Monday, October 29, 2007

The story of why we are foster parents

By request I am going to tell you all a little story as to why we are foster parents.

Beau's Family Picture:

I have Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrom better known as PCOS. What does this do? Well, it makes you gain weight, lose hair and lots of other stuff but most of all it makes it really hard to have kids. But you had one right? Yes, Mike and I got pregnant very quickly after we got married and the doctor thought that the PCOS would reverse itself like it sometimes does with Women that manage to get Pregnant. It did not work. Mike and I tried and we were not getting any luck in having a baby. This was making me very depressed and Beau was starting to realize that being an only child was not his bag of candy. He even came up with an imaginary brother and when he killed a bug one day he freaked out saying that he killed his brother and.....well......anyone familar with my son knows this story and has shed a few tears for his imaginary brother. It was an issue for alomost a year he would just start talking about it and crying. It was heartbreaking and it made me feel worse. I was the one that was broken and unable to give him a real sibling, so in my mind I was the one breaking his heart.

We will now skip to the end of the year in morning for the dead imaginary brother and move into Beau's Three year old Preschool year. I had just gotten a job and we moved into a house out of our apartment. Mike and I had talked a little about adopting but had decided that while he was in school it would not be an option so we put it off. We never talked about this with Beau or even mentioned it around him. Well, he came home from school one day and had a family picture drawn and it was matted on construction paper and looked really nice. I was looking at it and noticed that there were lots of people in it and so I asked him who they were. He said that those were his brothers and sisters. Oh, no. Here we go again with the dead brother. Beau, I said, Remember that you don't have any brothers and sisters? Yes I do mother. No Beau you don't. Mommy can not have anymore children. Then Derek said, I know but these kids are at there homes waiting for us to get them and bring them home. I was taken back. I said what do you mean, Beau. He then told me that these were his brothers and sisters that were not happy and were waiting in there homes to come to ours. I was taken back by this. How could a three year old that has never been told about adoption or foster care know about this? How would he know that there were children all over that needed a good home? Mike and I knew at that point that the Lord was informing us that we did not need to go at our own pace with adoption and foster care but by his timeline and if we would not listen on our own then he would speak through our child. We have now had 6 children in our home and Beau has never been happier. He is patient and loving and for the first time since he was born I feel like our family is complete. I know that my children are waiting for me and that they will not come from me but will come from someone else but they are still my children. I will always be grateful to my son and to my father in heaven for hitting me in the head and telling me to get the ball rolling.
That is my little story and I will scan the picture in later so check back.

Friday, October 26, 2007

and in 24 hours my life changed

As you know from my past post, about the stress that we are under as a family looking for jobs and new houses and trying to get Mike graduated, that we were praying for help. Man oh man did we get help. I applied for a job in little rock office of our department that I did not think that I would get but wanted to interview for it and let them know that I was interested in a job. It was something that was related to my degree....not the music one but the accounting one..... and it looked like something I would enjoy doing. Well imagine my suprise when the very next day after my interview I got a call offering me the job!!!!!!!!!!! I had to tell my boss and all of my friends at my office that I was leaving and it was kinda hard. This has been my only adult career position and so it is a lot like home. Mike and I are excited but with that excitement comes lots of things that need to get done.

With all good news comes bad news. I am going to have to move away from my boys until Mike graduates. I will come home on the weekends but will be living with my parents during the week. It will only be for a month until they join me but it is still a little sad to think about. Plus we are having to pack. Thank heavens I come from an air force family! We are also going to have to find a place and get it aproved by DHS for us to continue to be foster parents. Man I have a lot to do. I will just take it the way I take everything. One little baby step at a time. Just pray for us that everything will work out fine.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I was tagged by cookie and so I have joined this game of tag. Watch out you might be next!

Best thing you cooked last week: OAMC beef stroganoff. I don't know if it counts if you cooked it 3 weeks ago and froze it and then reheated it but it sure was yummy!

If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
The who is easy-Mike and maybe my kids the where is a bit tricky. I might want to go on a disney cruise or I might want to tour europe. I guess it all depends on my mood.

When was the last time you cried- I cried the other day because........sniff..........sniff....I can't remember what I was .......sniff...... watching......sniff.......but ..........sniff......if was really happy....sniff....and sweet.....sniff...... and you just had to be there.

Five things you were doing ten years ago :
1. Going to high school
2. Thinking I was smarter than anyone older than me
3. Hanging out with my family
4. Thinking I would be rich in ten years (that did not happen)
5. working at a wendy's (mmmmmmm frosties)

Five things on your to do list today:
1. Get gas
2. Print off inventory sheets at work
3. Fold mass of socks
4. Help husband get ready to leave on trip
5. Find ways to slip little notes into his luggage to read later.

