Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What to make of this

The home inspection went great! The house is in good condition aside from the cosmetic stuff that we are having fixed by the owner. I was nervous all day thursday because of hte inspection. I just knew that the inspector would clinb up on the roof and fall into the house only to proclaim it unhabitable and then we would have to start all over again. This is great! That means that we do nto need to worry about having to replace the structure of the house. Just cleaning it up and giving it some make up.

The people on TV make it seem so much easier than it really is. For starters they all seem to have about 500,000 to spend on a house. We do not. They go and look at all of these perfect houses that need absolutly no work done on it and they complain about how the huge house only has 14 ct gold fawcets instead of 24ct gold ones. We do not have that option. Mike and I decided that we would try and find a great fixer upper home that would give us instant equity when we buy it. This would also give us a low monthly payment and allow us to put our own personality into the home. Not to mention memories of having to fix it all up. I am sure that by doing this we will also be able to get more money back when we sell in the future. I worry about the young people that I see on the show that end up buying a house that is almost out of their pre qualified amount and then talk about how they are going to have to sacrifice...um...food in order to afford the place. This is why People are having to foreclose now. They got in to deep to begin with. Oh well. Of my soap box.

Hopefully we will have the keys to our home sometime before next Monday. They are replacing the flooring and other minor repairs and we are going to do the painting. We are having so much fun shopping for the different colors.

Oh yeah Mike is an assistant leader for cub scouts. His first night is tonight. I hope that he likes it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Law of curiosity

So I had my first Activities Girls night on Tuesday. I am helping another lady until she leaves and then I will take over. Well during the activity the teacher asked something along the lines of things that we should not do and one of the girls spoke up and said that we should not break the law of curiosity. It took me a good few seconds to realize that she was talking about The law of chastity. So everyone Don't break that law of curiosity.

On to other news. We put in an offer on a house and are having the inspection today. Hopefully the house will close on the 31st. It has been a roller coaster ride the whole time. There for about a week almost everyday another drama about the house came up but every time mike and I prayed about it we got the answer that we were supposed to make it our home. Beau like it because it has a playroom attached to what would be his bedroom. Mike and I like it because it is 700 square feet larger than our previous house. Hopefully everything will run smoothly today and we will be moving in next weekend. Anyone want to help?

Derek is adjusting so well to his new school. He loves it. He even like wearing a uniform and let me tell you I like it too. No more surprises of coming home from work and seeing that my child went to school looking like circus performer. He has to wear navy or khaki pants with a red, white or navy polo. Very simple. Very nice looking on him too. P.S. He gives me a kiss in the car every morning now. Maybe he is not all that grown up after all.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What no kiss……no hug…….where did my baby boy go?

Today was Beaus first day at his new school. For those of you who don’t know him he is a pretty smart and really shy guy, so I have been working hard to get him into a school that would be good for him. It took a couple of weeks but we got him into one of the local schools that we like and it even has a few of my church friends in it so help watch over beau. Well, this morning he seemed really snuggly (if that is a word) which tells me that he was not a happy camper. He told me that he was this much nervous, this much afraid and this much excited. (each time he made the gap between the fingers a little bigger) So we said a little prayer and I reminded him that two of the people at his school are ladies from the church and that they told me that they would watch out for him. We get in the car and run thru mcdonalds (hey gotta bribe them sometimes) get some breakfast and head over to the school to meet the new teacher. We get there and are met by Tamela (one of the church ladies and good friend of mine) and she walks us to the office. After turning in all the paperwork and buying a few additional supplies at the bookstore we are walked over to his new classroom. Tamela introduces beau to his new classmates and as we walk into the class room to meet the teacher Beau and I hear the kids getting excited and saying hi. (that was great) We met his teacher and she is a really nice lady. We went back out to put Beau in hi class line and they started talking to him and introducing themselves. He looks at me and says bye to me. I wait a little bit thinking to get a hug or maybe even a kiss but he looks back at me and winks. That is my clue that he has grown much to old for public kisses at school. So I start walking down the hallway and look back at him to make sure that he has not been stabbed or kidnapped and see that he is talking with the other kids. He then looks at me and blows me a little kiss. I guess that will have to do. I think that I had it harder at the new school than he did. I can not wait until he gets old enough that it is ok to kiss his mom in public again. My Beauregard is growing up and no matter what I do he will keep doing it so I might as well enjoy the ride.

