising that I was not going to make meth with the 10 pills I was allotted ( btw, really, who only needs 10 pills!) I went home and started thinking of how much relief I would get. Something in the back of my head told me not to take the meds in the evening but to wait until morning. Did I listen? No. I took them and figured that I was already so tired that I would have no problems sleeping. Just to be safe and since the meds had not cleared me up I took some NyQuil and went to bed. I started the hunger games that night (book not diet) and expected to fall asleep while reading. A few hours later I am still awake so I decided to put the book away and try to sleep. It works, sort of, I doze on and off the rest of the night and each time dream that I am sending each of my children off to fight to the death for our district. In short I woke up still tired, cranky and a bit confused as to why the kids were still at the house when they should have been in a battle. Life lesson number 40,294,123: don't take sinus meds chased with NyQuil before bed and then read a book, you won't sleep and when you do it will be with crazy dreams.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Smoked Turkey

For a girl that is allergic to pork smoked turkey is a blessing! I loved pork, any kind of pork, until when I was a teenager I started to develope adult onset allergy to the great white meat. for the first few years it would just give me a runny nose and a little bit of an upset stomach but each year the symptoms got worse until I now can not eat it at all. Oh how I miss it! Ham is the one I miss the most. That is until my husband started smoking turkeys for me. It tastes so much like ham that I don't feel like I am missing out at all! And yes, I am typing this while eating left over smoked turkey.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Extended Family

I think it is only appropriate the day before this family filled holiday weekend to express my gratitude for my extended family. I have a lot of it between the Taggards and Rowes. Both mike and I have the best parents. We have never felt like we were not able to count on them to help, support and love us. All four of them have also accepted and loved all of our children, adopted, natural and foster. We also have several brothers and sisters in our families. Some of them are blood related, some married in and others just feel like brothers and sisters but we love them all. We both grew up in close families and it is great to see that close relationship grow and evolve as everyone grows up and starts adding to the family. We also have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins too. A bunch! We always feel accepted and loved when we go to family functions and have a great time catching up with everyone too.

Really, you guys have no idea just how much family we have and the fact that we enjoy to be around them says a lot about each and every one of them. I hope that everyone out there is as blessed as our family is and have lots of love and joy this weekend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love this website because it was created for scatterbrained people like myself that unless it shows up in my email or outlook I forget about things. I have been using this site for the past 4 years for my journal and scripture study needs. It sends me my daily scripture study in an email every day and I am reminded to get it done. It will also send "reminder" emails when you have not completed your daily reading for a few days. I have used this as a tool to help me finish the book of mormon twice in the past 6 months (for young womens) and will continue to use it as long as I continue to be to scatterbrained to remember to feed my soul daily.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The trials of motherhood.

lol, yeah, you read right. I am thankful for the trials of motherhood. I don't love them and at the time I am not even sort of thankful for them but after I have cooled down and we have moved on I can look back at them and be thankful that I been given the chance to even have them. Here are a few of the most recent ones that I am going to use as blackmail when they get older.

1. Waiting until 2 weeks before a science fair project is due to let your mom know. (beau)

2. Getting your water out of the toilet because you just could not wait for your mom to get done with the laundry. (Princess)

3. Telling the Bishops wife you hate her because she put you in timeout during nursery. (link)

4. Smearing your brothers football eye paint black stuff all over the carpet and wall. (link and princess)

5. Telling your teacher that you will have your dad spank you with the spiky side of his belt after you made a bad choice at school. (Beau, and we don't even spank him)

I could really keep going on but then you would think I was making this all up. I really am thankful for these moments because they help me know that I am a mom. I can swap battle stories with the other moms and look forward to the day when I can tell future grandkids about the stuff their parents used to do. It also gives me a chance to teach them and watch them grow and make better choices and know that I am doing my calling as a mom. I hope this didn't scare any new mom (they were the nicer of the things I could have posted) because even when you have to lock yourself in the bathroom and are trying to remember why you even wanted kids in the first place it passes and you take care of the trial and file it in your brain for later use and entertainment.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My nieces and nephews

In honor of the way early morning addition to the Taggard family I want to express my gratitude for all of my nieces and nephews. I have seventeen nieces and nephews currently some by blood and others by friendships that transcend even family. I love them all very much and enjoy being able to visit with them. Some of them I only get to see a few times a year and others I get to see weekly but I love and miss them all. I love being able to see my kids play and form relationships with their cousins and remember my own experiences from years gone by. We are a close knit family on both sides and I would not have it another way, we know we belong to a big group of crazy southern people and it may be wild sometimes but we are always well fed and laughing!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am thankful for imagination. I have a lot of this and find it interesting that my husband has none and passed that down to my oldest child. Lucky for me I have two other kids that seem to have as much as I do. I know I am an old lady but I still think it is fun to look at the woods and imagine the creatures that might be lurking or walk on a foggy path and hear the zombies stalking me. I love to look at the clouds and picture a wondrous place that I could just chill out in and relax. When I read a book I can wrap myself into the world that is written on the page and feel like I am right there. My husband and oldest son laugh at me and will sometimes try to see things the way I do but I know they don't see it.

I also am thankful for the magic in a child's heart. My kids saw a picture of Santa this morning and Princess told me that she wanted him to come live with us and to sleep in our Christmas tree. I love watching my kids get excited about holidays, birthdays or new toys. The innocence that they still have and the joy that they get from things that have long since faded from an adults heart is amazing. I think this is our last year of Beau still believing but I won't tell him and as long as he tells me he still believes Santa, Easter bunny and all other magical commercial people will continue to visit my house.

Monday, November 15, 2010

weekends and days off

Today I am thankful for weekends and days off from work. I love what I do but as a working mom that also serves in a very time consuming calling at church I really like those days that I am off work and can stuff done around the house. Being able to tackle the mountain of laundry, force the kids to clean their rooms, deep clean the things that I can only quick pass on during the week. I use the fly lady method when I have time but I found that it is better for stay at home moms or working people without kids. Or at least without 3 kids, sports, graduate school husbands, church callings and a ton of other things. I now use a modified version of the method to keep my house passable mon-fri and then really clean it on sat. It also helps that I have a great husband that does a lot of the house stuff during the week and have a son that is old enough to do more intensive chores for a price.

I love the extra time I get with my family on these days too. This weekend did not count since I was gone all day on saturday but I at least had sunday with them. Getting to snuggle up with Mike while sipping hot chocolate and catching up on our DVR or getting to play a game with the kids or look at toy catalogs for christmas are some of my favorite things. I don't even get online during the weekend to blog or do anything that is not easily done from my iphone. Those are my free days and I am very stingy about how I use them. Hopefully this weekend will be traveling to see my newest nephew!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Facebook and email

I am a crappy friend when it comes to correspondence. I am just not very good at keeping up with friends and family in the old time traditional way. However, since the creation of social networking, blogs and email I am slightly better at this wonderful skill. I am reminded daily of birthdays and can send off quick emails to people without finding time to locate paper, envelopes and stamps. I love this. It has made my life so easy and informed. I am grateful for the little insights into my friends and families lives through FB posts and feel like even if they live far away that I am still a part of their life. I also use Facebook for my calling in church. I am the Young Womens president and it is a great help being friends with each of the young women on facebook. This allows me to see what is going on when they are not at church and even make comments (in private) if I notice something that is not good or that shows that they are not happy. I am also grateful for blogs. Not only do they entertain me but I feel like I get to know my friends and people that I never would have met in real life through their blog posts. I find people that are like me in interests, faith, Family and so on that I can relate to and enjoy. I love our fast pace computer world and that is what I am thankful for today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch

I am so thankful for this option! I love not having to buy movies or tv shows for our family because we can watch them anytime with our netflix instant watch feature on the Blue ray player or our iphones. I have been able to expose my kids to old school favs from back in the 80's (fraggle rock, anyone?) and have been able to widen my knowledge of geeky shows too (thanks, mike!). As a mother of 3 that doesn't have a lot of money to burn this is a blessing. Mike and I will have date nights in the house and Beau will "babysit" the little ones in the playroom and we can still have a dinner and a movie without paying a sitter or 15 bucks for a movie ticket. I also love redbox!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Choco Latte machine!

