Wednesday, June 17, 2009

such a busy time

Where has the time gone? Our family has been together for 2 months now and it is also halfway to july!!!!! It seems like just a week ago that we were wearing jackets and complaining about how cold it was. Now, I am compaining about how hot and humid it is. Honestly, I thought me and the kids were going to die at Beau's game last night. At 9:00 pm it was still 90 + degrees outside. This is crazy and we still have jusly and august left. I so do not like summer. I am a fall girl all the way. Alright time to update (since I am too busy to post more frequently).

We are so happy. The past month the kids have lived with us has been wonderful. Even with princess coming down with the flu. It is so crazy how naturally we all fit in to the new family. It is as if they have been with us their whole lives. A truer testament to us knowing eachother before this life can not be found. All three of our kids had this crazy kind of instant bond that is hard to describe. I know with all my heart that all of my kids got together in heaven and said to each other " hey, you know those crazy taggards.....lets be their kids, they need all the help we can give them". (which is true...our kids keep us out of trouble) We are happy and the kids are happy. I am finally starting to feel like we are finding our missing children.

Beau turns eight this year! For those of you who are not LDS I will explain...... In our faith we believe that a person does not make the choice to be baptized or even need to be until they are at an age of accountabilty. An age that they are able to start understanding what is wrong and what is right. In our church that age is 8 or older. Mike and I decided a long time ago that we would let each of our kids approach us about baptism and not just expect it of them. We know that it is a sacred thing that must be entered into with a knowledge and desire to follow our savior. Derek came to us a few months ago and let us know that he wants to be baptized and we have been working with him to make sure that he is ready when the time comes. His baptism is going to be on July 18, 2009. We are all very happy and excited for him.

Oh, I forgot.....Mike also found out that he is diabetic. I hope this catches everyone up nice and up to date with our growing family.