Wednesday, July 29, 2009

9 years

9 years ago today I knelt across from the love of my life and pledged that I would spend eternity with him. I have since that moment been on the most incredible journey with that man. We have fostered or adopted or created 13 children and counting, we have earned 2.75 BA degrees, been really poor, we have moved 4 times, started our careers and continue to feel like teenagers when the other one enters the room. We have been together for almost 11 years and I have yet to think of a time even when I am red with anger that I have not loved him with my entire heart, mind and soul. He continues to treat me like his queen and makes me brownies anytime he thinks that I have had a bad day. I truely believe that the rest of eternity will be even better than the past nine years. He is the love of my life and he is also my best friend, without him my life would not be the same.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life's Little Lessons

Isn't it funny how life sometimes teaches you little lessons? My life has been full of these little lessons and I have a funny feeling that they will continue to pop up in the most suprising way. Like this weekend for example. I learned some simple but valuable things and I am going to pass them along. The lessons I learned are threefold.

1. Girls days are always fun. This lesson has little lessons worked into it. First little lesson is that wedges are the fat girls best friend. That's right I said it. When you are a big girl you can not possibly be expected to hold all that weight on your toes and the wedge is a great alternate shoe to still make you look hot but not hurt. Oh, I baught new shoes this weekend. Next, I took princess to get her ears pearced. She wanted it done and I said ok. She picked them out and at first wanted some uber expensive ones until I showed her some cheaper ones that looked just like the others. The little lesson learned here......old women will flock around a little girl getting her ears pearced and when she does not cry or scream they will pronounce that child the most precious child in existance. At least until the next little girl gets in the hot seat. Over all my little girls day out rocked. We also got some new polish and did our toes too, well, mike did mine. Refer back to fat girl part. Now to wait until she is old enough to sit through a musical and the real training will begin.

2. Big lesson number two is that a mommy can never sleep in. NEVER! So, I have not been sleeping well since mikes little hospital stay and so mike was going to let me sleep in and relax all weekend. Great plan except for the 3 little and not so little children that seemed to not agree with his plan. I am laying in bed reading and Beau pops his head in the door and then flying leaps into the bed and starts to talk about some kind of video game. Next I hear lots of giggling at the foot of the bed. Our bed is really tall so I had to take a wild guess that it was the rest of the chobits. The giggling stops and I hear princess tell her big brother to put her on the bed too and then link makes faces at me until I have no choice but to allow him on the bed as well. Then the fun starts, My feet under the blankets moving seem to be a wonderful magic trick for the younger two and the older one starts to think that it is gymnastics time. Finally mike calls that breakfast is ready and they all abandon me. I guess I am only fun until food comes around.

3. Never let your husband dress your daughter for church when you have a meeting you have to go to before it begins. Thats right Mike shows up to church right before the opening song and I look at princess and notice that all of her clothes are on backwards. Yes backwards. I think OK this is fixable and then I look at her feet. She had two white dress shoes on and they both looked nice with the outfit but it was the fact that she was wearing two right shoes of different styles. yup. Two right shoes. No left shoe because that would just be too convitional for her. I start laughing and mike looks down and notices and says that he thought that they matched because they were white. LOL heaven help the girl if her daddy thinks that all white shoes match. Thats ok, last week he let her come in her pink plastic dress up high heel shoes. I guess you just have to accept it and hope that your laughing does not disturb the church goers around you.

These were my lessons this weekend and they all made me realize how blessed and happy I am. I have a wonderful family and I love my job and my church. What more can a girl ask for......except the diamond ear rings that her daughter wanted.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stormy Summer Days

Usually a good stormy summer day makes me happy qlong with that lazy feeling that you give into that comes with the rain. It has become a tradition in our house that when it is rainy we all snuggle up eat grilled cheeses for dinner and watch movies. My favorite rainy shows are either disaster flicks or somthing suspensful or scary like "Are you afraid of the dark" from Snick. In fact tonight seems to be a good night for that show and some homemade popcorn. Not the microwaved stuff but you know, the kind you make in a big pot and get to hear it pop pop popping onto the lid and then when you open it up there is a sea of fresh popped kernals waiting to be salted, buttered and served up to a waiting family.

Normally just the thought of such a night makes my whole day fly by and cheers me up but today has been a little different. It started off by getting to work late and having to park in the back of the parking lot. Then I realized that I had no umbrella, only to then realize after stepping in an ankle deep puddle that my shoes are not water proof. Now I am sitting in my office cold and wet and wanting to be at home with my family. Well, now that I am typing this it seems rather funny and I am starting to get that excited feeling about what is to come. I wonder what it will be tonight disaster flick or scary? I know one thing for certain.........extra butter on the popcorn.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

summer update

Well, we are still busy but things are going great. We are two months down in our 6 month placement and have settled into a wonderful family of 5. Beau's baseball team are the 7-8 year old champs and after a visit to the ICU mike is finally getting over his leg infection. Oh, and I was also called as the Young Women's President. As you can see this is becoming a humdinger of a summer. What am I saying.......summer has somehow made it to the halfway point. Where did it go? What happened to all my plans of trips to local family fun and lots of backyard cookouts............what about the camping and the days of lounging in the backyard listening to the kids play while I am reading a cozy little book? I guess the answer is best laid plans and all that jazz. We have been able to do some fun things and I have read a few books but it just seems like time keeps slipping by. Sure, we had a good excuse of adding two kids to the family to first part of summer but I just wish we had more time. I guess other working moms feel the same way. I just hope it gets better over time. The good news is that fall is my favorite season and now it will be even more since our 6 month wait should end in November. Just before thanksgiving! That is going to make a wonderful thing to be thankful for. I hope everyones summer plans are falling into place. Until my next chance to breath, good bye.