Monday, November 26, 2007

Man what a weekend

So we got everything packed and moved with the help of a few Rowes and Taggards on Saturday. How can a three bedroom house fit into a 10x20 square foot room? Easy pile it high and wish for the best. Mike and I were really grateful for all of the help we got in moving and we know that it would have taken a lot more time and energy if it had just been the two of us. So to all of you who helped us move…….Thank you from my back to yours.

We did have a few snags this weekend with the move. Not only was it rainy but it was freezing cold. We are talking like 30’s and 40’s. That may not sound that bad to many of you but to an Arkansas Native that is pretty darn chilly. In fact I would call it down right cold. Luckily carrying furniture and boxes filled with books will help warm even the most in shape people. The second snag was that Derek realized that we really were moving. (we have told him this and discussed it in detail for awhile and he seemed ok) I think that it has been a little like a game to him until he saw his home empty and was about to drive away from the only town he has lived in and from his cousins. We are not moving that far away and we are staying with my parents until Mike graduates and we can find a nice place to stay so I do not think that he will be upset for long. If there were any other snags then they came up with out me knowing or caring to know and for that I am grateful.

My folks, Mike and I went back to the house on Sunday to do some of the cleaning so that Mike and his family that are still in town did not get stuck with it all and it went by pretty smoothly. We only had time to do the walls and baseboards and stuff like that and Mike and my Dad went out and broke down the trampoline and soccer goal. Did I mention that it was still raining and cold. Mike and I then said our goodbyes and pretended like we did not want to just sit with each other a little longer so that the other one did not feel heart broken at leaving. (only 3 more weeks, we can make it)

We still do not know where we are going to end up in central Arkansas but we did look at a few houses this weekend and found one that could be a possibility. Rent is just so much higher in a city than in a small town so we keeping getting the sticker shock face and it is probably not going to go away until we get used to seeing such high rents.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know that we did. I got to spend some time with the Taggard Family and we had the feast at My sister in law Becky’s house. It was great. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Becky will we be seeing you for every Taggard Holiday now?

Mike and I did the Black Friday thing in a smaller way this year since we did not stay up in Jacksonville. Arkadelphia only has a few stores. We went to Wal-Mart and picked up some different items that were priced very cheap and then went home to pack. Maybe next year we will pick up a laptop for 5 bucks or something.

Have a great week everyone and now that the bird had his day I can say
HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now who’s making the candy?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Give the Turkey His Day!!!!! Is the cry that I have heard from the love of my life for the last 9 years but I would not listen and would start making my holiday plans the day after Halloween. Now don’t get me wrong he always won on the decorating and music. (In a husky redneck voice that does not sound a thing like my husband but that I like to use to imitate him and ) “ Give the Turkey his day, is that too much to ask” To which I reply (in the smoothest most perfect speaking voice) “What ever” and then push out my bottom lip and murmur about how it wasn’t fair that walmart could decorate early but not me.

This is the reason that I am a little perplexed this season. It snuck up on me! I don’t know if it is because I am moving or starting a new job or because we had 2 more kids this year but some how that Thanksgiving bird has slapped me in the face and asked “How do you like me now?” and then gobbled away leaving me staring blankly at a calendar and wondering how I made it through fall without knowing that it was fall. I missed out on harassing my husband with Christmas carols and watching White Christmas over and over. In fact, I bet he thinks that he has won me over to the dark side. More than likely he too is busy and has yet to really be able to consider the fact that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. Truth is I am still as Christmas-y (is that a word) as ever, well, minus the sweaters and stuff. I am excited about the Christmas season and can not wait for Friday. Not only is it the last day in our current house but it marks the first day of the Christmas season and no matter what Mr. Grinch Mike says I can sing, say, decorate, wrap or watch whatever Christmas things I want to. So, Ha, Mr. Turkey, you may have had your day but I am going to have a whole month!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“HEEE HEEE HEEE” (once again in mikes pseudo redneck voice)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Started my new Job

I started my new job up here and so far I really like it. I am living with my parents until mike graduates and is able to move up here too. Every one in my office is really nice and I am kept pretty busy. Which is why I am no longer able to frequent MC and blogs all day. That is the only downside. I am getting to do things that are a little closer to my education and it is fun. The office setting is not as overwhelming as I thought that it might be. It is pretty laid back. So all that stress that I was giving myself about starting the new job was wasted.

I left Mike with the kids to finish packing and have a great time without mommy there to tell them to eat right, clean, not play Wii and go to bed. Curly goes back to his parents this weekend and Princess will soon follow leaving Mike and Beau alone and living with Justen and Amber until the big day.

