Monday, April 22, 2013

Springtime busy

Our house is normally on the run but it seems that every spring brings a whole new kind of busy to our plate.    We now have to add in gardening and baseball to our schedule.   Link has started baseball this year and he is so in love with the sport.    He has such a huge smile on his face from the time he walks on the field until after he gets home.   I am truely amazed that this kid is now a big kid and not my little baby anymore.    Here is the Baseball kid for you.   This was taken after he won the game ball for getting the final out of the game.    Funny story is that he got the grounder from the outfield, didn't understand that he needed to throw it infield and decided to just run the kid down and tackle him.     Oh, little league sports will never stop entertaining me.     We have been practicing throwing the ball to others now.

In other news we spent this past weekend putting in our garden.     I am tired and soar but we got tomatoes, onions, herbs, cucumbers, lettuce, spinich, squash and a ton of peppers planted.    Mike and I are really trying to be better gardeners but it seems if we plant it that it will be doomed to a short and dry life.     One of these days we will get it figured out and my canning heart will be full and happy!!!!!

Beau had a busy schedule at school this past winter.    He had tournaments in Archery, Chess and Destination Imagination.   In Archery and Chess he made it to the state tournaments and in in chess he got third place for his ranking.     He is still continuing to thrive at the middle school he is in and I am amazed that my logic and science minded kid has learned the piano so easily.    His first solo recital is in a month and he is starting to get excited about it!

Princess has improved by leaps and bounds in the reading scene and is becoming such a responsible little girl.   She is trying so hard to transition from little kid to older kid and bless her heart if that little brother doesn't keep dragging her back down into the trenches.   One of these days she is going to be wearing heels and be a big girl so I am not pushing her too hard to get there.    I have to enjoy my little ones while they are still wanting to be my babies!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Plague Upon Our House

Our kids got to spend the last week of Christmas break laid out with the flu.   The full out, kick you in the butt and then stomp on your face flu.  To be more specific it was mainly Beau but Princess got a bit of it and I did too.   Link just never stopped moving long enough for the bug to bite him and Mike bless his heart was the one that got to take care of us all.  Beau came down with it first, longest and hardest because he is the only one that had yet to get his flu shot this year.  Ironically, he was scheduled to get one this week.  His temp hovered between 103 to over 104 for about 3 days and then stayed in the 100's area for the rest of the weekend. He halucinatted, had body pains and every other symptom you can think of for that dang flu.  It was so hard to watch him in that much pain and suffering but he was a great trooper about it and tried to help when he could with Princess when she started to get sick too.  She made it to 103 for about a day and then started going back down and stayed down.  She and I both had way lighter versions since we had the shot but we both have left over congestion and coughing that goes with it.   The three of us sound like a choir of whooping cough patients and I can't wait for it to end.   My abs should be rock hard after this work out!!!!   I hope that everyone else is staying healthy and away from this virus.  It is really bad and I would hate for anyone else to get it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new year

A new year and a new day. Mike and I have decided that this year instead of setting goals we are going to review our priorities and to build on what we have already started in our lives. We haven't had time to sit down and finish the list but a few of the things that we know for sure we want to continue growing in is food storage, health and spirit.

Food storage is something that we have always been involved in but this year we are going to add to it by expanding our skill set and also teaching others. We also realized that we have a year supply but no 72 hour kits. That was an odd discovery.

Mike and I have been working in our health for the past two years and this year we are wanting to train for the little rock color run next fall. It is not a huge race but it seems doable for two big people like us and it also looks really fun.

Every year mike and I discuss where in our spiritual lives and the family we are weak and we focus on that for the year until it becomes a habit. This year it is family home evenings. We have one currently about once or twice a month and it is barely organized. We want to make this a family habit and tradition enforce the kids get older and lose interest in doing things as a family.

We are also wanting to look at the priorities in our lives and make sure that we are still pointed in the direction that we as a couple and family want to go. We seem to be low on time, money and energy so obviously we need to see where it is all going and readjust where needed. I don't think that I can get out of the time being called as relief society president takes up but I can cut back on how much tv I watch. Hopefully, we can get through this safe and still madly in love. Happy new year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Glance of our year 2012

How do you do a post to make up for a whole year?  Well, I decided that by person would be the most helpful.

Michael- Mike worked hard all year to finish his masters degree and is set to graduate on December 20th from UALR with a Masters degree in Journalism.   He has also had a career change from broadcast media or a communications position for the city of Little Rock.   He is now on regular human hours and we get to carpool every morning to and from the city.   Mike is also the ward mission leader for Jacksonville.   It was a big year for Mike and he has come through it will his usual snark and smiles.

Desiree- I just had my gallbladder removed and officially feel like an old lady.   I was called as the Relief Society President for the Jacksonville Ward and have been blessed by the service of that calling.  I am also so grateful to no longer be a "single" mom no that Mike is done with his classes and no longer goes to work at 3am.  I have also been bit by the family history bug and have been working on where my grandmothers left off and Mikes side of the family.  It has been a great year for me and I look back at it and realize just how far Mike and I have come from when we were 18 year olds in love.  

