Monday, December 31, 2007

out with the old and in with the new.....

........ literally.

old house .....gone.
old jobs..... gone.
old schools....gone.
old town.....gone
old bodies......well.....still growing and getting older!

We are still house hunting and having fun doing it. We have been in several houses both with permission and without (funny stories I will elaberate on later) and we have yet to get that feeling that it is our next home. We also are praying so that we know that we are getting the house for us. We will keep hunting but I have to say I sure do miss my stuff. We are going to start taking Beau with us to look at houses because he seems to think that it is cool to go into other peoples houses and look around (future felon anyone?).

We are adjusting to the new jobs, town and ward very well. The house hunting are helping Mike and I become aquinted with the roads and we are getting to know the people at church too. Beau has yet to start school and he is nervous. Anyone that has ever been to Perritt Primary school knows that it will take a fantastic place to replace Perritt in our hearts. That school treated everyone like family and we loved the past 4 years that Beau has been with them and we will miss them greatly.

So...... how is it that we have entered houses without permission? Easy we open the unlocked doors and walk in. Mike has not one bit of a problem doing this while I will at least look at the neighboring yards to make sure that no one is looking. The fist time (yes it has been more than once) I really felt nervous. I kept telling mike not to move things and to wipe off finger prints. ( I just knew there was a body in there somewhere) the second time I was less carefull so if you see my pretty mug on the 11 o clock news just learn from me to wear gloves when house hunting.

I forgot to let all of you know how graduation went. Mike did it. (and without flashing the student body) I was very proud of him and I am sure that had Beau spent any amount of the cerimony not rolling on the floor, playing with the program, punching his cousin, telling he was bored, dancing, spilling a bottle of water or mentioning very loudly that he did not like all of the speakers I am sure he would have been proud of his dad too. Mike also started his new job and he is rocking it. But we all knew that would happen. Now all we need are the new house and bodies and we are good to go.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season and that you are ready to rock a new year. We are going to make the best of what we have and do what we taggards do best. Take the good and bad mix them all up bake for an hour at 350 and turn them all into brownies.......Maybe that explains the bodies! Seriously, Mike is great at making even the most unexpected turn of events seem like a sunday afternoon. Easy breezy and full of laughter.

Here are my not so private New Years resolutions...... I have some personal ones that I will keep to myself so that when I break them only I will know.

1. I will ......... I never have been good at these things. I guess my resolution will be to start comming up with a list of resolutions for the next year.

Be safe and enjoy the new years celebrations. At midnight I will be happily snoring next to my also snoring husband and will pretend to anyone that asks that we stayed up partying all night.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jingle bell Rock and all that jazz

Well, we are a week out from being a whole family again. What I mean by that is that Mike graduates in a week and that we will be able to be together as a family instead of separated out in two different towns. Beau decided to miss his last week of school for the semester since we are moving and he did not want to stay in Arkadelphia without Mike and I. He said that he has just missed me too much. That is ok; he will only miss the Christmas parties and stuff like that.

Mike and I still do not have a place to live except for my parent’s house because rent is so much more expensive here in the city. In our old house we were only paying 475 a month for rent and up here rent is more like 750-850. So after finding out about first time buyer grants and stuff like that and talking to a bank about how much we are qualified for on a loan and the monthly payment would be about what we pay now for rent, Mike and I are trying to decide if we want to try and buy. It is a little bit of a scary idea. On the other hand….. To not have a crabby landlord and to be able to have a pet and foster kids without begging for permission would be great. Then on the flipside not having a landlord to fix the AC and stuff like that would be crappy too. Really though a 250 dollar difference a month is hard to beat too. We don’t know yet it is all up to the Lord. We are praying and I am meeting with a real estate agent this weekend to go over all the details of what we would have to do. I do not like being uninformed so I research like crazy anytime a big decision is placed on me.

I made some of my famous toffee this past weekend along with some home made crunch and munch popcorn and we decorated the tree. Well, Beau and my niece Pretty princess decorated the tree. So as you can imagine all the ornaments are on the bottom two thirds of the tree and clumped together. I am going to redistribute the ornaments this week as soon as I get a bit of free time. I am just having problems getting into the spirit without my husband and son. Isn’t that sad?

I hope that everyone is doing well and that you have had a great week. I am sending out the Christmas cards this week so if you want one and I have not sent one to you before send me your address and I will get it out to you. Remember just because I am not in the holiday spirit does not mean you can’t be. Throw on a Santa hat and dance in your living room to jingle bell rock.