So this is the machine I was talking about yesterday. On the suggestion of our dear friend Aria we bought and fell in love with this machine. We use it several times a week and it is handy to have for parties, church activities and just to have running on a cold evening of family fun. Our kids get really excited when we bust it out in october and do not put it away until spring. We use it that much. We use it for Hot Chocolate or will just run water in it for people to decide on what they want like herbal tea, hot chocolate or Pero (a barley drink). If you have a love of warm beverages on a chilly night I would suggest this small appliance. I got mine on amazon but my mom found one at a yard sale and paid 5 bucks! Either way it is a steal. BTW, Kara, I am a bit of a hot chocolate snob and use creamers, flavorings and various types of hot cocoa depending on the evening. We usually use swiss miss (buy it in a huge can at sam's) but I also have some ghiradelli mix that is really rich. I love to mix creamers in mine and find that Belgian Toffee is my favorite as well as flavoring syrups you can find in the coffee aisle. Aria likes to make steamers with hers, I did not like them but some people do, it is hot milk with flavoring in it. This is my thankful thing today.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Really I just can not say it enough.... I love fall. Today I am most grateful for the magic that fall brings into our home. When the weather cools and the leaves turn you can almost feel the excitement in our home building. Preparing for Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas, going to the state fair and all kinds of fun things are what make it so fun. We love to put on the hot chocolate machine and snuggle in as a family. It truly is the best season of the year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Children

yes, even when I am yelling at them to clean up the toys I am still thankful for them. I love my kids and heaven knows I have fought hard to get them. I guess I can say that all three of my forever children are miracles. I wasn't supposed to be able to have children but ended up pregnant a few months after our wedding and the 10 years later adopted our other two children. I am not the best mom out there, my kids are always into something, my house is a mess and I work along with having a busy calling for my church but I do love my kids. I give them what they need most in the world, love and the gospel. I am thankful for the lessons they teach me and the snotty kisses they give. I am also thankful that the Lord trusts me with three of his sheep. It is a huge responsibility but I am willing to work with him to insure that his little ones know his word. Sometimes they are the ones reminding me about what is important. I love all three of them and can't wait to see how they grow up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh my man I love him so.......

I love that song! Funny Girl for those of you who are not familiar with your Barbara! Today I am going to talk about my husband, Michael Taggard. You might know him as the greatest man in the world or as the sexiest thing that God created or as the most perfect eternal partner for me. Any and all of the above describe him perfectly. I know it seems cheesy but we really are a great match. We don't have much in common and we are complete opposites in quite a bit but we seem to fit together like a puzzle. We curve and move around each other just enough to fit perfectly. Mike is your classic Knight in shining armor and the role suits him well. He is ready to answer a damsels call and is protective of his wife. He also does most of the cooking, cleaning and child care in our home. This is mostly because his schedule is better suited for it but it is also because he really enjoys it. I have never felt like he babysits the kids for me like I have heard other wives say when their husbands are watching the kids and I am a little envious that he is a better househusband than I am a wife. I always joke with him about how romantic he is too. I know, most women would kill to have a romantic husband but I am not a romantic and feel bad about that. We have been together for 12 years and married for 10, we have parented a dozen kids through our own and fostering and yet when he walks into a room, catches my eye and winks I still turn red and giggle like that 18 year old girl he met in church all those years ago. He keeps our love young and fresh and I would not trade that for anything. If you know Mike then you know that he doesn't half do anything and when he fell in love with me it was the best thing and blessing that the Lord could have given me. Today, my thankful moment is dedicated to the man that tamed this feminazi shrew. I love you, Michael Taggard and I hope you know that even though 99% of the time I am right, you were right when you waged war on my heart and won me over.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful November

So I have noticed this on a lot of Facebook and blogs and have decided that as usual I will be a little late on the fad and listing everyday something that I am thankful for in my life.

I am most thankful for my church. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it has made me the woman I am today. Most of all I am thankful for the prophet of our church. Pres. Monson gave a talk during the last conference where he spoke about being grateful and I remember my 9 year old looking at me and saying that it must be important if the prophet tells us to do it. It also made me a little sad that we as people have apparently forgotten what it means to be grateful and to thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings in our life and that we had to be reminded by his prophet. It was something that I vowed to make an effort to be better at. I am so thankful for the guidance that God sends us and for his love, support and blessings. He has never left me to fail and has always been there when I needed him and even when I thought I didn't. This is a great way for me to work on the virtue of thankfulness and I am choosing to start with God.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bragging is a mom's favorite thing

I had Beau's PTC last night and it as usual went great. That is usually what happens at these things. The teacher tells me that I have a special son and that he is great but this teacher did something different. He told me that Beau tested advanced of the advanced and as a fourth grader has the reading skills of a seventh grader and math not too far behind that. He also brought up his logic and thinking skills as being great too. This is normal for B and so I was expecting to hear what usually comes next....... That they don't really know what to do with him at this point. B's teacher did no such thing. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that he is going to push B into being even better and continue to expect great things from him. He then proceeded to tell me how he was going to do this and that he will not let B slide by on his current level!!!!!! I was shocked. Where have teachers like him been for the past 6 years! Since his 3 year old pre K class I have been wishing and praying for a teacher that know that B is advanced but wouldn't let him use that alone. Is it possible for me to get this teacher to follow B through out the rest of his education? He said that B can read 144 words a minute without error now but he wants him at 200 by the end of the year which is 100 over what it needs to be at. I am just really impressed and excited for B at this point. He also commented on how he noticed that if he had to discipline or get onto B in public that he could see him over internalizing it and so he said that he has adjusted how he handles him so that he doesn't get worked up or if he does he has a little time to process things. He did mention that B is still making paper airplanes when he gets bored but he handles that by getting him on task with something to keep him focused. Really, this guy is just one of those teachers that love educating!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rowe Family Reunion

My dad comes from a large family. Well, unless you are a Taggard then it is a normal size family. I have tons of cousins and dozens of aunts and uncles on that side. The last time I was able to visit with this Kentucky family was when Beau was about 4 years old. Facebook makes the timespan not quiet as long since I am able to keep up with everyone and know what is going on with them. However there is just something different about getting to hug them and see them face to face. Not to mention watching your kids play the same games that you did at that age. It was so much fun. Of course everyone fell in love with all three of my kids and a few even threatened to kidnap them and keep them forever. My dad looked so happy around his family and it makes me sad for the day when mike and I might have to move off and not be able to visit as often with our families. We are already having issues with Justen and Amber being 3 hours away!

We were excited since this was our first big family trip. We packed lots of snack, games, movies, coloring books and toys just for the ride up. When you have three kids and two of them are below the age of five it is hard to keep them happy but we put in a two hour break at a mall in the middle of the drive and all went well. The kids had a lot of fun at the mall too. Beau and Link hung out in the Arcade and Princess LOVED Claire's and even suckered us into some new earrings. I think she would have taken the whole store if she could have. We also listened to a book on tape that Beau had picked out and I got into it so much that I am still listening to it on my commute to work.

Once we got to the resort we unpacked in our cabin and started making the rounds. I think I was hugged more that day than in the past year! The kids, of course, found the playground and preceded to be covered in dirt for the next 3 days. Link, being himself, proved within 10 minutes that he does indeed bounce as he fell off the monkey bars ( He had been told to stay off) and bonked his head. The KY family freaked a bit but by the end of the day no one batted an eye when he fell, jumped, crashed or tripped. He is just my little boy and will probably run me into debt with ER bills.