Beau-  Hegot to go to space camp this summer and loved it.  He is also now in Middle School and growing up way too fast.   He is in all advanced placement classes and is in gifted and talented too.  He is very active in after school groups with archery and Destination Imagination and is also focusing in Piano for his core class.  He had a great year in baseball and earned the last of his cub scout badges and his arrow light.   He is excited about preparing for the next milestone in our church that starts at twelve and is becoming very mature.   He is going to have a great year coming up.

Princess- This girl has made leaps and bounds in her school work and part of that came when we learned that she needed glasses.   She is so responsible with them and looks even cuter (if you can believe that) than with out them.  She is in the first grade and is also in the nature club at school.  She loves animals and gardening but nothing excites her more than swimming and cooking.   She is even trying to get me to teach her how to sew.  I think she likes housework more than I do and that is a good thing!  She did a booster class this summer to help bridge between Kindergarten and 1st grade and as usual she charmed the teachers and everyone loved her.   She is a sweet girl and I know that she will keep learning and growing. 

Link- Well, this kid is still crazy.  He got to have his 5th birthday party one month early at a water park and had a blast with all his friends.  He is in PreK and even though he is wild his teachers love him.   We are hoping that he is like Sampson and when we cut the curls he will lose some of that steam.   He was very upset that he wasn't able to start baseball but enjoyed watching his big brother and knowing he will be playing this upcoming year has helped too.  He is an outside boy to the core.   When we are home or anywhere else for that matter you can find him and his sister in a tree or under leaves or imagining all kinds of adventures.   He keeps us feeling young and alive.

As a whole this year has been one of the better ones for our family.   Yes, we have had our griefs and pains but overall we have been blessed in ways that have made us stronger and closer.   We have many things to be thankful for and are very lucky to have the friends and family that we do.   I can't promise that I will be as regular as I once was on here but I can promise that I will post more than once a year.    Thank you for your love.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving on

As we all know life moves on even while we are in sad times and that is especially true in our house. With our crazy kids we don't get much time for personal reflection and just have to start running to catch up to the slowest kid. We have been pretty busy lately with chess, school, webelows, gymnastics, church and a variety of other things and I have to tell you I need a break!!!!!! Time is moving so fast that I feel like my kids are growing faster than I can notice.

Speaking of kids growing, Princess had a birthday this sunday and turned 6 years old. That is right, our little girl now needs two hands to count her age. I can't believe how fast the past 3 years have been with her and seeing how much she has changed in that time. It is amazing just seeing the girl that she is becoming.

She had a Strawberry Shortcake tea party and had several friends from church over to help her start her 6th year out right. Her favorite thing was the cake pops that I made for the party and she even sat and watched as I decorated all 30 of them. If I forgot to put sprinkles on one she would quickly remind me so that I could correct the error. She woke up this morning and Thanked me again for the wonderful party she had and asked when her next birthday would be. I think I need to maybe set up a little sleep over for her before then because she was not happy when I told her 12 months!

I hope that in this new year I will be able to slow down just enough that I can watch my kids growing. That I will feel that I have noticed every milestone big and small as they grow into the wonderful kids that they are.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Willie Marie Thomas

So....... my grandma died the week before Christmas and her birthday. I was there for her last breath and got to say goodbye to her one last time. This hasn't made it any easier and I know that I will see her again one day and that she is with those who have passed before but again.... that does very little for the hole that was left in my heart. I was very close to my grandma and went to her for everything from when I was a kid and needed to vent about my mom to being a grown woman wanting to learn everything about her grandma before it was too late. She was always there waiting with a smile and a hug for when her grandkids would come and visit. She kept me strong through infertility, cysts and adoptions and she taught me that women could be just as strong as men. She showed through example what faith and compassion really look like and she helped teach me about family history and why it was so important. It has been two weeks but when I was sick this past weekend I reached for my phone to call her and let her know I would not be by for a visit. That was a little rough. I also got a christmas present from her that she had knitted earlier in the year for me. A beautiful scarf from the yarn that I had picked up for her this summer. I am much better than I was two weeks ago and even a week ago but I am still trying to find balance again. She was the support in so much of my life and I can tell she is gone for now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am Thankful for Family History

I grew up watching both of my grandmothers working on family history and even remember spending time in front of a microfiche or film machine looking at old records. I have always been fascinated with family history but never knew where to start since so much of my work was done and I didn't think starting where they left off (centuries ago) would be a good starting point. I got married and learned that only one side of Mike's family work has been worked on so I knew that his line would be where I got my toes wet. The only problem was time. I have a very busy life and going to a research center was not in my schedule. A month ago I decided to start using the churches online family history pages to start working on it. The fact that it is on a computer and easier to start and stop grabbed my attention. I found plenty of how to guides and I have really gotten into it. I love the puzzle work that is involved but most of all I love getting to see that these are real people. Farmers, Doctors, Mothers and most of all family. My grandma is letting me use her account to help me out too. I really am thankful that I am able to work on this and discover our roots.

Here are the links if anyone is wanting to work on family history.