Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last days of summer

I just realized that I did not blog about our little vacation. We did not leave central Arkansas but we still had a lot of fun. On Wednesday we went to see the wiggles live. It was so much fun to see the two little ones having so much fun. To be honest Mike and I kinda got into it too. Also, Anthony is pretty good looking up close. On Thursday we rode the trolley through the river market area and then the kids got to take part in a film shoot for a local childrens museum. That was really interesting. It was the whole shebang, you know.... Lights, camera and action.....type of stuff. The crew had nothing but great things to say about our kids and I don't blame them they really are great kids. On Friday we did a lot of hanging out at home but we did venture out to go and see Harry Potter. Beau LOVED it. He keeps talking about how he can not wait to get his letter to hogwarts when he turns ten. We then came home and went to the church pool party. On saturday we went and visited our friends Eddie and Aria and their new baby. He is such a cute one. As you can all see we had a fun time and I did take some pictures but have yet to put them in the computer. It was a great ending to a long summer and now the kids are going back to school. If I can get princess over this bug that has kept her from starting school this week. Have a great end of summer everyone.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crabby mommy

So you know you are a little on the cranky side when your eight year old grabs the younger two and puts them in his room and tosses lindt truffles down the hallway at you and yells that he loves you.

Yup......I might have been a little cranky.