Tuesday, September 22, 2009


You have got to love them. My Monday yesterday was a little bipolar. It just could not decide what it was going to be but at least it ended on a good note.

I had one of those mornings that nothing went as planned and my checkbook took large hits. I woke up and while I was getting ready for work I was thinking about the fun time I had at the super saturday activity and then going to my nieces birthday party and then to fayetteville on sunday to visit our friends and how since I had such a rocking weekend my week would surely be the same, and then I left my room. The hall carpet was soaked because our indoor hot water heater has a leak. Yup! Well, I shook that off and went to wake up the boys. Upon opening the door I am smacked in the face by the most gag worthy smell and knew at once that I was going to be met with a mess. Link had poop coming out of the diaper and all over the place. I got the boys up and set Beau to getting ready for his 6:30 am bus. I then grabbed a walmart bag and took care of the poop monster. My good spirit was starting to drop. I then hear Beau fussing in the bathroom at his sister and he comes up and tells me that she had pooped in her pull up and when she woke up to go to the bathroom got it all over our bathroom. Nice mommy is quickly becoming something akin to the Hulk. After getting all the, well you know, cleaned up I send Beau out to wait for the bus. I stand at the door to watch and the bus flys right past him. My 8 year old then runs up to me and wants to know why his bus left him and didn't want to pick him up. So I then have to hunt down the transportation number and call to get the bus sent back to us. I decide to wait outside with him this time just to make sure nothing happens. When I get back in the house Princess found my chapstick and smeared it all over her head and Link broke our already broken screen door so I had to clean her up and fix the door. Oh I forgot that within all of our morning stuff our dogs kept breaking out of our back yard and I would have to chase them down and put them back in. Well, I finally get everyone dressed and we head out the door. Links bus is late and when I go to start the van to take princess to school it will not start. I am then late to work and had a busy day. What in the world is an optimistic girl like me to do with a randomly bad day like that?

The bipolar part of my day kicked in at about 5:04 when my hunky and incredibly empathetic husband pulls up to pick me up and gets out of the car to give me a kiss and tell me that my man would take care of the rest of the day for me. Really, Honestly, I have the best husband in the world. My kids were also there and just started telling about their day and making noises and laughing and I could feel that dark cloud being chased away by the love of my family. We also had a meeting with our adoption specialist and everything is still looking great and she was so happy with how the kids have grown and changed in the past 4 months. Great food and the return of some great shows finished off my night.

Really I guess I would rather have a bipolar day that ends like this one did than to have a depressing day that ends the way it begins. As long as I have Mike I doubt that will be the case.
Sorry for my vent but it really was hard yesterday morning but I handled it and even fell asleep rather easily last night. That is a plus for me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ipod Play list

So I have a playlist on my Ipod that I named "about to die"

This name was given for two reasons. The first one is that they are all songs that I want to hear one last time before the Ipod dies. The second one is for those times when I feel like emotionally, physically or mentally I am about to die. These songs will usually fit my mood somehow, allow me to sing along and forget the problem or live in the moment. I have listened to this list of songs two times through today and it is starting to work its magic.

In case you are wondering here is the list.

Makin Whoopie- Ella Fitzgerald
my man- Funny Girl
baby mine- Bette Midler
fever- Bette Midler
alright, Okay, You Win- Bette Midler
I'm a Woman- Bette Midler
He's a tramp- Bette Midler
lovefool- Cardigans
diamonds are a girls best friend- Marilyn Monroe
Goodbye to love- Carpenters
Kissing you- des'ree (romeo and Juliet)
Baby its cold outside- Ella Fitzgerald and Lois Armstrong
ev'ry time I say Goodbye- etta james
Claire De Lune
Lazy-Marilyn Monroe
pure Imagination (maroon 5)
And All that jazz- Chicago
How Lucky can you get- Funny Lady
All I ask Of you- Phantom
Let's do it, Lets fall in love- delovely
Your Song- Moulin Rouge
Elephant Medley- Moulin Rouge
Love you didn't do right by me- White Christmas
At Last- Etta James
Mr Cellophane- Chicago
Sonata #2 - Beethoven

What are your Go to songs that fit every mood, moment or situation? This are only a few of mine but when your Ipod is about to die you only have so much time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Question of the worker ant

does the sun shine between the hours of 8-4:30 on the days of M-F? I am just curious. I have heard of such rumurs and I suppose it would be true that the sun shines the same amount of time everyday but I can not find the proof. I look out the glass wall of my office and only see a fax, a desk and the wall of the hallway. My office is on the interior part of a cement block building and the sun don't shine where my office is. I have a cactus that I water about once a month.....or every other month and it hasn't died yet so maybe the sun just shines after I get off work and I am not there to see it. This puzzles me. Maybe I can play a prank on one of the (gets paid way more than me) higher ups and highjack their office (all on the exterior of the building) and see if the sun truely does shine. Do you think that they would take my simple science experiment seriously or do you think security would be called..................I better not test that just yet. Who knows maybe one of these days I will see the sun and know that it does exist and shine when I am in my cement block but until that time I will just continue to dream of a land and time when sunlight filters softly into my office and brightens up my government beige walls and allows my cactus to be so happy that it joins me in one of my many outbursts of songs. Good times.....good times.