Over the next 3 days we played boardgames, talked and ate. There was so much food it was not even funny. Mike and the kids filled up on desserts, sandwiches and all kids of snacks. We had fun introducing people to the games Zombies and Pandemic. No, Aria, we have still not saved the world! We also got ribbed a bit when the hogs lost to Bama. We sat around a fire and made smores with the kids and just had a bunch of fun. We are hoping that this becomes a yearly thing. Plus I got some tips for planing the Taggard reunion.

Friday, September 17, 2010

When will summer end!

I have finally realized that I am just going to be sunburned until football season is over. Summer has decided to be rude and ignore the hints that I have been giving that it is time to move along so that Fall can come over and party. I am quite upset about this. I am very fair skinned and even freckled so I happen to get sunburned at the very thought of the sun. I say this because I am tired of going to football games and sweating and burning every saturday. Really, I get angry when I think about all the pictures of football games that are in ads and stuff that shows the football watchers all bundled up and sipping hot cocoa. Angry I tell you! What makes it even worse is that I am sitting under umbrellas and awnings and stuff and yet I still end up looking like a church going lobster on sunday mornings. Oh well, soon enough I will be complaining about how cold it is and how I am blue.

So far this month things are going great. We are having fun getting into the new routine have already bought our fall decorations. (we really like fall) Beau has decided to be his much loved charlie brown and wants Link to be his snoopy. I have been dreading making that costume but lucky me Target sells them. Now to just make charlie brown (much easier). Princess has still not decided and I know she will pick out about 20 different things to be and I will have to make the choice. That girl loves to dress up. Mike and I have still not decided on costumes.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog loser

So now that I have proven myself to be blog posting loser I will now catch everyone up on the news of our Taggard clan.

Chicken Pox- Link and I did in fact survive the chicken pox and no one else fell to this itchy virus. There was a moment when we thought Beau had it but it turned out to be a spider bite that got way infected and had to take meds to heal. I healed up faster than link (cause you know I have super powers) and my mom had the pleasure of watching him for a few days and quickly learned just how hyper and energetic our little toddler can be. Hopefully, this will not be a returning illness to our house. Not fun.

Youth Conference- I took the youth of our church to a youth conference for three days to meet with others that are their age and of the same faith. We had great speakers and a lot of fun. However, I discovered that I am too old for late nights and constant movement. I was so sore and tired by the time we went home that I thought about just staying in bed for a week. All of the young women were great and I really did have fun and was able to get to know my fiend that went with me a little more.

Football- Yeah, that is right. Beau is in football. Practice is a lot and it was like 116 degree during his 3 hour practices in august. It was horrible!!!!!! He was doing great until they had a full pads and full contact day. They lined the kids up in what is call Blood Alley and the dads and coaches lined up to make the alley and they made the kids one on one tackle each other for 3 hours. No introduction to hitting or anything like that. And to make it worse the yelling and aggression from the adult males was not good. Beau had a lot of issues with this and when we came home he went to his bedroom. I thought he was playing a video game and was surprised when a about 15 minutes later he came back up front crying and told me that he had been praying to see if it was ok to hit other people and if he should stay in football. We then talked about how it is a game and all that jazz and then called his Uncle Justen who talked to him. Justen and his wife ended up coming down to watch his next practice and He worked a bit with Beau on everything and it made a huge difference. After the next practice he came home telling me that it didn't hurt him to be knocked over so it shouldn't hurt the others and that it was fun. Now that the heat wave is leaving I might just start enjoying the games.

Canning Chicken- Since Mike is going to grad school I am going to be cooking more and with our schedule these need to be fast meals. I spent the second weekend of August canning chicken so that I would have home cooked chicken ready in a moments notice. We have been using it and it is good. Not the same as fresh cooked but still pretty good and handy to have too. Now we are going to try hamburger meat for our next adventure.....any advice?

School Started- 4 out of 5 Taggards started school this month. Link is in a 2-3 year old preschool class, Princess is in 4 year old pre-k, Beau is in the 4th grade and Mike is starting his masters. Me, well, I am still in the school of hard knocks and mommy 101. LOL! It was fun for the kids to help Dad buy his school stuff and everyone had fun picking out back packs, notebooks and new clothes. I had fun until we paid. Holy crap that was a lot of money! Beau and Chase went off to school with no problems but Princess was another story. She was starting a new school and after a summer of amma's house she was out of the habit of going to school. She was so scared and sad and it made me tear up a bit when we had to say goodbye. I guess you never get over that feeling as a mom of needing to protect. Her dad said that when he picked her up she was all smiles and giggles. She now loves her school. Beau has already been in a puppet show and his teacher keeps a class blog with pics to keep parents updated on the class. I love it.

Potty Training- We have started training Link and it is a slow process. In my opinion he is not even ready but the school said that he needs to start. He doesn't even care if he is wet or dirty and I am having issues with it. All of the other kids I have potty trained were ready and not almost 3. I don't know why he is taking his time but I am so ready to be done with diapers. SO READY! I looked back and I realized that I have been changing diapers for almost a decade. That is long enough. I just hope he starts to realize what to do on the potty besides sing songs and smile. It will happen I just need to be calm and wait.

That is all the highlights of the past month in our house and can I just say that I am ready for Fall. I am done with summer and can't wait until I can snuggle up with a blanket and listen to the storms bringing in the cooler weather. Ahhhhhh bliss.


Monday, July 19, 2010

A pox on our house.....

Wow, what a week I had! It started with a great sunday and then a wonderful Monday morning but then (and I should have known something was up when I heard the jaws theme) the phone rang. Link's school nurse wanted to let me know that the chicken pox was running rampant through the school and that my child had several questionable spots on his body. I (being dumb) assumed that they were bug bites from being in the yard the day before and told the nurse that. I mean what kind of mom sends her youngest child to school with chicken pox. I am much more observant than that and could not imagine something that big slipping past me. The nurse gave me a list of things to check for that night just in case. I called mike and joking, I mean, seriously explained the situation and asked him to keep an eye on him.
I get home from work and decided to check Link out and after stripping him down am amazed at the polka dotted mess that was on his body. I mentally checked the list that the nurse told me to look for and he had every single thing. The dots, blisters, red poor little boy! Mike and I marked every spot before sending him to bed and put my mom on red alert that she was going to need to watch a poxy boy. I woke up on tuesday morning and went to check on him before my shower. He had several new spots (clever marking helped) Dang!!!! I then started getting ready for work as I was dressing I noticed a few new spots on me.....and those spots were blistered....and they itched.....and they ruined my day. I called in to work, called the school and the school nurse, called my mom ( mostly to complain) called the doctor and then went back to sleep. We went to the doctor and he confirmed that we both had chicken pox and would be contagious until at least one day after the final outbreak and all of the pox had crusted over. Great, what a wonderful thing to look forward to.
The rest of the week passed in a pink calomine, daytime tv, hyper toddler infused week. I did get to spend a lot of time with the kids and that was fun but the rest was not. My mom came and picked up the non poxy older kids and took them swimming and to the movies to get them out of the house a bit and I have to say I was jealous. I was also mad everytime my husband got to leave to go to work, or the store or heck even to play outside in the heat without itching. I was very lucky that I did not get a very big case just one outbreak but my muscles, skin, head and everything was sore, itchy and tired. Link, Much bigger case, was spotty but hyper as a puppy. I guess that is why it is a childhood virus and not an old person virus.
I am back too work now and so happy to be in the world again. Link is still home with the pox since he keeps having outbreaks and I guess I am the type of person to leave a man down because I was so ready to escape that prison and find my way to freedom. My punishment is that my healing pox do still itch and it is much harder to scratch at work than on my couch.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Movies

So every summer our family watches two of the summers blockbusters. Mike and I watch one for us and then we let the kids pick one for the family. Even though we love movies the reason we only see two in the "Big" theater are in threefold.

