Saturday, December 20, 2008

OOOHHHH, Desi of the nine fingers!!!!!

So in Hopes of making the holiday spirit brighter I very smartly slammed my finger shut in a car door. Thats right, Oh Joy and all things wonderous. I can now relate to frodo baggins and the pain he felt as gollum bit off his finger. Did I loose my finger? No, but I did break it and ended up with three stitches. I will say that the shots of pain meds in my butt made things a little interesting for awhile. I still hurt but my brain just didn't seem to care. By the way I have discovered that you can type with out your left index finger. Yes, I said left. For those of you who know me you are wondering how I will be able to manage to sign my name or write little love notes to mike, Never fear I can write with my right hand too. It is not very pretty and it takes a long time but I can do it. It was funny in the hospital when people kept saying that at least it was the left hand and not the right until I informed them I was left handed. OH, what a handist world we live in. I am now on vicatin and an antibiotic. I never would have thought that one tiny bone could hurt so much but it really does. This does give me a free pass on some of the messy diapers and washing dishes but I have a funny feeling that I will not like not being able to bend my finger. The splint is not fun. Well, I will keep you all posted and I hope that you have a great weekend. Maybe I will watch the lord of the rings this weekend and share in frodo's misery.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

chess boy and fun weekend

So Beau had his first chess tournament on saturday. He had a lot of fun and he even suprised us by getting third place in his skill level. The Tournament was from 8am-3pm and the kids just played round after round of games and got points for winning. Like I said he had a lot of fun and he can not wait until the next tournament.
After the tournament we decided to go and look at lights. We went to the enchanted forest lights and the kids loved seeing all of the huge light displays. We then went over to city hall and looked at that light display. This upcoming weekend we are going to go to the Birns park lights and the capitol building. We also baked cookies, made fudge and chocolate covered pretzels. We had a great weekend and loved getting into that great holiday spirit.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


So today is December 6, 2008 and in my house and the rowe house that means that today is sinterklaas day. Here in the states and in canada it is known as St. Nicholas day. It is the day where children wake up and find that sinterklaas has left treats in the shoes of good children. Today was no exception. The kids all left their shoes out last night by the door so that sinterklaas would have no trouble finding them. (unlike mother every morning having to hunt down that one lost shoe) We leave out our christmas lists and hope that we have been good enough that he will pick them up and take them back to the north pole. He did. He even left the traditional note letting us know that he is happy with us and what we can work on until christmas to make sure that he comes and visits again. The kids found some candy and a little bit of cash in their shoes are now running around in a sugar induced playtime. Good Times.

The link above goes into the history of this fun holiday but now I will go into why we celebrate it. Back in the late 80's my family (the Rowes) lived in Holland. While living there my folks were great at exposing us kids to the culture. We loved it. Our favorite one was of course sinterklaas day. We would leave our wooden shoe out and wake up and find candy and such in the shoe. Well, even after we moved back to the states we continued on the tradition and now I celebrate it with my family with a little variation to fit with the american season. It is a fun little thing that really sets of the season of magic for us. Plus, if it wasn't for Sinterklaas day how would our christmas lists get to the north pole?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas magic

magic comes
every year. After
we set up the tree and
the last ornament is in place,
the lights all twinkling and the star
sitting in the highest bough, the tree aw-
akens for a magical season. When a child lays
under the tree and gazes up at it branches, imagining
the elves jumping from limb to limb or thinking that per-
haps the ornaments come to life, the tree listens to their thou-
ghts. If the children are pure and true, if the christmas spirits rings
in their minds the tree grants them a special wish. Once a day
they can lay under his festive boughs, close their eyes and make
a wish.
Then the
tree will
throw a
pie- ce of
can - dy &
the wish
should co- me true.