Friday, November 28, 2008

I came I shopped and I slept

So as I sit here typing, blurry eyed and in a hazy stuper I do what comes natural I blog.
Our first every hosted thanksgiving dinner went great. It was a Rowe year for turkey day and my Mom agreed to let me host it at our house. We had great food and lots of talking and strategizing for the Black Friday to come.

Food..... WOW! Mike smoked a turkey for us in the grill and it was one of the best turkeys I have ever had. I thought that fried turkey was my favorite but that was before I had his smoked turkey. It was juicey and flavor through-out. The rest of us made the side dished and my grandma made a ham. We still have lots of pie and left overs for anyone that is hungry out there and would like a bite to eat. It was a fine dinner.

Black friday..... Yup. We did it. It has become a rowe traditions of sorts. We search through the ads after thanksgiving dinner and then we make a plan. Who is going where, who needs what and who can fight dirty. OK, the last one is not some thing we do. But we do have a plan on black fridays. Get up early, stand in line for a while and then run like the devil. This year there was not much that we wanted from the different stores so the majority of us went to Wal-mart, having list in hand of who was getting what and where to meet we took our battle stations. My sister and I were both in the toy area. We got there early and stood around for about an hour before all fury broke loose. You would not believe how crazy some people were to get a hannah montana doll. WOW! I am pretty used to it though because we have been doing this for about ten years. People are craazy over some discounts. I get a little caught up in it too, this big girl can run down some walmart isles for a $2 dvd. We did get some presents baught and had a lot of fun. I then came home and relieved my grandmother who watched the kids for us and fell asleep on the chair listening to mike work on our family present for the year. A new laptop. Yes another black friday find. Our desktop is about to die and he kinda needs a laptop for work so we talked about it and decided that if we do without some things and combine our gifts we could get one. He almost missed out too. He got the second to last laptop in the price range we could afford. It will also make getting on the internet a little easier since this computer does not take 15 minutes to load anything.

So this is the tale of my thanksgiving and day after. We are now about to set up christmas..the turkey has had his day. and we will then snuggle up with some hot chocolate and charlie brown's christmas. Sounds like a good night to me. So every one. Happy holidays and I hope that you had as great of a thanksgiving as I did.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh yes, it's 80's night!!!!!

So, Saturday was the school mother son dance and the theme was favorite decade. Beau and I picked the 80's because....well it was faster and easier to put together. It was a fun night and I enjoyed it but here is our tale.

Beau's clothing and hair was easy to put together he was supposed to be the good 80's kid and I was going for the punker 80's thing. As I was putting on my make-up (red blush, purple and hot pink eyeshadow and yes pale silver pink lipstick) Beau could not take his eyes off of the process. "mom, why did they wear so much blush in the eighties?" and other such questions were asked and then answered with..."I don't know, I was not allowed to wear make-up in the eighties" Then came the hair. Man alive, I teased and sprayed the crap out of that hair. I think it was like 5 inches around my head. As the cloud of hairspray dissolved into the air my son said " how could girls be happy in the eighties with all that make-up and hair?" I thought back to the side ponytails and puffy bangs and wings and just laughed. After adding a tie and hot pink jacket to my outfit I grabbed my wallet and keys and we were out the door.

First stop on our date was dinner. Beau said that he would pay for dinner with his allowance for the week ($5) and then picked Chili's for dinner. We got there and of course people want to look at the crazy lady with glitter hair and crazy makeup but with a good looking (and oh so charming) blue eyed angel on my arm I did not notice them at all. We sat down and ordered and while eating I had to answer a lot of questions. Where doors invented in the eighties, were roads created in the eighties, did boys play pokemon in the eighties, were cars invented in the eighties....How old does this kid think I am !!!!!!! It was funny to think about what has and has not changed in the past 2 decades. I still remember having to use an encyclopedia instead of wikipedia. After Beau paid for dinner (lamenting the fact that having to spend allowance on dinner that he would not be able to buy this weeks set of pokemon cards) we rushed on over to the dance.