1. Movie tickets are like a bazillion dollars
2. We have 5 people in our family
3. We are way too broke to pay the man our paycheck just to see a two hour long movie.

That being said we do see a lot of movies when they make it to the dollar theater or we catch them on redbox, netflix or if we love the movie we buy it. Anyways, now that I am done complaining about the price of a movie ticket I will proceed with the original purpose of this post. As I was saying, we love movies. Like really love movies. Every january we get the list of the hundreds of movies that are releasing during the year and highlight them based on who in the family would like it. We then look at those and decide which ones we will see in the "Big" theater, Dollar Theater or see in our home theater (living room). This really is fun to do and it is amazing to see just how many movies are put out each year. We usually go and see the Mike and Desi movie on my birthday this is because my birthday always falls around the Big summer blockbuster opening weekend. Mike and I started this tradition almost 12 years ago with the movie "The Mummy" and it has remained a vital part of my birthday. Not the staring brendan fraiser although I could do that all day but the opening of the summer season part. We have so much fun going out and discussing which ever movie we happen to go and see. Now I am not saying mike and I don't go see anymore during the year but we really do usually wait until it is at the dollar theater or redbox because it is expensive and after adding on the price of a babysitter for 3 kids it becomes even more costly. I do not mind this one bit because as I get old, I mean wiser, I find that I actually like watching the movie in my own home. I can pause it, I don't have to hide in shame when I scream out in fear during a kids movie and I can snuggle up next to the best man in the world without wondering if my oldest son is going to puke in protest. All very good arguments to viewing a movie at home.
I find it very odd that I started this post with the purpose of reviewing the movies that we have seen so far this summer and have instead with lots of details explained how our family watches a movie. I apologize now but as I have a summer cold and am currently under the influence of several meds I can not be held accountable for the content of this post. I will however promise to post again when I am a little more sober about the three movies (we had sneak peek passes for Dispicable Me so it was free) that we have seen so far.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that stay with you

When I was really young, like 10 or so, I heard one of those friend of a friend has a cousin type of stories and it has traumatized me from the moment it reached my ears. In fact I am pretty sure that I blacked out from fear during the story. Here it is just for your reading.
I have this friend that has a friend that has a cousin that had a very scary ride home from work one night. She worked late that night and it was very dark when she got to her car. She quickly got in and started home. She noticed a car that was following her very closely and he was flashing his lights and screaming at her. She thought at first that he wanted to her to speed up so she motioned for him to pass. He didn’t move from right behind her car. He would back up just a bit and then very quickly speed up and get within inches of her car. She started getting very worried that he was trying to run her off the road and started to speed up. The faster she went the faster he went and he continued to flash lights at her and scream. She glanced ahead and was grateful to see her parent’s house down the block and when she got to it she pulled up into the yard and right up to the front door. She jumped out of the car and ran calling for help and crying. The driver of the car jumped out as well and instead of running after her he went right to her car and blocked all of the doors of the car. Little did the girl know but the crazy driver had saved her life. When he had pulled up behind her he had seen the silhouette of a man with a knife sitting up and preparing to stab the girl. When the driver sped up and flashed his lights the man would dive back down behind the seats and this pattern continued for the entire ride. When the police arrived they confirmed that the man in the girl’s backseat was a serial killer that preyed on young women by hiding in the back of the car and waiting until the right moment to kill!
So, yeah cheesy I know but I have never forgotten that story. To this day I check the car before I get in and even then if someone is driving really close to me my first thought is that someone is in the backseat trying to kill me. I know, the reason is more likely to be that I drive 10 miles below the speed limit but I am a very imaginative person and not very logical. It doesn’t help that my first car was a little Ford Festiva that had a hatch in the back. Oh, and that I knew for a fact that a person could fit in there. (Actually if you are really creative 10 people could fit in that tiny car) When I was in High School I worked at a Wendy’s and would get off work really late. The first thing I would do when I got in my car was to throw something in the back and listen for someone to cry out in pain. Wow, As I am writing this I can now see why my husband thinks I have issues!!!!! Well, those issues will keep me from being stabbed in the middle of the night. BTW, this is why he drives the minivan at night. Too many hiding places!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well Child Appointments

So this is the week of well child appointments. Well, 2 well childs and 1 meet the new dr. Lucky for us my most wonderful husband is off work in the afternoons and is able to take the kids. Lucky for him is super planning wife made him a very detailed list of things to cover with the Dr for each of the appointments. LOL, poor man. I am glad that we do these things at least once a year because this time we found some things out on the oldest one. Our younger two have appointments today.

Yesterday I woke Beau up and told him about his appointment later in the day and assured him that he would not need any shots since he was up to date on them. He seemed to be ok with the appointment after that. Mike calls me and lets me know that B probably has psoriasis on his arms and will need to go see a dermatologist. Well, that was great it explained the weird stuff on his arms. Then mike told me that they were drawing blood and running tests....(crap, now he will never trust me again). I get a call a few hours later from the nurse asking to speak to Beaus mom and to let me know that he seems to have low iron in his bones and that he now needs to be taking iron everyday and that they would check him again at a later date to see if that is taking care of the problem. At that moment I realized that even if he will never trust me again that I am grateful that he has such a great and helpful doctor that checks everything. I know nothing we discovered yesterday was serious but it makes this mom feel better knowing that even the little things can be found and taken care of before they do become bad.

Princess and Link are later today. We have officially changed their doctors to ones closer to home and that their old foster parents do not still use. This will also make it much easier to take the kids to appointments since it is close to their schools and home. We got the new SSN cards in the mail and now the kids are officially name changed and we could not be happier. Their was always the chance that someone could track them down with the old info and now they have complete new identities. Now, I think princess does have to have shots today but I bet a little swimming at Amma's house would get rid of any hurt and pain that they give her.

Just a reminder to all the moms and dads out there to keep your kids medical check ups current and up to date. You never know what might show up and as I learned from the great GI Joe.........Knowing is half the battle!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is it about kids once they get to about 9?

So honestly I am very confused. I have started noticing a little trend from my oldest son. He is in the third grade and still begs for Mike and I to come to things at school with and for him. We do not mind this in the least in fact I love seeing my kids in their school side. That is until Beau started his latest way to express himself. I don't know what it is but he is so excited that we are coming to something at his school until we show up and then he acts....well...... like he could care less. I have noticed it a few times this year and just thought that maybe it was something else but it was real noticable today when I drove him to school the whole time listening to him talk about how he loved me for taking off work to see him get some awards and that I needed to make sure and come by his class to see some of his work and he would not stop talking and then we walked into the school and all of a sudden he is like 5 feet away and no longer talking. Is it just me or should boys continue to show their love for the most wonderful woman in their life until they die? Is that really too much to ask? To put away the macho man pride and hug or for heavens sakes at least smile at your mom in front of other guys...........It is going to be a long 10 years until he is no longer embarassed by me. It really is funny for those of you who know him and how lovey he is normally. I guess he just pulls the big boy pants out for school. At least the youngest son still loves me!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Not only is it a great song but it is also a great time of year. The kids are getting really excited about school ending and getting to be at their grandmothers house all day. ( a summer of being spoiled I guess makes anyone happy) I am getting excited that Baseball season is almost over and my little garden is starting to produce veggies. We are hoping to make and can our own pasta sauce and salsa this year. I have been checking the plants everyday for growth and weeds and hope that they will repay me for my kindness by creating lots of food for me to eat!!!!!!! I am hoping that we get a chance for a mini vacation and some down time with the kids over the next two months. I honestly need it. Well, on with the seasonal updates.

Beau: Has ended the third grade wonderfully. He did really well in chess club and earn lots of medals. He is also waiting to hear how his light pollution science project did at the fair. Right now he is trying to teach himself how to do yoyo tricks and stands in front of me swinging that thing around. I have managed to not get a black eye but you know it will happen. He is doing great as the third baseman on his team and is looking forward to more golf time. He is also proving to be so helpful with the little ones and with doing simple chores......I guess that means he needs to start getting an allowance.