Five favorite snacks:
1. Brownies
2. Apples
3. crunch n munch
4. nuts
5. crackers and cheese

Five Bad Habits-
1. thinking that I don't have any bad habits
2. putting off laundry
3. Spacing out when others are talking (this one is pretty bad)
4. never finishing a craft project
5. not matching up socks

Five favorite foods:
1. Brownies (see a pattern)
2. Ice cream
3. Any pastry
4. My husbands fab cooking
5. Really I am a southerner so just fry it up and I will try it.

Top Five places I've Been:
1. Most north: I visited the north pole at a mall in OK one time when I was a kid. The bullies at school tried telling me that it wasn't real but as long as I believe santa still brings me presents.
2. Most south: The gulf of mexico. I also realized that the sun burns you faster when combined with salt water. Ouch!!!! I was peeling for 5 years!
3. Most east: Europe
4. Most west: California
5. Most in between: Well I am in between projects right now but I don't think you mean that. How about from the east coast to the west coast.

Five favorite memories:
1. My wedding to my eternal love
2. The birth of my son
3. When my son told me about a dream he had that we were supposed to get kids from other people. (long story I will post about it sometime)
4. All of the cool stuff we did growing up in a close family
5. when Mike and I was stranded on an icy freeway for 12 hours (it really is a great memory now after 6 years)

Tag: I now tag Lupe because I can't be it forever! Mwaahaaa!

Monday, October 22, 2007

does laundry grow on trees??????

This is a serious question. I am concerned for my mental health and well being. Does laundry grow on trees or better yet under beds, in hampers, or in any other hiding place little hands can tuck stuff into? Does it? In my house it does!!!!!!!!!

This week has been a really busy one in our home so laundry got pushed off until this weekend. Ok, let me be honest the last two weeks have been busy and so major laundry got pushed off until this weekend. You all know what I mean. The type of laundry survival skills you use by only washing underwear or things that you don't have fifty bazillion of and then hoping that no one notices the mountain growing in your hamper or washroom. This is how we have been surviving the past two weeks and until I got everything settled down enough to make a plan on conquering mount washmore.

I started on Saturday afternoon by gathering up all of the laundry from the various rooms and hampers and then getting it done one load at a time. The dryer and washer never stopped! I had Beau (who did not like this game of sorting and washing) empty the dryer when the buzzer sounded and dropping the goods in the middle of the Living Room floor for me to fold after I switched out the washer. I then preceded to fold so much laundry that my arms are now comparable to Popeye's. (give or take a tattoo or two)

What am I complaining about you ask? That sounds like a normal laundry day? Well, if you had been in my house you would have seen it multiply. Even beau, curly and dilla noticed. Beau even asked where it was all coming from. Every time I walked into a room and would check out a hidden area there would be a load of clothes tucked in there hiding from our mom and dad glances to see if things are still livable in the bedrooms. I don't know how this happened but there were even clothes found under the mattresses and wrapped around the frames of the beds. There were about a dozen random and unmatchable socks located around my backyard and I am pretty sure that the dog next door was eating what used to be a pair of shorts that belonged to my youngest son. How in the world can this much laundry exist for a small family of five?! ? I came up with an answer during my day of dirty clothes and it is the simple fact that laundry reproduces. That's right, that is the only answer! This stuff multiplies and grows and then crawls into hiding places so that they can create more clothes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The tale of the demonic Squirrel

Once upon a time a semi-young lady was leaving work. Lets just say that her name is Desiree and that she works at a state park lodge. Well, She was walking along the sidewalk to get to her car for a long and uninteresting drive home when she heard a rustle of the decaying leaves beside the path. Desiree did not think anything of the noise since she is used to wild animals moving around the park but she looked over hoping to catch a cute bird or fox hunting for food. Whatever was making the noise was playing a game. It would rustle the leaves when Desiree looked away but would stop when she looked around. Finally after a few minutes of visualy tag Desiree decided enough was enough and started walking again. All of a sudden something darts out of the leaves beside her and out onto the sidewalk. Desiree look down and is taken back by what she sees. This was no ordinary animal this was a demon sent from below to torture and scare the innocent people in our park. What Desiree saw was something that resembled a squirrel but it had a stub for a tail, no lower jaw or if it did it was just weird, a sharp head and the eyes looked like empty sockets. The demonic squirrel looked over at Desiree and laughed a haunting chuckle and ran into the woods. When desiree got into her car she looked cautiously over to the woods and saw a pair of glowing red eyes looking back at her and she could hear that demonic laugh as she sped out of the parking lot.

