Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What are you doing to my son!!!!!!

So Baseball started this season. I was under the impression that it was going to be another year of teeball, you know, where the coach chucks a ball at the kids and then if they keep missing it is placed on a tee, I was wrong. Beau is now in the JR rookie league and has a pitching machine. Here I am loving mother sitting down to watch my son play ball when I notice the machine in the middle of the field. I thought What the crap are they going to be chucking at my sons head!!!!! So I motioned for mike to meet me at the gate. (did I mention that he is asst. Coach) and asked why there was a machine on the field and he told me that it would be fine. So I go OK it is only a few times a game I can live.

So the game starts. Our team is in the field first so they glove up but then I hear coach tell Beau that he is catcher and then he pulls out all of this armour !!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! That thing is going to be chucking crap at his head for the whole game!!!!! Is this Crazy!!!!! Beau gets settled in behind the plate and I then get to watch for the next 1.5 hours balls richocheting off of my kids head, leg, body, arms and other body parts and I also get to see a bat continuously be swung over my really ungraceful childs head. It was really fun but man alive why can't they use nerf balls?

For those of you that want to know.... The game went great. Our team has only had one practice due to weather and they held their own. We lost by two points because the buzzer sounded and we were unable to finish our inning. If we had been able to finish we probably would have won since our kids were better at batting. Speaking of batting the one time Beau got up to bat he hit it out to the fence and brought himself and the kid infront of him home. He also showed off his throwing arm by continuosly throwing the ball from home out into the outfield. or hitting the pitching machine. The coach was impressed and I might have to get used to the catcher thing or he might just become an everywhere player. Oh well. Michael was so cute to watch helping coach too. He was really into the game and had to take some antiacid meds after the game. I will keep you updated

Saturday, April 12, 2008

economy of a 6 year old

So my son and I were putting gas into our car friday morning when he looks up at the pump and then looks back at me and the following conversation then took place:

B- Hey mom Dad and I filled up the other car and guess how much it was
M- How much?
B- It was over forty dollars!!!!!
M- I bet it was
B- Man, Gas sure is getting expensive huh?
M- yeah it is
B- Pretty soon it is going to get to expensive for us to buy
M- Sooner than you think (looking at it pass 30 bucks on the pump)
B- Maybe they should do something about that.
M- Maybe

I then looked my son over to see if he had a suit and tie on and heading to the office watercooler to discuse politics with the other office dwellers. How funny it is how much the kids of today pick up on things like this.