Princess: It is amazing how much more vocal this girl is becoming everyday. She is still shy in public but in the house she is a motor mouth. It just keeps going and going. Now I know how everyone else in the world feels when they are around me. She has also progressed so well in Pre-K and has been accepted into the local pre-K program in town for next year. This one has no uniforms so I am excited about not having to keep white polos white. She is going to be starting a week long swimming class and then her Amma will be helping her all summer with swimming. Maybe she is taking the princess and the frog thing too far.

Link- Oh man, this boy is wearing me out. Literally. He does not have a walk button only a run and jump one. He is using more and more words each week and is even starting to sing the ABC and Twinkle Twinkle Songs. He still worships his big brother, so much so that when B is not using the yoyo Link has it and flings it around at me. It is so cute!!!!! He is starting to become more aware when he is stinky and we are hoping that this is a sign that he will be ready to start potty training in a few weeks or months. I am so over diapers. It has been 9 years of changings!!!!!!!!!

Mike- Is still getting things ready to start graduate school in the fall and he is still rocking it as a producer of the morning show on KARN. He is still having some problems with his leg but we are hoping to make through this year without an ICU trip. Heaven knows we are still paying for the last one. Oh and he is still the perfect man for this woman!

Me- I am now 30. It is not fun and I am not happy about it but with a family like mine it can only mean that I am going to love the next 10 years. Now that my kids are getting older I am starting to realize that I have zero hobbies or pasttimes besides reading that do not involve my kids in some way. I craft but on projects for the kids, I bake but for the kids, I do lots of things but for the kids. I have come to realize that I like it that way. Mike still spoils me rotten and "forces" me to break out of routines and try new things for myself and that makes me love him even more. Really, I am one blessed woman.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still figuring things out

So, I was sitting in the park watching princess and link playing and started to think about the past year of our lives and how things have turn out for us. Our adoption had a lot of drama involved that stretched it out but it is over and done with and we cannot be hurt by it anymore. As I was watching them climb the ladder to the slide I remembered the first meeting we had as a family. We checked Beau out of school early to meet his new brother and sister and mike and I were so nervous. We decided to have a play date at the park by our house so that if something happened we would be close to home. Mike and I had already met Princess one time before but due to the previously mentioned drama had yet to meet link. He was the one I was most worried about because of his “health issues” I say this while rolling my eyes because there was nothing wrong with him. Ever. I remember how it felt, how emotional it was to see all of my kids together. I had dreamed of this moment for over 5 years, dreamed of the moment that I would meet my missing children and welcome them to our little family. But you have heard all this before so let me move on. So there they are playing and of course arguing over who gets to slide first and I realize how lucky we are. We adopted foster children from the state and when you are preparing to adopt from the state you are taught to prepare yourself for some really serious things and behaviors. We knew we would not have a bunch of stuff because our kids were still really young and had “luckily” been put into the states custody while really young. However, we still had things to deal with such as trust issues, adjustment, healing and other things too. I don’t know if it is the 3 years of foster parenting or having had beau at a young age or our faith that has made this so easy and seemingly painless.
To look at us as a family you would probably never know that we have only known each other for a year or that two of the children had been in foster care for the beginning of their lives. That is why every once in awhile I get knocked in the side of the head. Sometimes when I am frustrated by the fact that princess or link have still not learned not to do this or that I have to remember that they have only been learning discipline and structure for a year and if we had been their parents from birth it would be a little better. Who knows Link would probably still be a crazy little ape child. When I meet with developmental therapists for the kids I have to bury down the anger that I have that my kids will have to deal with the effects of the actions of a woman that they will never know. When I look at family history I have to acknowledge that one day my kids will want to meet that woman and I will need to be there for them during that search and then stand by and hope that they remember my love. I am also shocked a bit at how princess still worries about us disappearing. If her dad has to work a double she asks where her daddy is and if he is still going to come home or asks if we are still mommy and daddy. Or how she still has a fear of groups and people that look a certain way. I know that this will get better with time but it does not stop my heart from stopping just for a moment and breaking for this young girl that has lived through a hell for most of her life. One day, I will look back on all this the same way I look back on the adoption drama and know that it is in the past and cannot hurt them anymore but for now I am still figuring things out. I try not to show it to others but there are still days when I just pray and hope that my love will be able to cure them forever.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother’s Day!

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy mother’s day. I hope that all of you had a great Sunday. Several of my friends and family had their very first mother’s day this year and I am so excited for them! Me, this is my 9th Mother’s day and I still find it fun and here is why.

5:30am: Beau sneaks into my room and wakes me up to give me two dry pieces of toast with a smile, wink and a kiss to sweeten the deal. He then snuck back out to play video games.

6:15am: Beau sneaks back in to ask me if he can make breakfast for the younger ones and put on a movie so that I can sleep a little longer.

7:00am: Alarm goes off telling me it is time to get ready for church. I also eat the dry toast so that Beau knows that it was a wonderful gift.

9:00am: Actually made it to church on time.

9:15am: Accidently hit Beau in the head with a tray and then Link decides to spray me with his water. All the while my husband is laughing so hard that the people in the pews around us are looking at my family like we are crazy.

I could keep going on but anyone that knows my kids or my husband or even me knows that we had a great time together. My kids kept the fighting down to a bare minimum. My husband made a great steak dinner. My oldest son made sure I got lots of ice cream and the younger two said that my kisses were what they love the most about me. 10 years ago I was under the impression that I would never be a mother because of fertility problems little did I know that I would in fact be a mother to many. I have 3 children of my own and have fostered 12 children that will always have a small part of my heart. I wished my kids a happy kids day right before bed and when Beau looked at me I reminded him that without my kids I would not be celebrating Mother’s day at all. I love my kids and I love being a mother. I might not be your typical mom but I don’t think I have messed things up too bad. I guess we will see when my kids are grown and telling their kids what it was like to have me for a mom.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update since I realized that I have not posted anything since the adoption. We have been doing great in our little family. We got the garden in and it looks great. We have also been spending a lot of time at the ball field cheering for Beau. He is a pretty strong player and it is funny to see that he is one of the biggest kids on the team. He is just growing way to fast for his old mom. I finally finished Princess's sealing dress and we will be going to the temple this weekend. We are all very excited. Oh, and I get my first crown tomorrow. I am very nervious and do not really like to go to the dentist. He called in a seditive for me to take before I go in so hopefully I will not be crazy. I will post pics from the temple when I get back next week. BTW, I turn 30 on monday and am not excited so have decided to lock myself up for the entire day and pretend that it never happened.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Taggard Five

What a time I have had this week. Link was really sick (104 fever) and we finalized on our adoption. Thats right we are done. Well, with this round. Our family is legal and there is only one last name attached to our childrens names. It is slowly sinking in, like when I did not have to call our case worker to report that Link was sick. Overall I am still a bit shocked. I know it makese no since because we have been working on this for a year now but somehow it is still a little hard to believe that they are mine free and clear for eternity. Here are some pictures of our big day.

As you can see Princess still has a fear of the courthouse and all DHHS Employees. She will not smile around them and will not let go of us. I was still a bit shell shocked at this moment and was hoping that it was not a dream that the judge ruled that we were the best parents for our little ones. Yes, I cried the entire time. I could not help it.

Here we are right after the hearing. For some reason the flash on our camera decided to not flash so it is a bit dark. The judge is on the left and was so great about letting us take pictures and seemed to really be happy about joining our family together. My parents and our great friend Thomas came to support us during the hearing.

