Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Well, my families eyes are swollen, itchy and blood shot, noses are runny or stuffy, sniffles are heard through out the house, it is freezing in the morning and blazing in the afternoon.......That must mean that spring is here!!!!!!!!

My husband, my son and myself all have allergies and they are even worse this year since we moved to a new part of Arkansas and have to become adjusted to new pollens and such. We all pass around the allergy pills in the morning and the tissues in the evening as we are getting excited about spring. Beau is excited about planting graps and other plants ( the boy loves plants) and I am excited about camping trips, outdoor parties and BBQ. Well, being a southern girl I know that grillin season is year round but it is just better when you have a bunch of friends and family sitting on the back porch talking and hollerin at the kids. Plus we are excited about getting to know our new town.

We are a family of the season. We are excited about every season as it comes up but usually with summer that excitement sizzles away in the 100 plus heat. oh well it is only a few weeks away we better enjoy the nice weather while we can.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Free at last free at last

  1. Well… friend tells me that we are free from the bonds of big brother……for now. That means that for the time being I am able to post blogs.

    What has been going on with the Taggard Clan? Not much of anything. No, really I am being honest. We have had a pretty non dramatic couple of weeks. Let me break it down.

    Beau finally agreed, after having to explain the difference between mom and dad kissing and him and whoever kissing, that he will not let girls kiss him on the mouth and hopefully not at all. (whew, glad that is better)

    Beau did get the flu and it was really bad for about six days at our house. He also managed to get his aunt and cousin sick too. That reminds me he also got the dog sick so we had to clean up after her too. What in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! I only remember vague memories of those wonderful motherhood experiences….ok to be honest I just called mike if he was at home to clean it up but there were times while he was gone that I had to suck it up and try to keep my stomach down. Oh the joys of being a mommy.

    Having to clean up and take care of a flu ridden six year old kinda makes unpacking hard. We eventually started getting the house out of boxes. It is amazing how much stuff can fit into one tiny box. I am not talking about books or things like that I am talking about those little thinks like…..well you know junk drawer stuff that you have to have but have no earthy idea on how or where to organize and put it. On the plus side we don’t have a shortage on storage space anymore so I guess that is good.

    And last but not least…..LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!! For those of you who know mike and I you know that we are very busy people. We are hardly ever home and when we are home we like to entertain people. Well, moving did not change our schedules. Beau has officially started soccer season with practice twice a week and one game a week and Baseball starts in two weeks with two games a week plus practices. Thankfully it will only overlap by a few weeks. I tried with all of my mommy persuasion powers that be to convince him to play one or the other but his pouty son goo-goo eyes powers that be won. I have really got to start working on a defense to that. Oh well. Next year I will be ready for him and I will prevail. Or die from running around to and fro.

    So here is the update to those that are interested in our simple lives and I hope to be able to start back up on writing a regular blog and being able to visit yours.