I will try to keep all of you posted and try and keep up with all of you in my spare time. Have a great week.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Moving in full swing

What have I been doing for the past week? Packing. Even when I am at work I am thinking of packing. That's right one little word can bring tears to so many eyes around the world. Why is it that packing is such a hard thing? Is it because it is so sad to be packing up your life in to boxes....or could it be that everything brings up a not at all. It is so upsetting because you have to figure out how to get all of your stuff in to little boxes and you realize that:

1. you have too many books
2. There are so many little things that really do not have a category to be boxed with but you can't throw away for some reason because you need them.
3. You have no idea where everything came from
4. You still have too many books

This has been an enlightening experience for me. We have a tiny house and Mike and I go through our house twice a year to get rid of things that we no longer use so how is it that for every box that I pack our stuff grows. It is like the house is regurgitating clutter faster than I can pack it. This is crazy!!!!! Not only that but while we are packing it looks like we have never cleaned before in our life and wouldn't you know it but that is when people start dropping by. I have it on the tip of my tongue at all times now to say.....Oh sorry for the mess you know how moving is! and then I do this sort of Giggle and helpless glance number in hopes that they do not go and post an ad in the good housekeeping magazine about the dirties house in the world. How in the world did my mom and dad manage to pack us up (and sometimes with less notice) and move us so many times and make it look easy!?! We are steadily making progress and I hope that it gets over with soon. What ever is not packed at the end of this week will be left for my husband to do on his own and I am just not that trusting. In his defense he noticed that I was getting overwhelmed and when I was at work he packed all day. It impressed me so much that I now let him pack with me in the evenings and I only nag him a little on how he puts things in the boxes. Poor man!

We made the announcement at work that we would be moving soon and I did not think it would be so hard. We have love our unit so much and would love to stay but the Lord has other plans for us. My husband has always been in the branch and I have been in it for 9 years. We have life long friends in the branch and family as well. But as long as there are Taggards in the area we will be back to visit.

Alright no more messing around it is time to strap on my tape gun grab my multi colored sharpies and go attack the Kids Bedrooms. If you do not see another blog in two weeks please send a rescue unit to look for me under my sons bottom bunk. I am pretty sure that some of those toys are living and ready to defend there hiding spot.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Why do moms make plans?

So I have been planning a special Halloween meal for my family all month. We were going to have dinner in a pumpkin, ghostly milkshakes and Carmel apples. I was so excited about doing this and how it would make one of those memories that stick with your kids so that when they are standing over your casket they tell the whole world about what a great mom you were.

Well, Derek and I went to the store to get the stuff for our special meal and this is what followed.
Me: Hey, guess what?

Beau: What?

m: We are going to have a super dinner for Halloween, It is going to be so awesome that you will not be able to handle it.

B: Oh Yeah I will.....Look at this (he then does this huge toothy smile that he does to blind people with the brightness and we have to act like we can't see)

M: I guess you can handle it not stop blinding me.

B: so........What are we having for Halloween

M: We are going to eat dinner served in a pumpkin!!!!!! (with huge facial expressions and over the top voicing)

B: What you are not getting me to eat out of a pumpkin

M: Don't you think that it sounds cool?

B: Ummmmmmm no. That sounds not so good

M: What would you want then. ( as I see my graveside lament turning into something different such as my son talking about how his mom made him eat out of a nasty pumpkin)

B: Fondue!!!!!! (in a this is the only option voice)

M: You want fondue for your special Halloween dinner?

B: Ummmmm Yeah! (now the look that says his mom is not a sharp tack is on his little face)

M: OK fondue it is.

Now this story skips ahead a couple of days to the night of Halloween. I have made the creamiest, velvetiest and smoothest cheese fondue and with it included : Little smokies, Chicken nuggets, Tater Tots, Apples and summer sausages. Beau walks into the kitchen excited about the fondue and looks into the fondue pot and goes:

B: What is that!!!!!!!!

M: That is your Halloween fondue. (starting to hear those praises in later years again)

B: Why is it yellow? (Once again he seems to think I am a 3 year old)

M: Because of the cheese (returning the DUH look)

B: That's is not fondue!

M: Yes it is see you dip the stuff in it and eat it. (I give him a bite and he likes it)

B: MMMMMMM........Are you going to make the brown fondue too?

M: Chocolate fondue?

B: Yeah, the s'more stuff we had. That was so awesome!!! I want that again

Just to fill ya'll in a few weeks ago we had chocolate fondue and to dip in it we had Graham crackers, Marshmallows and something else and the kids all loved it. I guess I will get one of those cool graveside My mom was the greatest speeches after all.