Please note that this story is based on a real event but parts of the story have been embellished in the mind of a very imaginative person. The artists drawing is almost an exact representation of the demonic squirrel. If you see this animal please run in another direction.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Super fun weekend

Thats right I said I had a super fun weekend. We all went to the state fair on friday and when I say we all I mean, Mike, me, our three kids, my parents, my sister and her daughter and my neice and nephew. It was really fun. We arrived at the fair around 12:30 and then had ten hours of rides, shows, music, walking, cows, animals, free stuff and food. I received a sunburn on my face that is now trying to peel but other than that it was great. The kids had a blast. on the way to my parents house after the fair we drove for 5 minutes and all three kids were out like a light.
On saturday mike and I went to the LDS Memphis Temple with my parents and aunt and it was a wonderful experience. We then got back to my parents house and had to break our childrens hearts by informing them that we were going home and not staying another night at amma's and Papa's house. You would have thought that we took a knife and gutted derek, so he went and snuggled up to my mom for a little bit to get in his amma time. Mike and I decided to let the kids get in a little bit of play time before we left and to give us a break from being in the car so we hung out and watched ghost hunters with my dad and sister and just chatted. I really do getting to spend time with our families (both the taggards and the Rowes) and this semester it seems as though we are not getting to see either family very often. When we left papa made sure that the grandkids had candy in hand and saw us off.
We were wanting to stop off at Justen (our older taggard brother) and Riley (our youngest taggard niece) birthday party but after about the twentith spat we had to break up in the backseat (oh, how I wish we had a mini van to space out the kids) Mike and I made the executive decision that we would not submit any other living person to the world of "mom he looked at me" or "dad he is touching the window" so we sped home where we could send them to thier beds and mike and I could get some much needed quiet and relaxation.
Sunday we had Taggard Lunch at our house and we made stir fry. Really we just pulled stuff out of our freezer and put it together. It was fun only neal and his boys, Justen and Amber and Dad showed up (mom was out of town) so it was a quieter meal than normal. Plus with the great weather we had yesterday the kids stayed out playing.
So in review of our weekend we had a blast, lots of family, church and play time. Now We our back in the real world and getting back to the grind stone.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 more months until graduation

we are still just plodding along on our path to the future. There are cross roads coming up quickly that mike and I will have to make a choice about. Lucky for us we were given tools to make the right choices in our lives. We have a map (the church and teachings) and we have Godstar (cheesy I know) that lets us communicate with someone that can send help or that sees the whole picture and can guide us. Without these tools mike and I might not choose what would be best for our family. What are the choices coming up you ask? Well, buckle up and listen to my tale. As you all know if things go as planned Mike will graduate from HSU this december and with that comes our crossroads. We will have to decide on where to look for jobs, where to live, get reset up as foster parents in the new place and what school to send derek too. Luckily for us being LDS we already know that where ever we go there is a church that teaches the exect same things that our current unit is teaching so we will already have a support group where ever we go.
Those of you that know me well know that I do not like suprises, not knowing exactly what will happen and most of all not feeling in control of my life. It is killing me that I do not know where, what or when our lives will change. I don't know where I will be living or what mike and I will be doing in 3 months. We could be homeless and living on the streets! OK, so that would never happen but still you see where my mind takes me in the wee morning hours when I am still awake and stressing. It is a bit calming knowing that in 2 months mike will be a professional and making money so that we are true grown ups. (you know what I mean) Ok, enough of my ulcer provoking stress.
Things are going well right now despite my unpredictable outbursts. Derek is doing really well in soccer and gymnastics and our foster son is doing gymnastics as well. Our foster daughter is still charming all of the guys in our family and I am trying to master some of her tricks. Mike is doing well in school and is starting to get senioritis. He really wants out of there and is excited to be working at a real station. ( not that yours is not real, mike) We are getting ready for halloween and so far the costumes are as follows: One black cat, one "the Thing" and one either silver Surfer or Jaden from Yu-gi 0h GX. I will continue to dress in my tired mommy costume and mike will dress up as the stressed out over educated daddy costume.
We had a great weekend this weekend and had fun making toffee popcorn playing, cleaning, organinizing but most of all we all just hung out as a family and enjoyed some all to rare family time. We also got rid of a lot of stuff. (we are starting to get stuff ready for packing) We are going to the state fair friday if all works as planned and then to the LDS temple on sat with my parents and aunt Carol. So we are going to be busy bees this week. I will send out some pics of the fair.