Good luck to all mothers of little boys. You know what I mean. We pick out nasty stuff from their pockets, pretend to know what they are talking about in video games, sports and other weird stuff and even laugh at the under arm noises just to watch them grow up and not need us any more. It is well worth it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

icy situation.

On my way home from work last night I was listening to Mike’s station in hopes of hearing that barry white-ish voice come on the air and tell me the news but what I heard was an interesting little tidbit. Supposedly at 7 am this morning every single continental state (48) was going to be below freezing. That is some pretty amazing stuff. Well, it got me to thinking about another date that was pretty cold and holds one of those traumatic until a year has passed and then funny stories. For those of you who know me I apologize for the repeated story for those of you that are my newer friends…..sit on back and enjoy the tale.

It all started on a cold chilly Christmas afternoon of 2000. This young couple (we will call them Mike and Desiree) had been married for 5 months and were 4 months pregnant. They had just finished a wonderful Taggard Christmas Lunch and had decided to drive on up to Desiree’s family to see them. Dad Taggard warned them that it was going to get icy and that they should probably not go but they loaded up the old tank of a festiva (ford, look it up) and headed out anyways. They got about 20 minutes down the road and the ice had frozen the windshield wipers to the windshield. Desiree (this is where I get the truth out and Mike can’t add any falsehoods) told mike to get off on the next exit and clean the ice off and to let her use the bathroom. Mike decided to not wait and pulled off onto the side of the interstate to clean them off. Well, he pulled off and then the car started to slide down a very steep hill. This was scary but it eventually stopped and they looked at each other and commented on the situation. (in order to make Desiree appear more loving and less naggy I will not include this conversation into the story) A 18 wheeler pulled off behind us to help but the same thing happened to him and he was stuck too. Well, this was a pickle….oh and to top it off the exit that Mike should have taken was 30 yards in front of them. Pretty soon the cops showed up and called a tower. This would have been fine if they did not have to stand on the side of a freeway in the sleet and frozen rain waiting for the towers. The cops could not let them sit in the cars because of some sort of protection rule. When the tower showed up they hooked up and tried to get the festiva out of the ice. The tower then started slipping so they had to call another tower. By this time everyone knew that Desiree was in a high risk pregnancy and was not a happy camper being out in the cold so they put her in one of the trucks and mike stood outside of her window looking like a worried prince taking care of his damsel in distress. (Really, I have to put in that if you had been there and witnessed this small scene you would have cried and given us an oscar. I am tearing up just remembering how we felt and looked separated by that glass and just looking at each other) They finally got the car back on the road and we were back on our way. (Well we had a bit of a fiasco but it will just take to long to tell you.) Anyways 12 hours later (this is normally a 1 hour drive) they show up on desiree’s parents doorstep and they are still up (4 am) and on the phone with mikes parents and we felt like the missing lamb returning from the jaws of the wolf. One bowl of soup and a great story later they were asleep and warm and cozy.

Just as a side note. I can tell you that I am probably the only person in the world that has peed on I-30 (right on it not on the side) 12 times from Malvern to Little rock and Mike and I do know that angels and the Lord perform miracles. There was one point that mike and I were on a big turn bridge and the car was starting to slip again and we felt it stop and push in the other direction. That is not the way things go in icy situations or in cars. The Lord knew we had work to do for him. We love this story and pull it out to laugh over at least once a year. I hope you enjoyed.