Here we are outside of the courthouse just after the adoption hearing. Princess was finally getting out of her (i see a caseworker so I am not happy) mood and was starting to smile. During the hearing Mike and I were both asked why we wanted to be joined with the children and our answers were the same..... Because they are our children and we love them. Anyone that has met our family can see that we have known each other much longer than a year. Our spirits have known each other much, much longer.... we just had to find each other.I wanted to get a picture of my parents with their new grandkids. I hope that the kids will be able to look back and see how special of a day it was for us and know that we all wanted to be together. Oh, and I hope Link forgets about the cut on his forehead that I could not cover up with makeup because of the Glue stuff they used in the ER.

So, this closes one chapter in the Taggard Clan's book of finding our forever family now it is on to the next chapter. I just hope this one does not take the four years the last one did.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Conversations with children

As a mom I have learned over the years that some of your funniest, saddiest, most stress reducing and even stress producing conversations are those that you have with your children. They can make me laugh, cry, think, be angry, feel loved and even wonder if I am sane but they are always experiences that I would never give up. Well, in the past 24 hours I have had 3 such conversations that have made me think that I am the luckiest mother in the world. I am going to share them with you by age of the child.

2 year old- Link

Upon finding my two year old once again covered in marker from head to toe but only on his right side this morning.

Me: Link, where did you find a marker?!?!?!?! (in a much louder tone than I intended)
Link: Mark!
Me: Are you allowed to draw on yourself?
Link: (shakes head no)
Me: Do you get in trouble when you draw on yourself?
Link: (nods head yes and then gets this sad little look on his face)
Me: Then why do you do it?
Link: Mark!!!!! (then he smiles his "I can get out of this smile")
Me: That won't work
Link: luvu (puckers up)
Me: That either! But at least I finally have a left handed kid!!!!!!

Really, I think this whole body art thing is going to drive me up a wall or crazy before he grows out of it. I don't even know where the markers are coming from. Maybe he eats them at school and they come out at night. No idea.

4 year old- Princess

We are working on her learning her new full name for the adoption next week and this conversation will also prove that she is my daughter by the way she just randomly changes the topic.

Me: Hey (name) do you want to be a Taggard?
P- no!
Me: (shocked and a little worried) Why not?
P- I want to be princess taggard!
Me: I love you and you are a princess!
P- I love you too, I love jesus too
Me: oh yeah? Thats great!
P- Yeah he live over there (points to the house across the street)
Me: Jesus lives next door?
P- yup
Me: ok

Now I know what next weeks FHE will be on

8 Year old- Beau

Beau- (running down the hallway) We have to wear blue today for optimus day!!!!
Me- what? and I am already wearing blue!
B- yeah, the people on the news said that we had to wear blue for optimus day
me- rewind it and pause and I will come and see what you are talking about
B- do blue jeans count?
Me- sure, (turns back on the news and sees that today is autisim day) B, Today is Autism day do you know what that means?
B- no but we need to wear blue for it
Me- Autism is a disability for people. Do you remember your friend (Name) he was austistic.
B- Theres a girl in the second grade that is autistic and I make sure she gets to play.
Me- your so sweet I love my baby boys
B- mom, I am not a baby
Me- sorry.

Beau is alway really good at including everyone in his Friend circle and I have no concerns of him ever being mean on purpose to anyone of disability. Also, we now know that today is National autism day and are wearing blue.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a new roof

so we have a new roof. it took a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of very nice people but we got it done. For those who were not here let me fill you in on our little adventure.

Mike and I needed a new roof. We were told when we baught the house that we would need one within a few years but that is what you get with foreclosures. We were also told by our inspector and another contractor that since the roof was not leaking and it only had the one layer that we could do a cover over for a much cheaper cost. fast forward 3 years and that brings us to last week. I picked out the shingles and the color and had mike buy and bring them home. It hurt a little paying that much money for tar but it could have been worse. We then asked family and friends to come over for a roof raising party. This was actually kind of fun (not the roofing part but the party part). We had Mike's parents staying, they brought their camper, and his brothers, their kids and amber. We really enjoyed the family time and getting to talk with everyone. It was my job to clean, help feed everyone (hope you all liked the peanut butter pie) and to watch the kids. Everyone else (below the age of 40 and over the age of 13) was up on the roof. We also had some great friends come over and do a bunch of work too. We lucked out so hard by having a couple of friends from church that had done roofing before their missions and without their knowledge we would have been in some trouble. Well, everyone got mostly done by saturday night the problem that came up was that it started storming so we had to find tarps and bricks to cover the house and wait until sunday to finish it off. The ox found himself in that hole and needed to get out, so we justified the sunday work. Well, After taking link to the ER (decided to bust his head open chasing older brother) I come home to find that our elders quarum from chuch decided to show up and help finish up the roof. I was very happy but also looking around me at the not so clean (lots of kids and I was gone for 2.5 hours) house and thinking holy crap I hope no one in relief society hears about this. Overall, it was a long, rough, uplifting and great weekend. We are poorer in the pockets but richer in friendships and family. Also, it is really nice to drive down the street and see our new roof shining for the world to see. I am so glad that is over for the next decade or so. Now to finish the garden.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We have a date!!!!!!

I got the call from DHHS that there had not been any appeals from the old foster family and that the courts had approved our petition to adopt and set a date for us. I also happened to realize that it has been a year now since we first put our name in the running for our two little ones. I am so excited and cannot wait for the big day. Now I need to start planning that party...Amber, you got any ideas?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air

or at least I hope it is. We spent this perfect weekend out in the yard. I know, it doesn't sound like a lot of fun to do yard work but after months of the coldest and wettest winter that Arkansas has ever seen (at least in my time) it was worth the work to be outside. It was so funny to look around while we were outside and see people emerging from their houses with looks of awe and wonder, basking in the sun and listening to the birds singing songs of praise to the spring fairies. The kids had to be reminded what grass and trees and even warmth was as they played around the yard. Mike and I felt the stress of the week melt away with each sunray that touched us as we laughed and talked and dreamed about what our hard work would bring. Seriously all prosing aside it was great. We built our raised garden bed last weekend and have been clearing out our fence line that is just overgrown with all manner of vine, tree and weeds. We are getting so excited about planting our full garden after our failed plans last year. That is what happens when you get the call that two of your kids are ready to meet you. All plans are thrown out and you start hopping through the DHHS Hoops. This year we started early with our plans, just in case. Now we are just waiting for it to get warm enough to plant our little seedlings and then research recipes for all the veggies we are growing. I am also going to try my hand at canning too. This is what we are going to try and grow this year for those of you that are interested.

Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers (different kinds)
Maybe Zucchini
Green Beans
Later in the summer we will plant some pumpkins (Oldest son seems to think he is charlie brown and wants a pumpkin patch)
We will also plant onions and garlic too

If you have any other veggies that do well in the Arkansas area let me know. I am willing and able to try anything. (garden wise)

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's all casual!!!!

So in all my excitement over our good news I forgot to post about a funny thing Beau said on Valentines Day.

Mike and I had decided that we wanted to just do a simple candy exchange this year since we were getting each other the stuff to make the raised garden and we also got each of the kids a little candy treat too. We let Beau give out the kids valentines but then he kept smiling at us like he was waiting for something. (mike and I had not given each other our stuff yet) I ask him what was up and he just smiled bigger and said that he was waiting for us to give each other valentines. I told him that we would do it later but then he said that he had been hoping to see it so mike and I exchanged our candy (lindt truffles, of course). We also threw in a quick peck to gross Beau out. This would normally bring out a chorus of gaging and ewwwww noices from our not so romantic 8 year old so Mike and I were suprised when nothing happened. (well, besides the fireworks that show up everytime we kiss) We look over at him and he is still just a cheesing away. I made a joke about how we were not sappy enough and should kiss again to scare him off and he said the funniest thing. Beau said " Hey, it's all casual. It's Valeintines Day!" OK, add that on top of a shrug, smirk and an all knowing nod and you will know why it was funny. Beau has a way of delivering lines like a 40 year old man but with the vocabulary of an 8 year old. Mike and I have still been laughing. BTW, by monday it was back to the "Formal" way of things and gagging when he sees mike and I kiss. So to all you lovers out there just remember that it's all casual on Valentines Day!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes I can hear the angels that look over me.

