Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, how I love thee let me count the ways

So I meant to write this post on saturday but well, one homestudy and four kids later......you get the point. This post is dedicated to the man I love and hopefully will not sound like a country western song, no rhonda, mike!!!

I was blessed to meet a crazy and slightly rough neck man 10 years ago. We met at church, I was looking for the bathroom and this good looking guy asked if I was looking for the bathroom and I was not about to let him know I had to pee so I said no. That good looking guy was Michael. We were in young single adults in church together and did not really see eye to eye but some how there was a spark. We started to date and he proposed to me 2 months later. That is where our journey began. So now I will tell the world what I love about my husband. The reason for doing this is because I am not a touchy or emotional person and do not very often tell him why he is so wonderful. So here I go.

1. My husband spoils me rotten....I have to be careful about what I say I would like because knowing him it will happen or be given to me. he also comes and eats with me once a week at work for lunch dates.

2. Michael is a great father and I could not have asked for a better partner in raising our children.

3. He is the Romantic I wish I was. He is the guy in the movies that remembers everything and sweeps the girl off her feet. Just to give you an example he winks at me when we are around other people and those are the private kisses that we share in our minds. Others might think that we have dust in our eyes or twitches.

4. He always know what I am talking about when even I have no clue.

5. He does not mind that I am a little Femi-nazi and he even lets me think that I am more independent than I really am.

6. He is a great and skillful lover (very important)

7. He learned to like and eat veggies for me

8. He makes my spine tingle and my face blush just by entering a room and looking at me. (sometimes I even giggle like a little girl)

9. No matter how ugly I feel he makes me believe that I am the hottest thing on earth. (except for that one time I had the flu in 98 and he said I looked rough)

10. I will have him for eternity and he fills in the missing parts of my soul

That's the end. I condensed the list because I am sure you do not want all the details of why he is the best husband in the world but these are my favorites. By the way for valentines day he had flowers delivered on thursday, chocolate covered strawberries on friday and then took off a day of work on monday so that we had a day without kids to be together. It was nice.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am a disney princess....or so I think.

Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess........Why? Because she and I have a lot in common. No, not the beautiful looks and magical creatures part but in other ways.

Ways that Desilu is like Belle

1. I love books, I could be found at a wee age reading by flashlight at night...come to think of it you can still find me reading by flashlight at night. or anywhere for that matter. Getting lost in the worlds that are on the written page is one of my life long past times.

2. I have a beastly yet hunky man in my life. My husband mike is my prince. Just like bell had to tame the beast and get him to realize life was better her way, I too have had to do that. OK, so I am still working on the taming part. But he is a hairy, loving, and spoils me rotten type of guy.

3. Believes in happy endings. Yes that is me. I love that the girl and the boy get together and I am a pretty upbeat and optimistic person. Unless it is a good disaster flick and then I like for all the people to die. (muahahahahaha) or sims....they can die too.

4. Bursts into song. So, yeah. I do this. Even when I was a kid I would pretend that life was a musical and create little songs (and dances) in my head to fit what ever situation was at hand. Sometimes I get so carried away that the songs burst out of me and everyone else can hear the music too. Sorry to those of you that work with me. I will keep it down.

5. Cast of crazy characters. That's right. Anyone who has the kids I have or has the extended family I have has unlimited free entertainment. Sometimes I think my life would make a kick butt sitcom. Other times a tragic drama. But mostly the sitcom.

Ways that I am not like Belle

1. I do not speak french. I took french in high school but would then day dream, read or see number 4 above. Lucky for me I never burst into song in there. Well maybe a little.....

2. I would never have put up with Gaston I would have taken his gun and shot his....well you know.....off a long time ago.

3. I do not have magical objects at my beck and call to dress, feed and help me. I wish I did and sometimes try and get my kids to do stuff for me but alas, this has always failed. So until I get an enchanted tea set, clock or candle stick I am SOL on the lazy days attitude.

4. I am not a dancer. I stink at it and would not prance around a big old ball room with a teapot singing for the world to see. They would laugh and it would ruin the moment. I would totally rock that yellow dress though. Eat your heart out, belle.

5. You will also not find me running through a forest and fighting hungry wolves. If you know then you know that I freak out at the sign of rabid animals.

So in a nut shell Belle is the Disney princess I associate my life too. Oh and Mulan.....Hello that girl could for real kick some booty. But with my big hips and other things I could never pass for a boy. NEVER!!!!!! By the way if you like the Beauty and the Beast story check out Beauty by Robin McKinney. One of my Favorite books.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Instant Message from my 7 year old

So I was working and getting rather frustrated that the day was not ending when I got an instant message from Beau....Here is out conversation for you. The boy can not type or spell to save his life and I had to keep copying and Pasting into word and changing the font and then looking to see what letter he might have ment to hit to get the real word...oh, and he comes by the spelling thing naturally.

PS mike change your font. Oh, and Mike on this is Beau he is using my husbands Log on.

desiree says: did you eat the cookies

Mike says: what oune minit Wait one Minute

Mike says: not yet

desiree says: ok

Mike says: is it ok iv I do my parucraf onlin Is it ok if I write my Paragraph online

desiree says: yes

Mike says: ok

desiree says: are you wanting to type it on here for me

Mike says: yes

Mike says: Math lab

desiree says: ok

Mike says: Today I went to math lab.

Mike says: It whus fun at math lab Was fun

Mike says: we Lernd about geumetrik shaps We learned about geometric shapes

desiree says: Geomeric

desiree says: Geometric (see I told you he comes by it natrually)

desiree says:Keep writing love

Mike says: then we leard about flip,slid and turn

Mike says: I hope sins lab is just as fun I hope science lab is just as fun

Mike says: the end

desiree says:very good paragraph

desiree says: did your teacher like your costume

Mike says: duckwusieatingstuf frum your paint baskit Dike (dog) was eating stuff from your paint basket

desiree says: did you get him out. It might be that cookie you dropped in there last night

Mike says: yes she seid Yes she did ( boy dog)

Mike says: it wus cute

desiree says: very funny b

Mike says: no he tuck ordumints frum it He took some ornaments from it

desiree says: wow

Mike says: he did

Mike says: i put it up

desiree says: Thank you

Mike says:your welcum

desiree says: B- I just want to tell you that you are one amazing young man and I can not wait until I can give you a hug