Sunday, March 29, 2009

Romance in the eyes of a 7 year old

My son Beau is almost 8 years old and in the past week or so has decided that girls are yucky and all that jazz. Any Rom-com or girly movie I try and watch is greeted with yucks and gagging noises along with any kissing that he catches Mike and I sneaking in. Mike thinks that this is hilarious but I just know that it puts us one more step closer to that day when he no longer thinks that girls have cooties. Well, anyways here is a funny little moment from my day.

Mike being the ever romantic man that he is gave me a brown soda and started "Mama Mia" for me to watch while I work on my quilt. About half way through the movie Beau climbs up behind me and starts to rub my back and start talking to his dad. I look up and notice that the love of my life is gazing at me with that goofy "boy meets girl" grin and we start to loose ourselves in the gaze when a little voice asks "Dad, why are you looking at mom like that?" Mike just starts to laugh and I tell him that it is because his daddy loves me and that one day he will be looking at a girl like that and I will ask him why he is looking at her that way and he will tell me that it is because he loves her and wants to make her his wife. (I was pretty impressed with this comeback and thought to myself that it would be one of those moments he would recall at his wedding reception in a speech about how much his mom rocks but no....) To that Beau replied "mom your so silly" and the moment was gone.

Beau does gag a lot at mike and I but I can not help it, he is the man of my soul, heart and eternal happiness. We do gaze at each other over the kids playing, steal kisses behind corners, giggle at silly inside jokes and use winks as a way of kissing in a crowded room. Beau does not know it yet but one day I know that he will look at a girl the way Mike looks at me and that girl is going to know that she is his and only his. And then it will be my time to gag.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Great Scott and great goodigilly moogilly!!!!!!!

What kind of world do we live in that a simple prescription after insurance is $70.00 for 15 pills. Does it really cost that much to make the pill? Will it cure the world of all it problems? Will it stimulate this economy? No, No and great heavens NO!

The medical situuation of this country is insane. I am not talking about the Doctors I am talking about the fact that medicine is ridonkulously high and so is health care. Most people in this country do not even have insurance. Nothing is affordable! Sorry you are dying please pick out a nice ozone friendly Funeral plan before you kick it! As you can all tell I am a little miffed at the idea that a tiny little pill can cost so much. I am afraid to take the things! what if they imbed themselves in the lining of my stomach and start producing little quarters since they are obviously made of diamonds and gold. Wait.......hmmmmmm......That might work! It might hurt but it might just work. Never mind I just discovered the way to pay for all my meds and medical care!!!!!!!!