And today they sang!!!!!!!!! I found it odd when my adoption specialist (who does not do mornings) was calling my office at 9 am but I was on a call to Link's Dr resceduling an appointment so I had to let it go to voicemail. Then I found it more odd when she immediatly sent an email needing me to answer the phone. Hmmmmm....... Well, I called her back and made some jokes about not knowing who it was calling from her line this early in the morning and then she in a dramatic delivery worthy of an oscar or at least the cardio doctor bill from the heart attack she gave me let me know that the judge made a rulling in Link's Foster Parents case. He dismissed their motion to adopt and dismissed the case. We have been waiting since December 4th for the news not knowing for sure what would be the ruling and now we have it. To be honest I am barely keeping it together here in my office. I want to run up to the captiol steps and dance a little jig and sing a song of joy but alas, I am way to old and tired to do that and will settle for calling and emailing everyone I know and dancing around my office like a kid on christmas. I am so close to crying that the tears are constantly brimming up in my eyes. There is still a chance that the fosters could appeal but we already have one ruling against them so that is good enough to get me through whatever comes up next. It seems more we won't have to be a pretend family (legally) anymore. That the world will be able to know, like we have for almost a year now, that we are an eternal family. We are the Taggards.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ever have one of those dreams…….

…….. where it seems so real, so emotional that it had to be true, until you wake up and the realization kicks in? I have one ever so often and last night was just such a case. Grab some hot Chocolate, a warm blanket and a bowl of popcorn so that you can enjoy the story.
Fade from black
I find myself at church chaperoning a youth activity and Mike and I are talking to our friend Thomas who was trying to join a sorority (hey, I said it was a dream) and wanted our advice when we get the news that we have to rush to the court because the judge has finally decided to make a ruling. We all leave the gym and see our friends and family waiting for us. When I ask why and how everyone got there everyone replied that they were the people praying for us and our family and so they needed to be at the courthouse to support us even more. I was so touched by the amount of people that loved our family. ( I saw all of your faces and felt your love because I think Heavenly Father was trying to let me know that we are not alone in this fight and that we have a huge network of people that are praying for us) Well, we then make our way to the court house only to discover that the B’s (old foster parents)had sent their own people to sabotage us so that we would not make it in time. With the help of the good side (ummm, us) we were able to make it and stood before the judge. At that moment he said that he had made his ruling and knew that the family he chose was the best family for Link and that the family would be an eternal family. Well, I started to cry because that clued me in. As a member of the LDS church we believe that we are eternal families not just families here on earth, so I knew at that moment that we had won. The judge then popped an old Seminary video about eternal families and the B’s faded away as our family celebrated.
Fade to black
As you can see this was a great dream…..and you might not even blame me for believing for a moment in the wee morning hours that it was true until I fill in some blanks.
You see, when we left the church everyone had to ride in a fleet of battleships across outer space. Oh, and the people the B’s sent after us….they were storm troopers and mike had to fight with a light saber and laser gun. And the final note…..the B’s melted at the end just like the wicked witch of the west. Now I seem a little crazy for having had a moment of faith in that dream but it did serve its purpose…..I was reminded of the love and support and prayers that I have from my friends and family and for that I thank you. Ummmm, please don’t think poorly of me because my husband’s love of Sci-Fi has invaded my mind and dreams, please just send me a musical or sappy rom-com and save my soul!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Tale of Winter Woes

Of all the days to need to call in to work today would have been number one on my list. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just have one of those mornings that nothing in the world is playing out right. It just gets worse and worse until you find yourself looking at the sky and pondering what in the world is happening to your life. Today I had one of those mornings. Let me explain.
I have not been sleeping well lately and had a very fitful toss and turn night. Upside- I got to watch the hottest man in the world get ready for work at 3am. Downside- I was up at 3am. Finally my alarm goes off letting me know that I don’t have to pretend to be sleepy any longer and that I can start my day. This is fine……not anything new, like I said I am an insomniac. I get done with my shower and try to blow dry my hair. Notice the TRY part? That’s right my hair dryer decided that it no longer wanted to live in a world that took it for granted and died. It would rather die than let me have dry and semi-straight hair. (sigh) Now my hair is puffy, and full of static that keeps attacking my face and those that stand within a few feet of me. At least I had my makeup on and ready to rock my day at work …. with wet hair. Finally, 6am and time to wake up the kids.
The kids woke up great…no mumbling and grumbling….until they realized that to school they must go. Link would not remove himself from my arms, princess could not figure out how a pair of panties on without throwing a fit and Beau, well, he actually did everything he needed to but kept checking the news for updated school closings and then complaining about how it was still icy outside and that the school was not being fair to people by making him go to class. Finally it was 6:30 and his bus pulled up. So he skied down to his bus and hopped on. I am pretty sure that the bus driver had to listen to all those kids complaining until they got off the bus. One kid down 2 to go. Princesses Naturally curly hair decided to mold itself into the shape of a football last night and so that meant that I would have to do some major work to make it look bouncy and carefree………..really, of all days to have football head. So with Link still attached to my body I manage to make princess look normal and help her finish dressing. This is not very easy with 30lbs of extra weight clinging to you the whole time. Not to mention the bickering between the two little ones over who gets to hold momom (As Link calls me) the longest. Honestly, there is like a lot of me to share, can it really be that big of a deal!?!?!? After Prying Link off I get him changed and dressed and then …surprise…..back in my arms. I then decide that it is a pop tart type of morning and get half a pop tart down before realizing that my belly was not digging it. That made growth 1 and growth 2 happy since that gave them more to eat. Finally, 7 am and time to go.
Then a big alarm goes off in my head as I remember my car being covered in inches of solid ice this weekend and how pretty it had been……surely it magically disappeared overnight knowing I had to leave for work in the morning… such luck. I put on the closest shoes, so what if they were brown and I am wearing black I will change them when I get the car cleaned off. I text mike to find out where the ice spray stuff and know that it will just melt away with one spray of that stuff. Ummmm, no. I get the kids in the car and get it started to help me out and then start my war. I sprayed the ice stuff and nothing happened so I sprayed some more and I think I heard the ice chuckle at me so then I decided that I would have to pull out some serious warfare and scrape or chip my way to freedom. After realizing that I do not have a scrapper thing I get a spatula out of the house and start flipping ice. Let me just insert right now that a kitchen utensil does not make a very good scrapper. It was horrible but better than the nothing I had. This whole time I am slipping and sliding on the sheet of ice that at one time was my driveway. I keep hearing the kids clap and cheer everytime I am sent into a wild spin to save my life and at that moment knew that if the ground was not cold and icy that I would have thrown myself down and threw the biggest fit that the world has ever known. That’s right I will admit it. I was that upset. My back hurt, I was tired, cold and had wet hair. Ok, the hair was dry at this point but I was beyond reasoning with. Finally with one final slam of the spatula the last piece of ice bowed down to my superiority and I was able to take the kids to school.
It was then that I realized that I should have met Links bus about 10 minutes ago at the meeting point. I quickly call the driver and find out that they too are running behind and that they will wait for me. We make it to Princesses school and she decides that she should not have to go to school and would rather cry and pout than go nicely with the teacher. So a bribe of candy after school later I met Link’s bus and got him off. Finally, I get to drive to work.
I noticed an orange light on my dash and saw that it was telling me that if I did not put gas in soon that I would be stranded on the side of the road. Really, what else do I need…..maybe the two barely above flat tires. I left those but did get gas in the car. It is way too cold to be having to fill up a tank. Traffic was bad but I did make it to work on time and have calmed down to a mild “don’t mess with me” level of PMS crabbiness. All I know is that I better get some Diggity Danged good brownies tonight. Or at least a massage for my poor old back.
So, have any of you ever overreacted to a bad day?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Princess's party and new room

So we celebrated Princess's birthday party this weekend by having her cousins over and just letting them run around and have fun until it was cake and present time. We tried to keep it really simple since Princess still has a few problems with getting overwhelmed and shy. It was a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed the wands and hair bows that I had made them and the cake turned out really well. I gave mike two options on a cake I would make a castle or a fairy and he chose the castle. It took about 10 minutes to decorate, very easy, and she loved it. She loved it even more when her daddy put cadles on top and she blew them out one at a time. Such a drama girl.

