Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday to 2 of my men.

So when we were matched with Link we did not realize that his birthday was the same as Michaels it is really funny. So now we have two birthdays to celebrate on October 26th. Link turns 2 today (he has already got the "NO" down pat) and Mike turns 30. That last one is a bit hard for me to be OK with. I am still not ok with being 29. I guess you can not stop the clock. We had fun last night celebrating both of the birthdays. Lots of Balloon games for the kids and presents for both of them. We did not do a big birthday since Link is a bit young and mike is a bit old but it was still a lot of fun for our little family. My parents did come over to help us with the festivites and the kids enjoyed getting to show off all of the ninja balloon skills they have. The best part was when Link got his stick horse and started mooing. He still thinks that thing is a cow. I love it. Princess decorated the cupcakes for chase and mike got a cheesecake. I am going to have to start working now to try and figure out a way to do the dual birthday thing. One idea is to do Link's party on a weekend and do a special dinner for mike and then on the actual day let the birthday boys go out on the town and have fun. I don't know. I still have 365 day sto work it out.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Full and Fun Weekend!!!

I had one of those weekends that you are never get a moment to rest until it is time to go to work on monday. We had the state fair, Presents to make, Costumes to make, church and a birthday party. It was a lot of stuff but to be honest it was a blast. Here is the break down.

Friday: I decided to make my Nieces birthday presents because I had learned som really cute crafts. I made here a crayon tote and some hair bows. This took all night but while I was sewing we had a family movie night and watch Halloween Town II on disney. My niece seemed to really like the presents at her party and I also made some for my three kids for Christmas.

Saturday: STATE FAIR! No Seriously, this is a huge thing in our family. We start talking about the fair in July! I was so excited about the fair that I could not sleep the night before. (How sad is that) After Beaus golf lesson we went to the fair and had so much fun. Princess and Beau got to ride the rides (with dad sometimes) for about 3 hours. The faster the better seemed to be the motto that day. It was fun to watch them get so excited about all the different rides and food. We also went to a tiger show and we all loved it. Princess loved it so much she wanted her daddy to catch her a tiger to bring home. No such luck. We got to see animals, games and lots of other fun things. Plus the food, that is just a given. Now it is over and we have a whole year to wait until the next one.

After fair still sat.: It was our nieces birthday party and we went there after the fair. We really enjoyed getting to see the family, hang out and talk. What I loved seeing most was our niece and princess being so excited about seeing eachother. They really love to play and have fun together. It is so cute!

Sunday: I realized that I had to have Beau's costume completed before the end of the week. If he wanted to be something normal this would note be a problem but no, my son has to be Ike from Mario Bros Brawl. So I get to look online at all the pics and try and figure this out. Really, I could rock a Project Runway challenge if it was about Nintendo Costumes. I make it work. I did finally get the costume done last night 6 hours, and then Beau put it on and I had to make him take it off when he went to bed. That is always the reward. Last year was link from Zelda and he did the same thing. He is so good about making a huge deal about how perfect the costume turned out and that it is so cool. Then he gives me a hug an all the stress from the sewing melts away.

Now the weekend is over and I am getting ready to decorate for Trunk r Treat at church but before then I am claiming tonight as a Mom Night. No sewing, no nothing but relaxing and enjoying the fact that I have nothing to do for a few hours. Maybe, this is my family we are talking about.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Three little pigs

well, just one so far. When I got home yesterday Link threw up and so I took his temp and he had one. Mike and I talked and because the school had sent home a notice that some of the students had confirmed H1N1 viruses we decided to take him in to the doctor the next day. Mike just called and we now have an almost 2 year old pig. He is on meds and we are to keep him away from the other two hopefully not pigs. I called all three schools to let them know, I called the DHS workers and I am now contimplating how long of a weekend I am going to have with mike working the whole time. I am going to stop by the fabric store and pick up some stuff to work on in my isolation and hopefully the other two kids will stay symptom free. Princess is allergic to tamflu so we are really concerned with her coming down with it because how will they treat her. I guess I will huff and puff until this flu is blown down.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Zone!!!!

So, I find myself calling my husband it seems everyday to share the news that another one of our good friends is having a baby and we talk for awhile about how we think that each of these people will be such wonderful parents and that we are excited for them. This has happened four times in the past year, three of which have been in the past two weeks. All of these families have a special place in the Taggard's memories and hearts. All of them have even watched as Mike and I fell in love, got married and started our own family. I want to leave a special message to each of these friends and leave with them all our good wishes, congrats and a firm warning to keep all baby producing water away from me. I will leave the messages in the order that we found out about your newest additions.

Aria and Eddie- I know the Eli has already been born but we continue to marvel at how wonderful you both are as parents to this special child of God. He is beautiful and I only hope that all of our children will grow up together and feeling the love that only family can offer. I am looking forward to seeing this young man grow up and follow in his parents steps. I promis not to let Mike infuence him too much.

Mary and Martin- WOW!!!!!!! Yours took me my complete and utter suprise. Holy cow. We have been so blessed to have both of you in the family and I can not wait to meet the newest Downey. Mary, I too was not able to keep it quiet for the 3 months or even long enough to suprise my husband and that is what we love about you. I know that both you and martin will be excellent parents and that your baby will be loved and guided through this life in the best way. I also know that he or she will be fully versed in the marvel comics, wrestling and all things media. By the way, you know that our doorstep is always open for a little kid wanting to play video games. Please give martin a big hug for me!!!!!!!!

Kara and Ben- I am still tearing up. Just to let you know. Maybe it is just hormones or the fact that you and Angie were always there for me and I prayed that you would receive wonderful blessings in your lives. When I told Mike he said that he could not think of a better thing for you and ben. I know that you will be a great mom and Ben will be a great dad. I am just sad that I do not live close enough to you to help you through your morning sickness, laugh as you can no longer fit in the desk and come over and wash your dishes while you lose your plug. But you know I would!

To the friend that has yet to spill the news- You are already a mother and have a beautiful daughter (one that I would not mind my son dating if they were not kids) and you are also one of my very good friends. I am so happy about your news and can think of nothing that could have made this stormy day seem sunny. Mike (when I called) told me that when I told him about Kara that he had a feeling that you were pg too. You and your husband are wonderful people and I love that your family is growing. I will not add any personal things since you have yet to announce anything but know that if you need me I am there.

To all of them- We love each of you very much and please know that I could never express in words or on a blog the happiness and joy that I have that each of you are mothers. You have all been there for mike and I and even our kids and I hope that you each know that if you need anything, to talk, share pics, drive, support or anything that we would love to help. All of you live so far away and we miss you. Please keep us updated on your little ones.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hair Bows- Pics added

So I have a daughter now, a three year old daughter and she loves to have her hair fixed up. I kept looking around for pretty bows to top off her ponytails and such but alas, I could not find any I liked or wanted to pay and arm for. Honestly, when you do come across bows they are way pricey and those that know me know that I am too cheap for that. I then noticed at the booths for the bows (consigment shops, sales, boutiques) that they had to have been made from someone and I am pretty crafty so I thought about it and decided to make my own. I got online and did some research and last night I spent about $7.oo and made 6 bows and still have stuff to make 7 more. It was really fun and now I can not wait to go and buy more ribbons and create such cute masterpieces to decorate my already beautiful princess hair. For real, they look great! I will post some pics when I have time. For anyone that would like to try making hair bows for nieces (Kara) or your own kids here is the website that I found most helpful.