Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Second Visit

The Second visit went great. We finally got to meet our son! He is a very cheerful guy and is quickly falling into hero worship with his older brother. He followed Beau around and anything the big one did the little one would soon attempt. Princess also came along for the visit. She of course was dressed up and ready to play. We went to a park and got so caught up in pictures and playing that we almost missed dinner and meeting the case worker on time. My mom stopped by to visit the kids too since she was off work and close by. It felt great. All of the kids just seemed to bond so quickly. It helps that Beau is one of those kids that can make anyone feel good and peaceful and it has been a skill that has helped all of the foster kids we have had adjust faster and feel better. Within a few minutes he was making them smile and laugh by playing hide and seek and tickling them. He was very excited about meeting them. Link (little son- not real name) really surprised us. We were expecting a fussy baby and instead had a cheerful and very active kid. We spent two hours playing and have some great pics for everyone to see. We will be doing a visit everynight for the next two weeks and even have some weekend overnight visits. Again it is so hard sending these kids back to their houses when we know that they are our children but it will not be that way forever. Enjoy the pictures and I will keep you all updated.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had our first visit with our daughter. Thats right our daughter. It is possible for a Taggard man to have a girl.....we just had to get ours little differently than most. I can not express in mere written word the emotions that are in my mind and heart right now. I was so nervouse before the visit and now I look back and wonder why. When I saw her I knew at once that she was mine. We went to the museum of discovery and played for about an hour and a half with her and it did not take very long for her to warm up to mommy and daddy. Mike of course had to test her belly for squishability and I realized that she would probably be a daddy's girl. So not fair! She was really shy at first but I have a funny feeling that given a little bit of time she will talk your ear off. I know that by the time she and mike dropped me off at work that she was talking up a storm about everything......she will fit in alright. After the museum we picked up some clown town and headed over to the park for a picinic and to feed the ducks. By this time she was laughing and smiling and getting on to daddy if he was not walking fast enough for her. When the ducks started flocking to us she said she was scared and to get the doggies away so mike scared them off ( I told ya'll she will have him wrapped in no time). We then went to take me to work and when I hugged her goodbye and got a kiss she said that she wanted to play with us again and that she would miss me. Mike said that she looked sad when he had to turn her back over to DHS and that he got a hug too. I can not wait until next week and seeing her win over Beau with those big brown eyes. Hopefully we will get to meet her brother next week too. He was sick today so we missed our visit with him.

Monday, April 6, 2009

guess what?

We were chosen as an adoptive family for a young sibling group of 2. That's right. After 7 years of trying to expand our tiny family of three it looks like we are about to get our wish. We have known for a little bit now but have been a little nervous....worried that it might fall through but last week we met the caseworkers, foster parents and lawyers and it seems like it is a go. We have been fostering now for over 2 years and will still foster but have been praying for our eternal and forever family to find us. It was kind of a shock for us. We almost gave up after a close call this past holiday season but Mike kept on me and I said ok lets keep trying. Not too long after that we were moving in the fast lane and was shocked when we were actually chosen out of the other families to have these kids. Us!!!!! The Taggards!!!! The ones that seem to have all the rotten luck! I just cried and Mike laughed like a crazy bandit. It was a little scary actually like he sounded a bit like the joker. No Kidding. Since that moment we have been going to meetings, reading and filling out paperwork, getting more training and just running on go. This past week our current foster kids were placed in a new home and it was a reality hit......we are closer to meeting our kids. I have had about 3 kids less time to think about it this past weekend and I am a little freaked out but in that great way. The way that you get when are getting ready for your first day as a freshmen or the day of your wedding.....you know something great is happening but you know that your life will never be the same. So with that our family is (hopefully) going permanently from 3 to 5. We are supposed to meet the kids within the next two weeks and you know I am going to get some pics and have fun. Continue to pray and think good thoughts for us and I will keep you updated.