Monday, June 16, 2008

Baseball is Finally over

Mike and I have a 3 week break from baseball and the next sport which is Golf. The good news is that golf is only once a week instead of the 3-4 times a week that baseball was. I asked mike what the shedule was for this week and we actually sat back and wondered how we were going to fill those once busy nights. Don't get me wrong we were able to come up with stuff (AKA: TO DO LIST). Beau had fun with baseball and was sad when the season ended but he is really excited about golf. We got him signed on with the First Tee program and we went to the orientation a few weeks back. It is really nice. Not much has been going on with us since the last post just trying to keep up with all of the busy things of summer. I will tell ya'll a funny story before I sign off.
Beau and I were at home on friday and we decided to make a clubhouse out of his bunk bed and make a big bowl of popcorn and watch this semi scary show from back when I was a kid. It is called 'Are you afraid of the Dark?'. Well, we get the clubhouse built, the popcorn is popped and we put the disk in the DVD player. All the light are off and we are just a giggling and having fun. The show gets started and Beau starts talking smack about how it is not scary (I made the mistake of telling him to let me know if it got to creepy) and that he would protect me and cover my eyes for me so that I would not get scared. The first story was about the headless horseman and it was fine for awhile. Finally when I was getting creeped out Beau looks at me and goes "mom, if you need to you can fast forward this part" I then tell him that I am fine and I will just cover my eyes. He then informed me that he would like to have it fast forwarded. So we watch about 2 hours of this show and fast forwarded any thing that was creepy. That is the best way to watch scary shows. Mike teased us but it was a fun afternoon. Oh by the way, around midnight that night Beau showed up in our room with pillows and blankets to make a pallet on the floor by our bed. To tell the truth if I had been alone in my room I might have done the same thing.