Thursday, May 14, 2009

We have placement

Well, almost. Court went well yesterday. The Judge ruled with DHS and said that the Foster parents could not petition to prevent placement in our home or delay the adoption process. He did say that the two different Foster Parents can petition to adopt the children but that the opinion of DHS would weigh heavily in the case. So, that means that as of next monday the kids will be officially placed in our home and that starts our 6 month placement until adoption. They are in our home right now but it will not officially start until next monday. We are very happy and excited and we are thankful for all of the prayers, good thoughts and support that we have received from our friends and family. We went home and ate homemade pizza and had a great night celebrating with our family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

4 simple words

Thats all it took to make my heart so full that it just might explode. What were these 4 simple words........I love you, mommy. These words are perfect for any mother but this was the first time I heard them from my princess. She then said that she loved her daddy and Beau too. She said it. She loves us. She also climbed into her bed and asked if she could sleep at our house.......and I had to say not tonight. All in due time. All in due time. For now my heart is full and happy and my soul longs for my children to be home with me forever. All in my Heavenly Father's time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

I am another year older and closer to being an old lady. I will be 25 for about another 5 years and then I will go up to 35 and hold for ten more years and so fourth. This is so not cool. 29!!!!!!

So now that I am done with the pity party I will talk about how things are going for the Taggard Clan.

We are still doing daily visits with the kids and were supposed to have an overnight visit but the kids ended up getting sick so we will just have to see when it will be resceduled. The visits are going really well and the kids and Mike and I are really adjusting and bonding well. Now if we could just get them here permanently I would feel better.

My birthday weekend has been really fun. We went and watched wolverine on friday night and out to dinner afterwards and ate some yummy food. Then on saturday we went down to dig for diamonds and then got rained on. You know what though it was so much fun. No diamonds but two wonderful men that love me and spoil me rotten. Then we came home and I woke up this morning to pancakes in bed..... well, a plate of pancakes brought to me in bed. dNow I am waiting for my Mikey Steak to be grilled and to watch a disaster movie and call it a day. Hey, When you get to be my AGE you turn in and keep the rocking down to a minimum.