Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ponderings from a mother of 3

Why is it that my 8 year old son's pants are never zipped.....and he doesn't care?

Why is a mother not built with a back up battery supply to get her through a day of work after being up all night with a crying child.

As I listen to my kids I stop and wonder how many more years I will have to listen to the age old argument of who is touching who and who was playing with what first.

What magical power do kids have that no matter how upset you are once they kiss you and hug you it seems to melt away. Even if you know you should still be upset. (I think mike was a jedi and passed it on)

How can one nugget of poo make an entire house stink?

Why do I spend 20 minutes each morning on my daughters hair for her to immidiatly do a flip and mess it all up before we even walk out the door?

When my 2 year old smiles in his sleep what is he dreaming of?

Will my daughter always think her full name is princess Lili?

Why can my 8 year old remember every diolog from his favorite cartoon but not be able to recall me asking a bazillon times to put his cup in the sink?

I will tell you the answer to all of these questions.......I will never know. That is the answer. All I do know is that I have three of the worlds greatest kids and they nevre fail to make me laugh, smile or feel completly loved. I love being a mother.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My road just got bumpier

The Saga still continues to the point that our adoption hearing and sealing have been canceled. The second round of the hearing (Old Foster parents fighting to adopt) went long and none of the lawyers were able to do closing statements and so now they must be submitted in writing and we should get a ruling around january or february of 2010. This was heartbreaking to me since our courtdate for finalization was 11.20.09 just two short week away until we could legally calim our children as our own. Now I do not know when that will happen. I know that it will work out in the end but it is sometimes hard to accept bumps in the road and this bump has been getting on my nerves for seven months. However, my oldest son's delevery was 36 hours and rough so why should I have expected any of my other "official" entrance into our family to be any easier. I am still coping with this latest bit of news and I am trying to see the possitive side to it but I think for now I will allow myself to feel bad and pout for a few days, then I will smile and accept things as they are. Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

National Adoption Month

In celebration of National Adoption Month and finally being placed with two beautiful children after 7 years of trying to add to our family (both naturally and through adoption) I am going to repost an old post about how and why we got into adoption.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The story of why we are adoptiv and foster parents
By request I am going to tell you all a little story as to why we are foster parents.
Beau's Family Picture:
I have Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrom better known as PCOS. What does this do? Well, it makes you gain weight, lose hair and lots of other stuff but most of all it makes it really hard to have kids. But you had one right? Yes, Mike and I got pregnant very quickly after we got married and the doctor thought that the PCOS would reverse itself like it sometimes does with Women that manage to get Pregnant. It did not work. Mike and I tried and we were not getting any luck in having a baby. This was making me very depressed and Beau was starting to realize that being an only child was not his bag of candy. He even came up with an imaginary brother and when he killed a bug one day he freaked out saying that he killed his brother and.....well......anyone familar with my son knows this story and has shed a few tears for his imaginary brother. It was an issue for almost a year he would just start talking about it and crying. It was heartbreaking and it made me feel worse. I was the one that was broken and unable to give him a real sibling, so in my mind I was the one breaking his heart.
We will now skip to the end of the year in mourning for the dead imaginary brother and move into Beau's Three year old Preschool year. I had just gotten a job and we moved into a house out of our apartment. Mike and I had talked a little about adopting but had decided that while he was in school it would not be an option so we put it off. We never talked about this with Beau or even mentioned it around him. Well, he came home from school one day and had a family picture drawn and it was matted on construction paper and looked really nice. I was looking at it and noticed that there were lots of people in it and so I asked him who they were. He said that those were his brothers and sisters. Oh, no. Here we go again with the dead brother. Beau, I said, Remember that you don't have any brothers and sisters? Yes I do mother. No Beau you don't. Mommy can not have anymore children. Then Beau said, I know but these kids are at their homes waiting for us to get them and bring them home. I was taken back. I said what do you mean, Beau. He then told me that these were his brothers and sisters that were not happy and were waiting in there homes to come to ours. I was taken back by this. How could a three year old that has never been told about adoption or foster care know about this? How would he know that there were children all over that needed a good home? Mike and I knew at that point that the Lord was informing us that we did not need to go at our own pace with adoption and foster care but by his timeline and if we would not listen on our own then he would speak through our child. We have now had 6 children in our home and Beau has never been happier. He is patient and loving and for the first time since he was born I feel like our family is complete. I know that my children are waiting for me and that they will not come from me but will come from someone else but they are still my children. I will always be grateful to my son and to my father in heaven for hitting me in the head and telling me to get the ball rolling.

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UPDATE: November 3, 2009

We have finally found tow of our missing children. We were blessed this year by getting a call about two beautiful kids that were matched with our family. From the moment we met them we knew that they were ours. Over the course of almost 4 years we have had 11 children plus Beau in our home. I have had my heart broken several times by watching my "kids" come in and out of my life. Each of those children left something behind and helped us grow. They prepared the way for the children that would never have to leave us. For that I am grateful. We still have a kid or two out there waiting but it is all in our Heavenly Father's time.