There was actually a pretty good turn out for the dance. Beau and I dance several dances together even trying some spins and dips (him not me) and just having fun. Until he noticed a corner in the gym covered in balloons. Now any mother of a 7 year old boy will know what I am about to say. He turned to walk off but looked back at me winked and said you can dance single for awhile mom and off he went. The rest of the boys soon followed and us old tired moms were given a break. Beau did come back and dance a few more times with me. Well, I snagged him and made him dance with me and then we went on home.

Overall my date night with Beau went great. We had fun and I realized that to my son I will always be 100 years old.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Look at me....Mrs. Fix it.

So I had a fun weekend. Mike and I helped my sister this weekend at her house and we learned how to do some new things. I retiled a wall and helped install a toilet and a sink. Yup, me....Desiree.....the thats why I got married so he can do it......Me. I am learning some new skills. It really was fun but my arms are kinda sore from painting two rooms and doing all that other work. Ok so I was mostly a tool giver while mike put in the toilet and sink but still. I now know that it is not the plus and minus sign but a flat head and plus sign screwdriver. Just kidding Phillips head. lol. Next thing you know mike will be pulling out my crafting stuff and making a quilt.

Funny thing happened this weekend. My cell phone came up missing and I thought that I left it at walmart (the only store I go to with 4 kids) so I was pretty upset. Well, My father in law calls Friday night and tells me that a little girl just called from my phone to his house. hmmmmmmm. I start looking through the house to find the little girl and my phone. My oldest Foster daughter, princess, was laying under Beau's bed with my phone. She took it because she missed beau (he stayed in arkadelphia last week) and wanted to talk to him. That crazy girl. I had to hide the laughs until she was safely in timeout and out of hearing range. I could not believe it. I did let her call him after she got out of time out and we had a talk about not jacking peoples stuff. It was super funny though. I sure do love kids.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bobby Fischer......Maybe.

So Beau has taken up the chess club at school. The teacher suggested to us a PTC because he is an advanced student and excells in math. He loves it. His favorite day at school is chess club day. I was afraid that he might get picked on for being know..... the Chess Club but since he goes to a math and science school it is the cool club to be in. Weird, I know. Anyways, his dad and I have started having to play him at home and I am ashamed to say this but he is really hard to beat..... he could have had me last night if he had done one move and I was too prideful to tell him about it too. Bad, mommy, bad! Mike also got him a computer game called chess masters or something. The boy plays it nonstop. I asked him about moving a Preacher and he gave me the "mom, how can you be this simple" look that our kids are soo good at and told me that the correct name is Bishop and then asked me to repeat to him the rules of the pawn promotion. Honestly, I don't know much about chess so I just put it down as another battle lost to Mike in the war of training our son to be a jedi nerd. Poor mom, I am bound to be surrounded by geeks and nerds for eternity. I guess I need to put on my Lord of the ring, grab my Lightsaber, put on my wizard hat, hop on the closest dragon and join the club. Whoa is me!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Long time no blog!!!!

Sorry friends and loved ones but it has been a busy summer and early fall for the taggard clan. I am hoping that things have slowed down enough for me to become a regular blogger again. I really do love having a way for everyone to keep up with our little families lives. So, here is to optimistic thinking!!!!

First things first. Since the last time I blogged we added 5 little ones to our family. Don't freak out only 3 of them are children. Are current foster children are 2,3 and 5. Two girls and one boy. They are really sweet children and we have had them since the end of June. The other two additions would be dogs. Yes, thats right, Mike got his two big manly dogs for the back yard. The funny thing is..........they are the most laidback bunch of manly dogs ever created. They let the kids hang all over them and even try to play hide and seek with their shoes. Our little dog sassy likes them well enough but she gets very territorial when they think that they should be petted more than she is.

Other than expanding our family we have had some other events happen. We no longer drive a ford festiva. We finnaly broke down and got a Minivan that can hold our ever increasing family. We really like it. The kids like it more because they are not right on top of eachother in the back of the car anymore. I will have to post a picture soon. Mike had a really bad leg infection and has been battling that for over a month, Derek joined the chess club and started golf lessons and I got a promotion from Purchasing Agent I to Purchasing Agent II still with Parks and Tourism.

I know.....I know...... Lots of news and so little blogs. I will get better now that summer is over and I have more time.