Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Count your many blessings of 2009

I know I have not posted anything about christmas yet but that is because I keep leaving my camera in the van that mike takes to work. I promise I will give the scoop of our first 5 member Taggard Christmas when I get back from my time off. Until then I am going to do what most people do this time of year and ponder over 2009 and count my blessings one by one.

Overall the year has been wonderful! I am not being sarcastic either, it really has. Here is a countdown of the 2009 blessings.

1. This is the biggest blessing our family could ever have received and that is the addition of our two littlest Taggards. We met them in april and have had nothing but joy since that day. It is hard to remember that we have not always had them in our lives since we all bonded so quickly and perfectly together. It is hard to see any hardships that have happened this year because of this huge blessing. (now I am crying, great)

2. $$$$$- I received a very large raise this year and it was needed in the biggest way. I have a great boss that works his hardest to make sure that his employees are taken care of and paid what they should be. For a state job this is wonderful.

3. Discovered mike is diabetic.... I know, but it is a blessing in disguise. I would much rather us find out when he is still young and not unhealthy than to find out when he has passed the point of no return on his health. All it took was a horrible couple of days in the ICU and the fear of his wife put in him to get him to start taking things seriously.

4. New Calling at church- I was called to be the Young Womens President and it has been a huge blessing to me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and have been able to see myself grow both spiritually and emotionally. I have also been able to get to know other women in the church instead of getting to hide with the kids in primary. I have also learned that the girls in the program no matter what is going on stay in my heart and prayers. This is kind of big for me since I am not a very outwardly emotional person....I have even been able to start hugging the girls....agian, I have issues with touching. ( I really am a weird girl)

5. Family - We love the fact that most of our close family live within a few hours drive of us. It has been great being able to visit with our closest friends the Andrus Family. Eddie has been a huge factor in our lives for well over a decade and his wonderful wife and son are right up there with him. I know that they will not stay put very long but we hope to see them as much as possible while they are in arkansas. My parents and family in jacksonville have been so helpful to our family. They are always there when we need support or even a babysitter and that means so much to someone that has problems asking for help. Mikes parents and siblings are the same way. His parents travel up here to help us out whenever we ask and I am blessed because of that. There was one bad thing that happened. Justen and Amber moved to Fayettville.....Yeah, I am a little bitter. I loved that they were only an hour away and now they live 3 hours away....I am used to that with ed but not Justen. Really, they ought to be ashamed of themselves for not thinking of how I would feel about the move. It is all about me right?

6. Friends- We have really added to our list of friends in 2009. We are lucky to be in a ward at church that has lots of people around our age and it has been great getting to hang out with and chat with everyone. Mike and I have a habit of being homebodies and antisocial (as every parent ends up being) and it is nice to have people to talk to. Also, our friend Thomas moved back home to cabot and it is nice to have an old friend close by.

7. $$$$- again. yup it is kinda of an important part of our lives. Mike and I have been college students and poor for 8 of the 9.5 years of our marriage. (we really like to torture ourselves) and in january we were able to start up a savings account and it has been odd adjusting to two full incomes and being able to actually save money or do things like go to a movie or heck even buy groceries without wondering if the money is there to cover it. is nice having no one in school.

8. Which brings me to......Mike made the decision to go back to school in the fall of 2010. I am excited that he is striving to acheive his goals and is even excited about starting. I am proud of him and know he will rock it.

9. We closed our home for foster care. This is another of those blessings that are hidden type things. We are sad that we will no longer be able to care for Gods children while the families work to put thier lives back in order but we know that we have done what the Lord wanted of us and now it is time to focus on completing our family and moving on. We cared for 11 children over 3 years and I miss them and hope that they are still the wonderful children they were when they left our home.

10. My Husband. Anyone that knows michael knows that every year he is in my life is a blessing. If not for him I would, Starve and die, be a hermit, let my heart turn to coal and my kids would not be nearly the wonderful kids they are. He truely is the perfect husband for me. I hope he knows that I love him and can not imagine my life without his witty sarcasm.

So these are some of my 2009 blessings. I hope they have not bored or offended anyone. This is just something I need to do to remind myself that with every bump the Lord does send blessings to us.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Time just keeps flying by......

or so it would seem since I did not realize that my last post was on 12/2/09. It has been almost two whole weeks since I have updated the few people that read my blog on what is going on in the tame but interesting life of the Taggard Clan. So what have we been up to? See, even I have not one clue.
It really has been a busy couple of weeks. All of the court papers have been turned in for the whole custody thing and now we are just waiting for the judge to make a ruling on which family our son belongs with and then we can start on our adoption. It has really not been that bad. We are still going about as if nothing has happened and enjoying our new little family. It will all work out in the long run and hey Beau's delivery was not easy so why should I have thought that this "delivery" would be.
We got all of the Christmas decorations up and presents wrapped and under the tree and then starting making a ton of homemade treats. These treats have been really yummy and we are going to hand them out tonight for family home evening to friends and family. I made my traditional toffee, rocky road candy, chocolate covered pretzles, peppermint bark, pecan fudge and these thin mint tasting cookies. I was going to make peanut butter balls to but I have just candied my self out. I think I am going to die if I make anymore of the stuff. well, until next year anyways.
We are all getting excited about the different trips to visit family and friends over the christmas holidays and can't wait to see what we have all got wrapped under our tree. Princess still thinks that santa is living in one of her Tinkerbell wrapped presents so we might just have to get her a little santa wrapped under the tree.
The only thing I can think of that I have done the past cople of weeks was catch the biggest, baddest and ugliest cold ever. This sucker has been with me about a week and a half and has made my life a little less than fun. It finally reached a pinnacle late sunday night/early sunday when I was unable to really talk, breath or even walk a straight line. I would only curse this cold on those that cut me off in traffic everyday. Really, it has not been fun. I am at work today and have already almost gone through my jumbo box of tissues and a bag of cough drops. oh, and I smell like Vicks Vapo Rub.....I know sexy huh. Anyways, Heres hoping that the rest of my christmas season is healthy and keeps being wonderfully great!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas, christmas time is here, time for joy.....

yes, my oldest son know all the words to the chipmonk christmas song. He sings it wonderfully too. Well, we got the tree up and the presents wrapped with care (except the ones Beau wrapped) and decorations set up around the house. I love this time of year and enjoy watching my kids get excited about the whole thing. We make a point of making sure that equal time is spent on both the secular and sacred parts of this holiday and the kids enjoy listening to all the stories. I think that is going to be Beau's last year "believing" in santa. It is sad but he is a really smart boy and I think he will start putting it together. But in my house as long as you say there is a santa he will leave you a present under the tree. However, there are two other little ones that still have several years ahead of them on the santa train. Link is only 2 so he doesn't care as long as the paper tears and the box fits over his big head. Princess is 3 almost 4 and she is all about it. In fact this morning she told me that santa is living in one of the presents under the tree waiting to give her some toys. She is our little imagination kid. I wish santa lived in my house I would start wishing up some crazy things like, a clean house or a new car or heck, a 7 carot diamond I could sell for millions. Oh well, There really is nothing like the christmas season seen through the eyes of children. I love it.