Her room is mostly done. Some things that I had thought of doing did not look right once I started putting them up so I have to start thinking of some different stuff to do with the one wall with the posters on it for now and I am waiting for some pictures to put on her little shelves. She loves the room and it is certainly a lot better than the beige little room with no decorations she had before. It is so funny to watch Beau try and teach her how to use her new hopscotch rug....she is just not quite catching on to the hopping part. Now she has a room fit for her daddy's princess.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magic Eraser

Did I mention that I am going to do a few posts on products and or services that help the busy parent? No? Well, ok here I go. So, since a bunch of my friends have either had or will have a kid very soon I thought that as an old, wise and aging mother I would share 9 years of parenting stuff that I have had to figure out along the way to keep me sane in my effort to be a rocking mom while still working 40 hours a week. Not to mention church callings. Last week I did the Bumpit (I will take a pic for those who asked) because it allows me to have styled hair in a matter of 5 minutes (which is all I have before I wake up the 3 kids and start getting them ready). Today I will be praising the wonders of the Magic eraser. Thats right, it has saved many children all over the world.

My home has been a home to 11 foster children, a niece and my own 3 kids. This means that I have had lots of artwork drawn on every wall in every home with every kind of color. I learned a few years back that God allowed some science geek somewhere to put a formula together that would keep mothers all over the world from strokes. I do not have time to have to spend hours scrubbing a wall. Heck, I don't even have enough time to brush my hair in the morning let alone do any extra cleaning during the week. However, with the magic eraser I can take care of scribbles and pictures on the wall in a matter of a few swipes. Don't get me wrong you need to have some elbow power on it but lucky me I got a lot of weight behing my arm so it works the same way as muscle (so I tell myself). If you have kids that are in the age group that tends to leave pictures all over your walls you need to invest in this product. It will save you time and anger management issues. Here is a real life story about the performance of this product.

Our last three foster children had severe mental disabilities and no matter what we did They would not stop coloring on the walls. I don't even know where the markers and crayons came from (one of them did steal from people at school so maybe that is where) because I took them all and banished them from my house. But still marks and scribbles would magically appear. I soon stopped even caring as long as it stayed in their room. Well, we now have a daughter that I am decorating a room for and I figured I did not have the desire or time to invest in cleaning the walls so I would just repaint them......until we spent the decorating budget before even getting to the paint...all of a sudden I had the time and desire to scrub the walls. Out comes a package of Magic erasers and a bowl of warm water and away I flew. Princess even comes in and asks why I am taking away her rainbows and colors...after mentally stopping the remarks that so quickly came to mind I reminded her that these were bad marks and needed to be cleaned. She then said that she loved me too (I assume she thought that cleaning her walls was an act of love) gave me a kiss and then started yelling at her little brother about how bad it is to color on the walls. Poor boy never even saw her coming. Anyways, Mike and I get all the walls clean in an hour and with the exception of a few places it looks fresh and clean. I should have taken a before and after shot of the walls to prove my point. It really is a miracle worker.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ode to the Bumpit

So I have been curious about the bumpit from the first time I saw a commercial declaring that it could make my limp boring hair amazing in a matter of minutes. You see, I have always had fine straight hair. Well, wavy to straight but finer than even baby hair. I have never been able to make my hair big and puffy like a true southern girl. Instead, I have always stayed on the safe, tired, brush and wear styles. OK, if I am being honest I don’t even brush my hair most days. I have a lot of other people to dress in the morning besides myself so my first priority is mascara not a hair brush. That is the only blessing to the straight hair. Anyways, I noticed while visiting my sister-in-law Becky that she had a really nice hairstyle that looked like she had used a bumpit so I asked. It turns out that is what she had used and she loved it. I decided to ask for one for Christmas and Becky got me one. I have now tried it twice and have loved it both times. Honestly….it really does give you a quick cute hairstyle. It stayed in my hair without slipping and Beau said that he loved my hair fixed that way because it showed off my stripes…..translated to: I like the way it shows off your new highlights. It really is worth the money if anyone asks me. But then again I also loved the topsy tail.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days!!!!

So while we were in Fayettville staying with Justen and Amber we were blessed with some snow. This is very important because, well, according to my 8 year old we have only had one day of snow in his whole life. (Lies, we have at least one snow day a year. BTW, his life is not that big of a timeline.) Anyways, we had lots of fun watching it snow and even playing in the stuff. Link and I did not make it very long since apparently we have found the one thing that he does not like, the cold. We did have a lot of fun but here are some of the great times we had.

Thursday- We arrived mid-afternoon on new years eve and were welcomed by Justen, Amber, Aria, Ed and Eli. This was a great treat because Mike and I were not expecting to see the Andruses until friday. We had fun looking around J&A's new house (such a beautiful home) and then settled in to catch up on everyones lives. The kids quickly proved that they are in fact the loudest Taggards in the world while they started playing in the kids room and the grown-ups kept chatting. Oh, I forgot we also all stayed up to ring in the new year! Yeah, this is a first for mike and I in like 4 years.....Lame, I know but we are old people.

Friday- The kids let us sleep in until about 7:30 and then in was more stories and relaxing. Amber let me test out her Chi flat iron on Princess's hair so that I could see just how long it is when it is not wound up in tight curls. Wow, not only did it change how she looked but she has a lot of hair. It went almost to her waist!!!!!!! She loved it and enjoyed flipping it around. We were also introduced to this game called Pandemic. Basically the world is going to die if you don't cure this major virus. My kind of game! In fact I made Mike go out and buy me a copy as soon as we got back to J-ville. Oh, and the world died to the pleasure of one Mr. Eddie Andrus. He was rooting for the Taggards to Fail in finding a cure to save all mankind. Well played, sir, well played. We also played some rounds of texas hold em with candy and Beau won the majority of the sweet stuff but he was kind enough to let us snack on it all weekend. Oh and Justen busted out a Music version of that game where you have to get someone to say what is on the Oh, catch phrase, thats what it is called. It was so much fun when Amber and I were smoking the guys (because we are just that good of a team) but then we split up into couples and Mike was not very good and reading my hints.....I should really teach him how to cheat. Such a great night.

Saturday- We went to the fashion bug and Amber and I got to look around and I picked up some great things at a low price...oh and Beau locked our keys in the van so we had to call a lock smith. We then went to Steak and Shake and it was so much fun. I had not been to one before and it is a great place for a family. The kids had funs with the hats and well, I had fun with the shakes. Seriously, it was yummy. We then went on a fun sight seeing trip around town and was able to get to know where some of our favorite people live. We then met up with some more Taggards and had a great evening of stories and food. Like a normal Taggard evening would go.

Sunday- This was the day of snow! Beau was so happy I was worried that he would burst. Princess was just as into it as he was too. Oh, Justen made this Banana Split Trifile thing that was great. Anyways. after some snow time and then warming up back up we hit the road to head back home. It was nice to get back and even a little funny since we brought some of the snow back with us. We only got an inch or so but still it was snow at our house.

Overall, 2010 has been a good year and I hope that it is filled with many more visits to family and friends. Maybe we will make it to Florida or Kentucky this year. Who knows where the new year will lead us.